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What is Tantra?

Astrologer astroshree View on Tantra, Misconception about tantra, How tantra works,  Who is real tantrik?, Tantrik places of India, Important occasions as per tantra, Types of tantra. Power of Tantra or tantrik pooja.
Astrologer astroshree View on Tantra, Misconception about tantra, How tantra works,  Who is real tantrik?, Tantrik places of India, Important occasions as per tantra, Types of tantra. Power of Tantra or tantrik pooja.
What is Tantra?
Tantra is a subject in which it is given that how everything is used to get success. This subject shows the power within every thing. Tantra clears the concept of energy. The researchers of tantra comes to know that every thing which are present in this universe has some specific powers and by a very scientific process, a systematic process it is possible to activate the special powers present in any thing. And that power is used for the spiritual and physical development. So tantra is a miraculous science and is being used for the decades for success by the scholars. 
Do you Know that 'Atharva veda' has given very much details about the Tantra.

Misconception about tantra:

People generally takes tantra as a negative ways of getting success but this is not the fact. People actually knows tantrik as a ghost hunter or soul controller who get the work done from them but the fact is that this is only one part of that tantra. Tantra is a very big subject in fact it is a sea in which if one can jump and dive then many miraculous things can be found. It is a science to know every thing in deep. It is a science to know the powers present in everything. It is a science which makes men perfect. So it is not good to make any view just by hearing any one's word. Try to find the realities of every subject and then you will find some thing better in life.

Why through tantra it is possible to get work done in short period of time?
I know this question is very important and every one wants to know. So let me clear you the mystery Tantra is a perfect way of doing any pooja. Tantra includes the mantra, yantra, specific things, specific times, specific rules etc. So when any pooja is done with complete things and process then no doubt success will come.

Who is a Real Tantrik?

Don't be confused just by seeing any one in black dress,black dot, having skull in hand that he is a real tantrik. A real tantrik means who knows how to chant mantra, how to pronounce mantra, what things can be used to worship specific god. So it is not always necessary that a person who is wearing the black dress is a real tantrik. In our country many are looted only because of this. It may be possible that a person who is wearing trouser and shirt is a good tantrik, It may be possible that a person who is doing abnormal behaviour is a good tantrik. Because knowledge and dress-up are different things. Don't be be-fooled just by seeing the dress of any one.

Want To Know About Famous Tantrik Places In India:

Of course you want to know about where tantra are done in abundant. I am providing you the details of those places where in this digital age also the tantra is alive. Those places are-

  1. Ujjain- The city of Mahakal(the god of kaal, the time). Ujjain is being famous for the tantrik activities for the decades. The cremation place of Ujjaini is active as per the epics. The land of Ujjaini is good for the tantrik activities. This great city is said to be the city of temples.
  2. Banaras or Varanasi: It is also very famous for different types of tantra activities.
  3. Guwahati: The kamakhya temple here is famous for the tantra activities. Kamakhya is a famous shaktipeeth where very powerful poojas are possible.
  4. There are many places in Kerala where too the tantrik poojas are done.
  5. In Assam and Bengal black magic rituals are done too much.
  6. In Chhatisgarh also the use of black magic is done in abundant.

Important Occasions For The Tantrik Activities:

There are some occasions as per Indian Culture when if any one do the tantrik poojas then definitely the success will come. Here i am giving some details regarding those important festivals or days which are used for tantrik poojas.
  • Deepawali or Diwali.
  • Holy
  • 4 Navratris
  • Guru Pushya yoga
  • Ravi Pushya Yoga
  • Somwati amawas(When no moon night falls on Monday)
  • Shani amawas(When no moon night falls on saturday)
  • Dusshera
  • Grahan Time or Eclipse time etc.
These are some days which are used to do successful tatnrik poojas. Tantrik on these days use their full efforts to get success. These are the good time to get spiritual or paranormal powers.
Astrologer astroshree View on Tantra, Misconception about tantra, How tantra works, Who is real tantrik?, Tantrik places of India, Important occasions as per tantra, Types of tantra. Power of Tantra or tantrik pooja.

As per my analysis tatnrik are classified into 2 group-
  • Postive tantriks who uses the powers for the well-being of society.
  • Negative tantriks who uses the paranormal power to fulfil only physical needs. These types of tantrik uses the black magic.

Benefits of Tantrik Poojas or antrik anusthaan:

Tantrik poojas or tantrik rituals are very important from the point of view of getting success soon. Here are some benefits of using tantra-

  1. If any one is having business problem and no other ways are working then tantrik pooja will help you.
  2. If any one is suffering from chronic diseases due to any negative energies then tantrik anusthaan will definitely help.
  3. If any one is having the impact of negative energies like as ghost, witchcraft etc. then also tantrik pooja will help a lot.
  4. If there is a fear of un-timed death then also this pooja will help a lot.
  5. If any one is facing problems in professional and personal life due to negative planets then also tantrik pooja will give good relief.
  6. Love life problems can be solved easily with tantra.
So there are many benefits of using tantra in a positive ways but be sure not use this occult science power for destruction and with any wrong intention otherwise this lore will destroy you.

Very Important Thing To Know About Tantra:

Don't try to do the tantra practice just by reading any book, don't try to imitate any tatnrik, don't try to spread any rumour on this miraculous science otherwise you have to pay in long run and it can't be changed. Take guidance always with competent person who himself has practised this science.

I hope this article has cleared many things about tantra and i have tried to share my own view on this subject.
If you have any problems regarding marriage life, professional life, career, business, love etc then do contact to get the best solutions through occult sciences.

Astrologer astroshree View on Tantra, Misconception about tantra, How tantra works,  Who is real tantrik?, Tantrik places of India, Important occasions as per tantra, Types of tantra. Power of Tantra or tantrik pooja.


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