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Bhairav Astmi Celebration In Ujjain

Kaal bhairav ujjain, bhairav astmi celebration, day for tantra saadhna, ast bhairav in Ujjain, Solution Of Problems Through Bhairav Pooja.

As per hindu panchang, Krishn Paksh Ashtmi tithi of Aghan Month is celebrated as the bhairav ashtmi. This is the day when the birth day of bhairav is celebrated with great joy in Ujjain. On this auspicious day Kaalbhariav mandir and ASHT bhairav temples are decorated and special worship is done. In the mid night arti is done.

In year 2018, Bhairav Ashtmi is falling on 30th November, Friday.
kaal bhairav Ujjain
Kaalbhairav Astmi Celebration

In awantika khand of skand puran there is a description of ast bhairav in Ujjain and it is also clearly revealed that Ujjain is one of the best place for tantra saadhana and if any one perform anusthaan, pooja or spiritual practices in auspicious day then no doubt success will come in life.

Bhariav astmi is also one of the important day in which spiritual practitioner perform many types of powerful poojas to get siddhis and to remove hurdles of life.

'Bhairav Astmi' Celebration In Ujjain:

Since Ujjain is the place of ASHT Bhairav and world famous KAALBHAIRAV TEMPLE is also present where bhairav accept the wine in front of every one. In Ujjan kaalbhairav astmi is celebrated with a great joy.

On this auspicious day lord kaalbhairav visits the city Ujjain and in evening bhairav baba wander in the bhairavgad area. On this day people comes from various places to get the blessings of lord bhairav. 

'Ast Bhairav' In UJjain:

The eight powerful places to perform bhairav pooja is in Ujjain. The name of those places are given below -
  1. Kaalbhairav.
  2. Vikrant Bhairav.
  3. Batuk Bhairav.
  4. Atal-Patal Bhairav.
  5. Kshetrapaal Bhairav.
  6. Chakrapaani Bhairav.
  7. Anand Bhairav.
  8. Kala-Gora Bhairav.
These all bhairav temples in Ujjain are decorated with flowers, rangoli. Different types of bhog is offered in every temple. Abhishek pooja, special arti will be done.

So if you are in Ujjain then do participate in Kaalbhairav celebration and get the blessings of lord Kaalbhairav.

I am sure that the spiritual atmosphere of Ujjain will definitely fill your mind and body with energy.

What To Do On Bhairav Astmi For Success?

Wherever you are, it doesn't matter. If you want to get blessings of kaalbhairav then on this auspicious day you can do the pooja easily in the following way-
  • Go to any bhairav temple.
  • Offer flowers and in bhog offer wine, sweets, fruits as per your wish.
  • Light deepak and offer dhoop.
  • Recite bhairav Astak or 108 names of bhairav.
  • Sit there for some time and pray for the blessings.

जय बाबा काल भैरव

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Kaal bhairav ujjain, bhairav astmi celebration, day for tantra saadhna, ast bhairav in Ujjain, Solution Of Problems Through Bhairav Pooja.

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