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Ayurveda For Life- What is Vata, Pitta And Kaph

What is Ayurveda?, What is Vata , what is Pitta, What is cough/Kapha, Ayurveda recommendations for Dosha, Astrologer for Health Problems and Solutions.

Ayurveda, is literally is the science of longevity. It provides one with good health, holistic well-being and natural inner and outer beauty. Each being is unique and so is it's experience of existence. what may be beneficial to one may not productive to another. It is often observed that foods which are termed as good for the body sometimes result in bad effects for some people.
importance of vata, pitta and cough
Ayurveda For Life- What is  Vata, Pitta And Kaph

Here , Ayurveda helps one understand and tune in with oneself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Ayurveda is the science of learning about one's own body, accepting it with all it's glory and limitations and nurturing it to yield a unique process of lifestyle that works just for oneself. Beauty, nowadays is associated with outer appearance; an experience to the senses of that which is visually appealing. However, Ayurveda does not consider beauty as a cosmetic event. It attributes to beauty a grace in posture and movement, vitality, freshness and a bright magnetism of being. It also includes good daily care and hygiene. Every being has prakruti or nature which is determined at the point of conception and attributes to the innermost nature of an individual. The physical body is a combination of two kinds substances; The retain able substances or dhatus such as plasma, blood muscle, fat bone, bone marrow , nerve and reproductive tissues and the non-retain able substances which are the waste products of the body.
 As per ayurveda there are three life-giving forces called the Doshas. They are VATA, PITTA AND KAPHA.


Vata is a combination of Air and Ether/Space, responsible for all movements of the body, mind, and senses. Vata body type characteristics- Thin, Light Bone build, Dry Skin, Hair and nails, Think Speak and move quickly, Enthusiastic, imaginative, sensitive,not very practical, forgets easily, Prone to worry and mood swings, Hates the cold, loves the sun, Tires easily, Hungry anytime, No routine, Loves to travel, loves change , loves crunchy an salty snacks, Spends money easily.


Pitta is a combination of Fire and Water, responsible for heat metabolism, energy production and digestive functions of the body. Pitta body type characteristics- Medium, athletic build with dark hair and premature graying of hair, fair complexioned, penetrations eyes, direct in speech, confident, courageous , aggressive, intelligent, insightful, ambitious, Leader, organizer, idealistic, brain stormer, great planner self-disciplined, tendency for anger and criticism, tired by excessive heat enjoys physical and mental challenges, hates missing meals especially lunch, eats a lot loves spicy , oily food and ice cream, spends on luxuries.


Kapha is a combination of earth and water, responsible for physical stability. Proper body-type characteristics- square, powerful build, exotic, heavy features, lustrous hair,graceful, relaxed, tolerant, compassionate, loyal, calm, excellent memory, can be dull, boring,greedy and over possessive, loves sleeping, hates uncomfortable surroundings, resist change, reliable workers, enjoys gourmet foods and all comforts, like their own home loves sticky, sweet, creamy food, builds and invests money well.Now , that you know the basic Dosha types, it is not difficult to determine your own body type. Simple note which characteristics match yours. However, more often than not a person will have characteristics from more than one dosha and it is rare to have one single dominant dosha or a mix of all three doshas. It is important to eat according to body type /dosha. This ensures a balanced diet.

What is Ayurveda?, What is Vata , what is Pitta, What is Kapha, Ayurveda recommendations for Dosha, Astrologer for Health Problems and Solutions.


  1. VATA : Vata people have unpredictable appetites and are often lactose intolerant. Things To Remember : Warm foods are best. Avoid variety at one meal. Go simple. Over-eating is really bad for vatas. Foods that balance vata are sweet, heavy, sour, salty, oily and warm. Eat small meals a day at regular intervals with minimum 2 hours between meals. Eat Healthy nourishing breakfast. Consume daily 5-6 servings of whole -grains. 1-2 servings of high quality protein, 2-3 servings of cooked vegetables and 1 fruit. Drink plenty of water. Vata dominance causes irregular digestion. If there are symptoms of indigestion. If there are symptoms of indigestion, eat very lightly until sorted. Take hot milk at night to help sleep. Suggested Food : Brown Rice, Basmati Rice, oats, whole wheat cereals, eggs, asparagus(shatawari) found in cold places), carrots, Cucumber(kheera/ kakdi) , olives(jaitun), onions(pyaaj),pumpkin(kaddu), cheese, curd or yoghurt(dahi), ice cream, bananas, lemon, etc.
  2. PITTA : Pitta people have a strong appetite so if they go hungry, they are prone to anger and irritation. Things To Remember : It is best to avoid salt. Late night eating is also harmful. Avoid eating fresh fruits and Vegetables in the evening. Foods that balance pitta are sweet, astringent(kasela), bitter(kadwa ), cool, heavy and dry. Eat smaller frequent meals with at least a 4 hours gap between meals. Eat a light breakfast and go for an early lunch. Drink liquid moderately preferably more post workout. Eat 4-5 servings of whole grains, 1.5 to 2 servings of high quality protein, 3-4 servings of vegetables and 2 or more fruits. Suggested foods : Include Barley(jau) , basmati rice, wheat, any beans(phaliyaan) except red lentil(lal masoor) and egg whites, bitter vegetables such as broccoli, mushroom, sweet potato etc.
  3. KAPHA : Things To Remember - Kapha people are best to avoid eating too frequently. Eat high quality of foods. Low fat, low salt and high fiber foods are desirable. They can skip early morning breakfast and go for eating between 10 AM to 6PM. Foods that balance are pungent(teekha), light , dry, astringent(kasela), bitter(kadwa) and hot. Take a gentle walk after eating will cause weight gain. Eat thrice a day with at least a 5 hour gap. Take only liquids for breakfast such as juice or tea. Eat better during meals. Eat 3-4 servings of whole grains, 2 servings of high quality, low fat protein, 4-5 servings of vegetables and 1 fruit. Golden rule for kapha is drink only when thirsty and eat only when hungry.

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What is Ayurveda?, What is Vata , what is Pitta, What is cough/Kapha, Ayurveda recommendations for Dosha, Astrologer for Health Problems and Solutions.


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