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Secret Of Happiness | How To Practice Happiness?

Secret of Happiness, Do's and Don't s For happiness, Benefits of Happiness, Power of to be happy.
A basic question which when asked from any one is what do you want in life?, and the most common answer is a HAPPY LIFE. But this is not so easy to get a happy and smooth life. It is not because it is not possible but the main thing is that we generally remain in a strange type of condition or I can say that we remains confused about our own life style, needs and the ways to achieve that.

Secret of Happiness, Do's and Don't s For happiness, Benefits of Happiness, Power of to be happy.
Secret Of Happiness | How To Practice Happiness?

Happiness is possible, every one is able to live a healthy and happy life but due to pompousness, over expectations from our own self and others lead to live a dis-satisfactory life. 

In this article I am focusing on the happiness i.e. what to do to get a happy life?, how to live a happy life?, how to maintain the happiness in life?.

Let me ask you some simple questions-

  • Do you have a happy family?
  • Do you live your moments in happy mood?
  • Do you have a happy life?
Questions are simple but you need time to answer these simple questions not because you don't know the answers but it is because you are thinking that if you will give the real answers then what others will think of you?.
Well, let me tell you that if your answer is in 'YES' then you are the lucky one in this earth but if your answer is in 'NO' then god has given you the best chance to prove yourself in this beautiful world.
Yes, I mean it. human is the best creation in this universe because only human has the power to do any thing that's why some deities also want to take birth in this earth as a human. As per epics only this is the karma yoni means as a human it is possible to create luck to gather powers, to accumulate virtues etc. Rest other yonis or other forms of living beings are the bhoga yoni means other creatures doesn't have the power to do any thing special. 
Let's understand this with an example. A tiger is not able to do any type of spiritual practice, a dog or monkey is not able to chant any mantra, they are not able to think about any thing deeply. But a men can think, spiritual practices is possible by a person. Even by accumulating powers it is possible to make our self a deity.

This is the power of a human.

So this one of the best reason to become happy that we are human and we are blessed with the super power of developing super powers. And this is not a talk only but great sages of India has proved this. There are many saints who are doing miracles by their super natural powers, we also called them 'SIDDHIS'.

So eat, drink and be happy. Above I have cleared that human being is definitely the best creation of god so I am thankful to god that I am a human, Now what about you?, I leave the answer on you.
There is a proverb that 'Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder'. There is beauty every where but some one feels it here and some feels in anywhere else. Similarly HAPPINESS lies in our mind. A child feels happy by having a toy but the same toy fails to make the moments happier for an adult one. So we can say that happiness is an understanding of a person and it is very necessary to know this secret if we really want to live a happy life.

In this age happiness become so critical that many researches are going on to make a person happy. Too many books are available on line ad off line on how to live a happy life.

Surprising thing is that even some people enter in depression zone while trying to live a happy life. Go here to read about "How To Deal With DEPRESSION"?.

As an astrologer I get several calls daily and surprising fact is that most talks only about making their life happy. Definitely it is very important in life, without it we cannot feel the power of superpower.

Benefits Of Keeping Our self Happy:

benefits of happy life by astrologer
benefits of happiness

  • We will be able to maintain better relationship by keeping ourself happy.
  • We will be able to do our job better.
  • We can increase our performance in job or business or service.
  • We will be able to increase our monetary power by doing our work efficiently and effectively.
  • Positive impression can be easily made by keeping our self happy.

Now let's see some Disadvantages of unhappy face:

  • An unhappy face makes the environment negative.
  • A sad face can makes other negative.
  • Tension can easily be created any where by keeping the face unhappy.
  • Conflicts is possible in an un happy atmosphere.
  • Person is unable to work for long.
  • Work become burden for him or her.
  • Relations not thrive in long run.
  • Person enters in depression zone.

You can easily find the truthiness of the above points near by. Just observe carefully that from whom you get impressed easily, from whom you get disturbed easily.
I think that above points are enough to think about the importance of happiness and now you definitely want to keep yourself happy. But now a very serious question and i.e. -

How To Keep Ourself Happy?
Secret of Happiness, Do's and Don't s For happiness, Benefits of Happiness, Power of to be happy.

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