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Shukra Shanti Pooja:

Shukra Shanti pooja and solution of malefic venus in horoscope by one of the best jyotish in in india.

Shukra is the brightest planet and is related with beauty, love, romance, luxury, wealth, style, charm, Joy, hypnotic power, passion, attraction power, jewellery, sex organs etc. Venus is exalted with Pisces or Meen and debilitated with Virgo or kanya.

know about Shukra Shanti pooja by best astrologer in india.
Shukra Shanti Pooja:

Shukra pooja is beneficial for those person who has debilitated Shukra or weak Shukra. Those who are facing problems in making relations with opposite sex, making impression in society, wealth creation, making luxry life are suggested to show their horoscope to an experienced astrologer and then go for shukra shanti pooja. 
  • Metal represented by Shukra are silver and platinum.
  • Gem stone of Shukra is diamond.
  • Number related to shukra is 6. 
  • Direction of Shukra is South-East.
  • Day of Shukra is Friday.
  • Zodiac of Shukra are Vrishabh or Taurus and Libra or Tula.
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Negative Impacts Of Venus:

  1. If Venus or Shukra is negative in horoscope then it generates many types of problems like as=
  2. Problems in making real love relations comes in life due to problematic shukra.
  3. Person faces problems in romantic life.
  4. Due to lack of hypnotic power person is not able to attract the near by persons.
  5. Person faces problems in partnership.
  6. Lack of charm seen in the life of person having weak shukra. 
  7. Dissatisfaction in sexual life also seen in personal life.

Shukra Shanti Pooja:

So to avoid the problems related with Shukra in life it is good to proceed for Shukra shanti pooja, Shukra upasana Shukra yagya, Shukra fast etc. This pooja will make the person free from many complicated problems related to Shukra or Venus.
Shukra pooja also helps to keep the mind stable and also makes the person successful. Read more about how to please venus planet for success.

Shukra Shanti Can Be Done In Various Ways:

  • By chanting the mantra and donate the things of Shukra on Friday helps to reduce the malefic Shukra effects.
  • By Shukra shanti prayog for this an experienced astrologer will help you.
  • By worshiping goddess laxmi is also a good way to over come from Shukra problems.
  • Gems stone is also used to increase the power of Shukra. 
  • Special Shukra pooja is also done for making life smooth. 
  • Fast of Shukra is also helpful in minimizing the Shukra dosha. 
  • Special siddha Shukra yantra is also used to get blessings of Shukra.
  • Donating Kheer, curd, milk on Friday also minimize the malfic impacts of Venus. 

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Only an experiences astrologer will show you the real ways to over come from problems of life.

Shukra Shanti pooja and solution of malefic venus in horoscope by one of the best jyotish in in india.

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