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What is Grahan yoga?

What is grahan yoga?, How grahan yoga forms?, Impacts of grahan yoga in life, how to protect our self from the bad effects of grahan yoga, Consultancy for grahan yoga, astrologer for grahan dosha solutions.

Many persons are having this yoga and they are suffering a lot in this world, but due to lack of knowledge they are not aware of this malefic yoga in horoscope. In this article I am going to clear about this dangerous yoga which makes the life full of problems. Not only physical problems but also paran normal problems also affect the persons life. So it is very necessary to know about this yoga which is called "GRAHAN YOGA".

how grahan yoga form in horoscope, solution of grahan yoga by astrologer
What is Grahan yoga?

Now what is this and how it is form?, how to get rid of this yoga?

  • The common rule to know the grahan yoga is when rahu and ketu sits with Sun or Moon in any house then grahan yoga forms in kundli or birth chart. This is one of the main yoga which is responsible for the hurdles in life, obstacles in getting success etc.
  • When Rahu sits with Sun or surya then in astrology we call it surya grahan yoga.
  • When Rahu sits with Moon or chandrama then in vedic astrology we call it chandra grahan yoga.
  • But this is not enough even if ketu also sits with surya or chandra then also grahan yoga forms.
  • It disturbs the life very much and so it is very important to take step to over come from this problem as soon as possible.

Important Things About This Yoga:

Grahan yoga is more dangerous if the person have 'Rakshas Gan'. In this case it is very possible that the person suffers with evil eye effects, najar dosha or ghost effect. So person who has rakshas gan must take care more about this yoga.

Impacts of Grahan Yoga:

  1. Person faces too many problems in life due to this malefic yoga. Some persons live the life of hell. Every where failure welcomes the persons, health don't support the person, debt increases too much and due to this person faces wealth problems in life.
  2. Negative energies also create too much problems in life. Some are harassed due to paranormal activities. Grahan yoga also ruin the house in which it is formed.
  3. If you want to know that if grahan yoga is there in your kundli or not do consult astroshree astrologer now. You will get the easy remedies of your problems and the protection ways.
So don't hesitate to take the paid services to know the mystery of your kundli or horoscope.

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What is grahan yoga?, How grahan yoga forms?, Impacts of grahan yoga in life, how to protect our self from the bad effects of grahan yoga, Consultancy for grahan yoga.

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