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What Happens Actually In Tantrik Processes?

What Happens actually in tantrik Processes, what tantrik does, How to perform tantrik activities?, Is there any danger in tantrik activities?
What Happens actually in tantrik Processes, what tantrik does, How to perform tantrik activities?, Is there any danger in tantrik activities?
What Happens Actually In Tantrik Processes?
A question which has been asked many times to me that what a tantrik does, how do they perform tantrik activities, when they do tantrik activities. Here now i am clearing some things regarding this which will clear you that how much efforts a tantrik put in doing any activities.
As i told you earlier that Tantra is a very scientific process and it needs a very hight concentration. A small mistake in doing process may lead to death of the practitioner. But it happens only in aghor tantra. The satwik tantra practitioner may not suffers so much. But very hard practice is needed to get success in this field. It is not so much easy as it is seen or read.

Let's see how a tantrik work out:

  1. The first need is to select the proper place for doing the tantrik anusthaan. It may be the cremation ground, bank of river, temple any sacred room etc.
  2. After arranging the place it is necessary to gather the pure things to use in pooja which is very difficult in these days.
  3. After this the practitioner make research to find the right time to start the saadhna or practice.
  4. At the right time the tantrik starts the saadhna and do chanting the mantra and also offer things to the powers whom he or she is calling.
  5. At the time of culmination of process many strange things happens as per the process which is for the privacy reasons i am not revealing here. These are for the practitioners only.
  6. A tantrik has to follow very hard discipline.
As tantra is process to deal with the invisible energies so very high concentration and protection is necessary during the saadhna or tantrik activities.
If anyone does tantrik actitivities without having proper and systematic knowledge then it is possible that he or she may pay much in long run for his mistakes.

It is not good to use this science to fulfill our worldly desires totally. But it is a way to enter in the divine world. It is a way to know the reality of this life. Tantra is a process to make our-self over all strong. It is a way to understand the paranormal powers.

I love tantra because it has shown me great miraculous world. It has shown me the truth of life. It has given me a new sight.

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What Happens actually in tantrik Processes, what tantrik does, How to perform tantrik activities?, Is there any danger in tantrik activities?


  1. Agar sab kuch bhagya me likha hota to khuda apne bando ko dua maangna na sikhata, I read it somewhere in your article only, but the question that comes in mind is, whether if something happening in one's life due to some tantrik activity, is it because it was bound to happen in one's life n was part of destiny, or people can do this to get something they were not destined to get, n how it will effect in long run. Will the thing will be permanent.
    Dear omprakash ji, I also would like to read an article from u on 'self will' of a person
    One more thing I saw in a movie, Bruce Almighty (jim carry) where he gets power of God, I think God tussi great was a remake of that moovie but not having as deep concept as Bruce Almighy had, there even after having power of God he was not able to get her wife back n rejuvinate the love in her wife's heart, n than God explains him, that only in case of Love, self will plays the role, n one can not diminsh or increase the real love in someone's heart, even after having power of God, I would love to hear from u on this. Om Namah Shivay,
    Rajat Sinha

    1. Dear rajatji, I appreciate your question and i am clearing you. It is correct that with dua a person is able to get many things but it must be with full trust and devotion.
      2nd you are are asking about effects of tantrik activities. Here i want to say that 'yes' Negative minded people use this lore to get what is not destined. For e.g. there are 2 way to get a thing from any one- Ist is by creating a good relation with him or her and then ask for the things and 2nd is just loot the things by using power which is a negative way. Black magic is the negative way of getting any thing and it ruin the user in long run. Please read my article kalajadu effects and remedies.
      Regarding its effect i want to say that effects depends upon the type of process used for work. Hope you got the answer. I thank you for asking good question and being a regular visitor of my blog.