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Diseases Reasons and Astrology Remedies

Disease and Astrology, Perfect remedies of sufferings through astrology ways, Solutions of Anaemia  appendicitis  allergy, eczema, phlebitis, polio, syphilis, colitis, AIDS etc through powerful astrology, Best solutions of chronic diseases with astrology and occult science, Tips to over come from diseases easily through astrology ways, Astrologer for Chronic Diseases solutions.  
remedies of diseases in astrology
Diseases Reasons and Astrology Remedies

Anemia and Astrology:

Due to lack of iron in body anemia arises. In this disease red blood cells are affected in blood. In females the menstruation is also an important reason of anemia. Some times in accidents blood loss become one of the reason of anemia. The lack of vitamin B and Folic acid also brings anemia.
Fade skin and tiredness, phobia, dullness are the main symptoms of anemic patients.

Astrology View on anemia:

If the trikon places are empty then chances of this disease arises. When sun and Saturn generates malefic effects and digestive system gets damaged then also this type of problem arises. When rahu present in horoscope with Taurus, Leo and Aquarius then the chances of being anemic arises. 
When Jupiter present in Leo zodiac sign, Mars present in 6th, 8th or 12th place or Mars is present of cancer and also if moon present in 6th place then also anemia arises. 

Remedies of anemia:

Some times by using iron kada, coral, yellow sapphire gives benefit but before wearing it is good to consult any experienced astrologer. 

Appendicitis and Astrology:

In this pain in stomach is felt by victim. At the last stage some times it blast in stomach and patient loses life. It is good to proceed for operation if detected. 

Astrology view:

Mars is the main reason of this problem. If Mars is malefic in the horoscope, Saturn is present of Virgo, Libra or Scorpio. If rahu and mangal/Mars is together in horoscope. In all the above condition there is a very chance of a person to be suffered with appendicitis problem.

Allergy and Astrology:

Almost every person suffers from any kind of allergy in life. In this person faces problem when come in contact with a particular thing. 

Astrology view:

If Moon, Jupiter and sun is very malefic, Moon is very strong but present with rahu or shani, malefic Mars is present then there is very chance of allergy.


By analyzing the horoscope it is better to wear the gems stone to protect our self from allergy. 

Eczema and Astrology:

In this disease victim feels burning sensation on skin, there is a intense itching too. Due to regular itching wound arises. It is better to start the medication as soon as it is detected otherwise it affects the near by skin too. 

Astrology view:

This type of disease happens when Mars is very malefic in horoscope. Some times when sun and Mars sits together then also this disease happens. Venus actually represents the skin and when it is affected badly by mars or Jupiter then it arises the eczema or skin diseases of various types. 


So proper grah shanti and wearing the right gems stones after proper analysis of horoscope, kundli or birth chart is good. 

Phlebitis or Shiroshoth and Astrology:

In this disease person feels inflammation in blood cells. It also arises due to blockage in artries. In this disease generally leg is affected. swollen seen on skin. 

Astrology View:

If Venus is present of Aquarius and sun, mars is looking to it then there is a very chance of this disease. Only after minute analysis it is good to wear any gems stone.

Polio and Astrology:

Polio is a dangerous disease which affect any child. A small mistake will make a child handicap for life long. Government has taken good action to root out the polio completely from Country.
In this disease attack is done on spinal cord due to which any part of body get affected. the vaccine is a good way to protect the child from this disease.

Astrology view For Polio:

Saturn is the main factor of this disease. If the moon is affected by Saturn or moon is viewed by 3 or 4 malefic planets then chances of polio increases. 
The weak moon, rahu, ketu also increases the chances of polio. 


If after analysis yellow sapphire, blue sapphire or neelam is suitable then it will protect the child from this disease.

Syphilis And Astrology:

This is a sexual disease or venereal disease and is a very dangerous  If any one make sexual relation with this type of person then it spreads. The child can have this from mother during pregnancy. So proper treatment is good.

Astrology View for syphilis:

7th and 8th place of horoscope or kundli or birth chart represent the sexual organs. If in any of this place Venus or Mars is affected badly then this type of problem may arise.


So proper remedies must be taken to cool down the malefic planets and to give power to the positive planets. 

Colitis and Astrology:

The main reason of this disease is the increase of acid in intestines. Due to this intense pain is felt by the patient. A special type of germs attacked in the intestine. Vomiting and fever is seen.poisonous food and polluted water are the main reason of this disease.

Astrology view for Colitis:

The presence of malefic sun increases the chances of colitis. If in 6th and 8th place Saturn and Mars sits together, 6th place is viewed by malefic planets or 12th place is also disturbed than there is a very chance of colitis. 

Remedies through astrology:

In this case it is good to proceed for surya shanti or ritual to cool down the sun first then do necessary ritual to minimize the impacts of other malefic planets.

AIDS And Astrology:

A very-very dangerous disease is HIV AIDS which finish the life. The treatment of this disease is not easy. The patient become weak very much. Fever and sweat goes on continuously.
This causes from infected blood, improper relation with street-walker or prostitute, in-taking drugs. 

Astrology View for HIV AIDS:

If Venus or Mars is present of Taurus or Scorpio zodiac sign and if they are affected by Saturn or Rahu then there is a very chance of this disease by having improper sexual relations.

Astrology remedies of AIDS:

Since this disease is very critical so very minute analysis is needed to go for any remedial action. SO it is good to take proper consultancy from an experienced astrologer and then proceed for remedies. 
So i have cleared here the astrology reasons of many diseases but this is not enough, there are many factors which has to be analysed before reaching to any conclusion. So it is good to consult to get proper remedies.
If you or your love one is affected by any chronic diseases and if you want astrology remedies or solutions from occult science then You are WELCOME.Here you can get perfect solutions of your diseases and proper guidance to perform the rituals etc to heal your self.

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Disease and Astrology, Perfect remedies of sufferings through astrology ways, Solutions of Anaemia appendicitis allergy, eczema, phlebitis, polio, syphilis, colitis, AIDS etc through powerful astrology, Best solutions of chronic diseases with astrology and occult science, Tips to over come from diseases easily through astrology ways,Astrologer for health problems and solutions, Astrologer for health problems and solutions,Astrologer for Chronic Diseases solutions.


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