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Mystery of Bhagwad Geeta

What is bhagwad geeta?, mystery of teachings of shri krishna, benefits of Geeta reading, free encyclopaedia of bhagwad geeta, how to take benefits from geeta?, Solutions of problems through Geeta reading, who can read geeta, How to get real success in life?.

During the war of mahabharat when Arjun entered in depression zone by seeing all the relatives in front of him in the battlefield then shri Krishna had taught him some mysterious facts of life and these lessons are famous as 'Shreemad Bhawad Geeta'. The shlok given in this book are actually the words of shree krishna and therefore are great sacred and taken as mantra or spell by the krishna devotees. 
significance of bhagwad geeta
Mystery of Bhagwad Geeta

The main thing about this Geeta is that it is actually not for any religious person or community but it is just for the welfare of society. It has revealed the secret regarding how to live a successful life, what is importance of karma yoga, what is the importance of life, how to deal with different situations of life etc. It is a fact that if any one read this and contemplate seriously then no doubt it has the power to change the complete life of a person. It provides great tips to develop our personality into a super developed personality. 

Here in this article I am going to provide the importance of all the 18 lessons present in the bhagwad geeta which will help every one about the real importance of this great epic.

Some Important things for knowledge:
Geeta is told by Shree krishna to Arjun about 7000 years ago on the aspicious day of ekadashi. This great incident was happened in the place known as Kurukshetra battlefield.
There are 700 shloks are present in bhagwad geeta which are discribing about bhakti yoga, gyan yoga, karma yoga. In this it is cleared that how to live a stress free life and how to achieve Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha easily by doing our work. 

A real conversation which can transform any one's life.

Lesson 1:
The first lesson of gita book is about the state of mind of Arjun. What to do and what not to do in this situation when duty and relations are before each other. What to do in the state of dilemma, doubts. 
Actually every common person enter in this type of situations and therefore need guidance from an experience holder. Here Arjun has entered in same common situation by seeing all his relatives and beloved in front of him in battlefield. So he is thinking that how he can fight with there own relatives. Read this lesson to know that how he is asking questions to shree krishna.

Lesson 2:
In the 2nd lesson Shree krishna has started the clarification to Arjun regarding what to do. Here it is said that if a person follow prudence/vivek or perform his or her duties well then all the worries go away from life. The world is evanescent, nothing is immortal, every thing is changing so there is no need to worry about any thing. It is good to perform our duties well and live a comfortable life. If any one perform duties without attachment as per rules given in scriptures then nothing will disturb the life. 

Lesson 3:
Work is very important, no one can live life without doing any work so the best thing is to perform work without any hesitation. Without work no one can get the peaceful and successful life. Even supreme power is performing duties well for the well being of this universe. 

Lesson 4:
This lesson is clearing about how to live a free life and why. How to over come from any type of bond and why. This lesson is giving focus on 'Tatva Gyan'. If if know the base of any work then there is no need to attach our self with any work. By doing any work without detachment is the best way to not enter in any bond. This is the way to  live a successful life. 
By getting the abstract knowledge(tatva gyan) it is possible to over come from any type of sin too. So must read this lesson.

Lesson 5:
The secret of getting growth in life is given in lesson 5 of bhagwad geeta. It is cleared in this lesson that people must keep the balance mind means not getting upset in negative situation and not to become over excite in favourable situation. 
Saint is a person who has detached himself or herself from mind and understand the evanescent world. How to deal in every situations and why is given in this lesson of geeta. 

Lesson 6:
This lesson is on samta/parity i.e. every one must work to get the balance state of mind. Without parity it is not possible to over come from any type of doubts, griefs etc and mind is unable to meditate properly. 
The person who is able to remain in samta is only able to attain the best state of mind. So read about samta yoga in this lesson of bhagwad geeta. 

Lesson 7:
Every thing is god, everwhere there is lord vasudeva, nothing is other than god and this is the reality. Every one must try to know this fact after which the life become easy and successful. This is the mystery given in the 7th lesson. 

Lesson 8:
Life after death depends upon the current state of mind so always be attentive. We must try to behave in such a way that at the time of death we must remember the supreme power so that to achieve the salvation easily. Here in 8th lesson of geeta krishna has told the secret of after death life, what type of birth a person get after leaving the current body. This is a very great secret and every one must read this lesson if want the real success in life.

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What is bhagwad geeta?, mystery of teachings of shri krishna, benefits of Geeta reading, free encyclopaedia of bhagwad geeta, how to take benefits from geeta?, Solutions of problems through Geeta reading, who can read geeta, How to get real success in life?.

Lesson 9:
Every person has the right to attain god. There is no matter from which caste, religion, country, dress the person belongs. Krishna is sharing views that god thinks that why the person don't try to attain the supreme power even after getting this divine body. 
God is clearing the importance of human body and showing that only by having this body any one can achieve the divine state of salvation. 

Lesson 10:
Whatever is good in this world is because of god presence but person entagle in the beauty and entertainment. Person must use the contemplation power to think about god and nothing else, this is the secret of successful life. This is revealed in this lesson of bhagwad geeta. 

Lesson 11:
The universe is the creation of god and so every thing is within the god. Shree krishna has shown his divine visions to Arjun and Arjun has found every thing within him like brahma, vishnu mahesh, yaksh, gandharva, siddhas, anger, dangerous things etc. So to see this divine vision is needs which is not possible for ever one but to worship the whole world by knowing that it is god, we can uplift our life. This secret is given in details in lesson 11 of bhagwad geeta.

Lesson 12:
Here Krishna has shown the importance of devotees. The person who devoted every thing to god is the best one as per lord krishna. God protects every true devotees so be in state of parity/samta and do remember god always. Know about the secret benefits of devotion in this lesson. 

Lesson 13:
The only thing which must be known is to know the supreme power in abstract form i.e.(tatwa gyan). The one who knows the god in abstract form get the blessings of supreme power and get the real success in this life. The secret of becoming immortal is given in the thirteenth lesson of bhagwad geeta.

Lesson 14:
The secret of three Characteristics( teen gun) is revealed in 14th lesson. The world is formed because of the combination of 3 gun i.e. Tamo Gun, Rajo Gun and Sato gun. 

What are the main characteristic a person gains due to the above gunas are given in 14th lesson of Geeta. By understanding these gunas person is able to detach himself or herself and achieve the supereme state of mind. So must read this lesson to understand this secret concept of life. 

Lesson 15:
God is running this universe for the decades. God is the source of any thing happening in this universe. So it is the duty of every one to worship god and perform the practices to know the supreme power. This is the secret of human life. Here in this lesson we can know the various powers of god. 

Lesson 16:
Person takes different types of birth due to the different types of behaviour so it is the duty of every human to adopt the best procedure to live life and to get salvation. This is the way to become free from every griefs. 
The person who do bad attain the hell and the person do good attain the heaven so every thing depend upon the deed. So if any one want to understand the concept of birth, rebirth etc then he or she must read the 16th lesson of bhagwad geeta. 

Lesson 17:
Here secrets of devotion is cleared by shree krishna. Different types of people has different types of devotion and they can be identified with different types of food too. So read about this secret in seventeenth lesson of bhagwad geeta.

Lesson 18:
To uplift in life there are 3 types of ways karm yoga, gyan yoga and bhakti yoga. As per the nature and interest if person any of the way then sure success will come in life. Person can uplift in life. God protects the person who devote and perform the duties with devotion. The devotee is away from any sin and virtue. So trust god, believe in supreme power, perform duties and live a free life, attain the ultimate goal of life. 
So Bhagwad geeta is not related to any religion, it is for every one, it is for living successful life, it is to understand life, Geeta is to know the secrets of human life. Read it and clear your doubts like as Arjun.

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