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Dos and Don'ts of Astrology

Dos and don'ts of astrology, What to do and what not to do while using astrology, Astrology dos and don'ts, Precautions to take while using astrology by own, What to take care while using any gems stone, yantra and other remedies of astrology. Dos and Don'ts of Astrology Astrology is a science and if it is used in a perfect way, it opens the way to success but using the tips of astrology in wrong way lead to nonsuccessive too. I have seen many person in my daily life who are suffering due to using the gems stones, in wrong way, by doing fast in wrong way. Do You Know that- If you offers or daan wrong planetary items, it leads to problems in life. If you do fast which is not required as per astrology may lead to nonsuccessive and diseases. If you buy things in Inauspicious or wrong time, it will generate problems in life. If you are not doing rituals in good time then it will not give you the desired results. If you are not offering planetary items at right

Navagrah Items To Donate or Daan

Navagrah Daan Items, What things to donate for planetary peace. A very important question which has been asked many times is that what to donate to appease the planets. How it is possible to get planetary peace just by offering things. So in this article i am going to clear this subject. Navagrah Items To Donate or Daan Every things in this universe is govern by any planets i.e. and suppose if any planets is generating malefic effects or if any planet is negative then it is possible to appease that planet just by doing proper daan of things or offering the items of malefic planet at proper place and in proper time. Very important Thing Regarding Daan: Daan is very important and it is not good to do daan without consultation. A good daan makes your life good but on other hand daan of wrong thing makes your life worst too. Many people are facing problems due to offering wrong things. It is said that donation to ineligible person is of no use. So it is very necessary t

How To Activate Any Mantra or Spell?

How To activate mantra shakti, How to activate any spell, How To Choose right mantra, what are the processes to activate any spell or mantra?, Spell To fulfil wishes. How To Activate Any Mantra or Spell? Mantra or spell activation is not very easy process. Very hard practice is needed to activate a single spell or mantra. In this kalyug every mantra has been tied by lord shiva so that it should not be used by common person for destruction. That's why it has become more complicated to activate any mantra. How to Choose right mantra? This is the first process in mantra activation. Choosing right mantra is very important and a hard calculation is done before choosing any mantra. There are some specific ways by which right mantra is selected. There are different mantras for different zodiac signs and for different types of work. It is also a strange things that for the same work there are various types of mantras. So from those we have to select the best for us. So Minut

How To Chant Mantra Or Spell?

How to chant any mantra or spell, things used during mantra chanting, Steps of chanting mantra or spell. How To Chant Mantra Or Spell? Mantr chanting is a very systematic process and scientific too. The chanter gets many tremendous benefits in life if utter the mantra in a systematic way. Nothing is impossible for the person who know how to chant mantra. Mantra can be chanted in 3 ways: Vachik Japa- in this mantra will be chanted loudly. Upanshu jap- In this jap is done in very slow voice so that only the chanter can hear the voice. Mansik or mental jap- In this chanting is done mentally with the breathing system. This chanting is done for spiritual development./li> Things Required For Chanting: There are 3 things which are very necessary for every chanter or spiritual practitioner. Asan - There are different color of asans. As per the work the chanter has to choose the asan. One thing must be keep in mind to use the woolen asan always. Mala- This is used

What Happens Actually In Tantrik Processes?

What Happens actually in tantrik Processes, what tantrik does, How to perform tantrik activities?, Is there any danger in tantrik activities? What Happens Actually In Tantrik Processes? A question which has been asked many times to me that what a tantrik does, how do they perform tantrik activities, when they do tantrik activities. Here now i am clearing some things regarding this which will clear you that how much efforts a tantrik put in doing any activities. As i told you earlier that Tantra is a very scientific process and it needs a very hight concentration. A small mistake in doing process may lead to death of the practitioner. But it happens only in aghor tantra. The satwik tantra practitioner may not suffers so much. But very hard practice is needed to get success in this field. It is not so much easy as it is seen or read. Let's see how a tantrik work out: The first need is to select the proper place for doing the tantrik anusthaan. It may be the cremation

What is Tantra?

Astrologer astroshree View on Tantra, Misconception about tantra, How tantra works,  Who is real tantrik?, Tantrik places of India, Important occasions as per tantra, Types of tantra. Power of Tantra or tantrik pooja. What is Tantra? Tantra is a subject in which it is given that how everything is used to get success. This subject shows the power within every thing. Tantra clears the concept of energy. The researchers of tantra comes to know that every thing which are present in this universe has some specific powers and by a very scientific process, a systematic process it is possible to activate the special powers present in any thing. And that power is used for the spiritual and physical development. So tantra is a miraculous science and is being used for the decades for success by the scholars.  Do you Know that 'Atharva veda' has given very much details about the Tantra. Misconception about tantra: People generally takes tantra as a negative ways of getting s

How to Use Stone To Destroy Enemy

How To us stone to destroy enemy?, Is it possible to dominate enemy through stones, Houses of birth chart which gives indications about enemies, Best stones to destroy enemies, Which type of stones are used to destroy enemies?, When to wear stones to destroy enemy? How to Use Stone To Destroy Enemy Enemies are very problematic in life the fear of enemy attack makes a person restless. The life become hell due to enemies. The circumstances become dangerous when there is a fear of invisible attack by using occult science or black magic. Previously in my articles i have cleared about protection from enemies through occult science. Now i am going to tell you how to use gems stones to protect our self. Many times questions related to gems stones for enemy protection has been asked from me. In this context i want to say that there is not a specific stones which will protect from enemies. And 2nd important point is that simply wearing stone will not protect you from all types

Astrology Remedies Of Family Members Fighting

Astrology remedies of family members fighting, What are the reasons of fighting among the members of family?, How to make family members close to each other through astrology ways, Reasons and remedies of family members misunderstandings as per astrology. Astrology Remedies Of Family Members Fighting Our family is very important and every one in this world live for the family. An earning person sacrifices many things just for the sake of family. A person bears many things in this life just to keep the family members well. Did you ever think that what happens when a person return to home and find that family members are in rough mood, what happens when a person return home to get fresh and find every things disturbed, what happens when no one in family likes each others without any genuine reasons. A very big problem in this world is the family members fighting in day to day life because of some un specific reasons. Some times trifles become the reasons which in long term

Best Horoscope Reader

Minute prediction services by astrologer Horoscope reading is not a game. It is a deed of hard practice and experience. It is not a fun. People come to an astrologer for solution of problems and thus shows great trust on them. So it is very necessary for an astrologer to be calm in every situation and make proper analysis of horoscope, birth chart or kundli. Dr.Om prakash Bhatnagar is one of the best Indian Astrologer who provide online consultancy world wide through email and phone. He is working in the field of astrology, vastu, palmistry, Hypnosis, remedies of black magic and negative energies for the years and devoted his life to keep alive the spiritual lores of great India. People from various fields and country contact him for different types of problems like as personal life problems, love life problems, marriage life problems, education problems, child birth problems or progeny problems, financial problems, foreign tour problems, Industrial problems etc and he prov