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Tips For Happy Married Life

Formula for Happy Married Life, Astrology reasons of unhappy married life, How to increase Body or sex power, stamina, How To be Physically fit and mentally sound, Steps To Change Your Night and Life, Secrets of Happy Personal Life, Sex enhancer food, acupressure points to increase power, Astrology and vastu ways to make married life better, Astrologer for Married life problems and solutions.

If a person is physically fit and mentally sound then no one stop him or her to live a satisfactory life. But in this digital era this is not so easy. corporate pressure as well as family pressure always ready in front of us to dominate. Work load and hurry to achieve the goal as soon as possible has totally ruined the personal life of person. Because of which body is getting weak, stamina has decreased, Diseases surrounded us and life is getting lost.

Formula for Happy Married Life, Astrology reasons of unhappy married life, How to increase Body or sex power, stamina, How To be Physically fit and mentally sound, Steps To Change Your Night and Life, Secrets of Happy Personal Life, Sex enhancer food, acupressure points to increase power, Astrology and vastu ways to make married life better, Astrologer for Married life problems and solutions.
tips for happy married life
So now it has become very much necessary that we must do something which keeps us energize and fresh so that we may enjoy our life satisfactorily. Sexual satisfaction is very essential part of our life but we shy to share our weakness with every one because it is also a very personal part of our life.In the absence of knowledge we use some products available in the market which gives us instant energy but they are very dangerous for the health in long run. But very few of us know how to increase sex power safely and naturally which not only satisfy the sexual life but also increase the efficiency of your working and thus lead to a successful life.

Astrology Reasons For Happy and Unhappy Married Life:

Do you know that by reading horoscope we can easily predict how our marriage life will be, how our sexual life will be and what to do to make our married life successful.
  • If the Venus is powerful and positive in horoscope then it make the personal life smooth.
  • If the 7th house is powerful and is govern by positive planets then also the person is able to enjoy his or her married life fully. 
  • If 7th place is viewed by good planet then also it enhances the chances to enjoy the very personal life. 
  • If the happiness place is also powerful and positive then no doubt the person can enjoy the married life fully without any obstacles.

Get Your Married Life Successful | Few Steps Will Change Your Night
Formula for Happy Married Life,How to increase Body or sex power, stamina, How To be Physically fit and mentally sound, Steps To Change Your Night and Life, Secrets of Happy Personal Life, Sex enhancer food, acupressure points to increase power,Astrologer for Married life problems and solutions.

Ways To Increase Body Power | Sex Power :

Due to the lack of knowledge and irregular routine of meal and work we generally loose our mental and physical power which leads to Moroseness, anger, weakness, Laziness, aversion from the very personal life which includes our friends, boy friends, girl friends, wife etc.We also don't make serious effort to overcome from this problem as we think that it will take time and also very lengthy process.
But friends there is no basis of this thought, this only shows the lack of knowledge. Remember there is no problem in this world which has no solutions.
Now let's see how by doing very simple changes in life we can energized ourselves, increase our stamina, become fresh and cool always and thus increase our positive Ora, increase our body power and sex power as well.

Steps To Energize | Few Simple Ways Will Change Your Life and Night Too :

  1. Take Banana and Milk In Your Break fast, It is a good source of energy which will not only keep you slim and fit but also increase your mind power and make you active.You can also take banana shake but try to avoid sugar.Instead of it use Mishri or sugar candy which is a natural source of sweet.
  2. If you prefer egg then it is also good source of energy but beware that excess egg will make constipation which leads to malaise(uneasiness) and disturb your personal and professional life. So take it in limit.Eat for health not for taste only.
  3. Garlic or Lehsun which is a good source of energy. Garlic has some special type of chemical in it which gives power to the nerves which leads to a healthy body and mind. So use Garlic in your food or you can also take a raw garlic by consulting your doctor or knowledgeable.
  4. No Smoking, As it doesn't have a single benefit except excitement to the nerves and thus makes you weaker and weaker as you become habitual of using it. If you are already become addict or smoking then try to leave this habit slowly by decreasing the number of cigarettes or cigars etc.You can also take some supplements by consulting your physician or knowledgeable.
  5. Taking wine in excess also leads to addiction. As it relax you for sometime but it is not a permanent remedy of your any problem. So use it occasionally but in limit so that it may be beneficial for you. If you will take it heavily then it makes your nerves weaker which lead to dissatisfied personal and professional life.
  6. Do Exercise Regularly Not for hours but gives at least half an hour daily which will increase your stamina, energy level and of course your performance too. You can also do it in your room for e.g. you can start with rope jumping, and dips and after some days start running for 10 minutes only.
  7. Black Gram is also a very good source of power as you know horses are very powerful, they eat black gram. so if you need horse power then black gram will help you a lot. Don't do any extra effort to use it, just include it in your meal menu and you will get the benefit easily or you can also take in the morning breakfast.
  8. Yoga is also very beneficial to increase the elasticity of body parts and relax your mind and body. Get some small tips to include it in your daily life.
  9. Keep Your self cool i.e. don't be angry in trifles or small issues of office and home. It burns your energy and make you weaker in long run by generating diseases like Blood pressure, heart problems etc and again it will become another factor to ruin your personal and professional life.
  10. Ginseng : Ginseng is a very powerful source of energy Regular taking the supplement of ginseng will make you fresh and energetic.
  11. Intoxication or Narcotism :I am taking this point separately because generally we think that intoxication related to wine, cigarette and other drugs only but this is a wrong concept. you could have noticed that some are habitual of eating sweet , some are habitual of eating namkeen, some are habitual of eating continuously , All this types of activities are also come in intoxication as they are not natural process and lead to the weakness of nerves. So be careful of your habits and reform it wherever it is necessary to get good physical and mental power.

Now We will Learn About Some Special Sex Enhancer Food :

  • Chocolates : Chocolates gives a feeling of good, increase the feeling of love, creates an environment of love. So it is used mostly to seduce the opposite sex. 
  • Coffee is also a great product which act as a sex simulator increase stamina, energy and performance too. 1 cup of coffee can change your night.
  • If you are suffering from early ejaculation then a better before going to bed will help you a lot. It will also increase the brightness of your face, freshness and very helpful for your digestive system too.
  • A very important principle to be healthy is don't make sexual contact every day. It is dangerous for your mental and physical power.
  • A very sensitive principle is Just take care of your partner to enjoy your Life satisfactorily.

Only Three Formula Will Change Your Night :

These 3 Steps will make you healthy life long and also very good to increase the caliber Use It daily without any doubt .

  1. Take 1 piece of almond, cashew nut, date, fig, and put it in a big cup of water for the whole night. In the morning take each item separately and bite them at least 25 times and then drink the left water empty stomach. After 30 to 45 minutes take other snacks or your breakfast. You will find a tremendous change in your physical and mental power. This will be beneficial in early ejaculation and gives power to your nerves.
  2. Another important step for a healthy night is try to take a glass of milk with a crushed cardamon (ilaychi) and use Mishri instead of sugar before going to bed.
  3. Take a betel After dinner.

Power points(Acupressure) Points To Increase The Body Power :

In the natural techniques to increase the power acupressure is again a very important, by this method you can easily get power just by pressing some points of body.
Press by thumb the surrounding areas of  - palms, both sides of ankles, both Wrists. This pumping will release the blocked energy in any internal organs of the body like heart, lungs,stomach, kidneys,pancreas, liver etc. and thus leads to proper functioning of these organs which leads to freshness, energetic and powerful. Keep precaution to to use this method empty stomach or 1 and half hour after meal.

Astro and Vastu Principle For Your Satisfactory Night :

  • Remember one thing that energy of your room is very important so get your room checked and try to apply the principles of vastu in your very personal room. Keep a golden swan couple in your bedroom to enhance love.
  • Gems Stones are very important to increase the physical and mental power so get your horoscope checked and get your Lucky gems Know for a luxury life. Diamond is very useful in enhancing night life. 
  • Worshipping gaurin-shankar rudraksh is also very useful to enhance bonding between husband and wife.
I hope this article will help you a lot and definitely you will get the optimum from the mystery revealed in this article for a healthy night and a healthy life.

Formula for Happy Married Life,How to increase Body or sex power, stamina, How To be Physically fit and mentally sound, Steps To Change Your Night and Life, Secrets of Happy Personal Life, Sex enhancer food, acupressure points to increase power, Astrologer for Married life problems and solutions.


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