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How To Get Rid Of Misfortune Easily?

How to get rid of Misfortune in-auspiciousness, totkay to over come from bad luck,  reasons and remedies of problems as per astrology, yogas which create misfortune in kundli/horoscope/birth-chart.
Fortune plays important role in our life, it makes our life smooth, hurdle free/obstacles free and person enjoy the life like heaven on the other hand MISFORTUNE fill the life with obstacles, struggle and make the life like hell. It is therefore every one try to avoid the negative circumstances from life.

As per the law of astrology destiny is made by our previous deeds and so whatever we are getting is because of our own actions in previous life. Misfortune is so dangerous that due to this person is unable to get success in any work. Too much work also vanished and person again reached at zero. 
Misfortune is also called DURBHAAGYA and it is detected also by reading kundli/horoscope/birth chart by astrologer. There are various yogas which shows that the person is not getting support from the destiny.
solution of misfortune/bad luck by astrologer
How To Get Rid Of Misfortune Easily?

Some dangerous yogas in Kundali:

Yes, we cannot ignore the powers of planets in life and to know the impacts of stars in life astrologer is needed. There are many yogas which shows misfortune in life but some of them are Chandaal Yoga, Daridra yoga, grahan yoga, angarak yoga, divorce yoga, durbhagya yoga, etc. 
It is also a fact that any debilitated planet in destiny place also brings misfortune/bad luck in life. 
If happiness place, lagna, destiny places are generating malefic effects then also it creates too much problems in life.

In mahadasha or antardasha if contrary planets comes and if they are debilitated or malefic in kundli/horoscope then also person faces problems. 

Let's see some impacts of Durbhaagya In LIfe:

  • Too much efforts to make life better become unworthy for the person who has misfortune.
  • Unwanted expenses deprive a person to save money for future.
  • Some person even are not able to fulfill basic needs in time due to durbhaagya.
  • Some competent persons are not able to get proper livelihood to fulfill there responsibilities of family.
  • Love relationships ends with problems, in marriage life also there is lack of coordination which arises to trifles.
  • Fail of any business also create tension.
  • Diseases of different kind also makes the life hell. 
  • No peace in mind, lack of funds to fulfill needs, no true friends in life, no aim in life all these are results of misfortune in life.
So it is necessary to treat this any how to make life worthy. Now the questions arises that how to get rid of misfortune, what to do, which pooja is good for this, which totka can give us relief from our misfortune. So now we will see that how to deal with bad luck. In my other articles I have already given many totkay to remove bad luck and to attract luck. But here some more and useful tips I am providing for my blog readers which you can use FREE.

FREE Totkay To Remove Misfortune:

  1. On Amvasya take a handful of rice by every member of family in a banana leaf, now put a spoon of curd by every member, put a lemon and 4 cloves. Now sprinkle sindoor on the items and then do utara with every members of family who are facing too much problems and then put it on chouraha at mid night. Do this process on Poornima and amavasya 8 times. You will find a good change in life. 
  2. Make Chaumukhi deepak with floor and then do utara 21 times from the victim and then put it on any chouraha in the mid night. While putting the deepak just think that I am leaving my bad luck/misfortune here. After getting back sprinkle holy water.
  3. As per fengshui If we keep a golden camel pair in home or office in good muhurth/auspicious time then it brings luck in life. 
  4. If on shani amvasya any one leave the shoe/sleeper/sandal of leather in any temple then it also remove the badluck which is disturbing our life due to Malefic Saturn.
  5. If any one use abusive language with partner then it disturb the marriage life so just omit this habit which will bring luck in home. Give respect to your partner.
  6. By offering a broom stick in any temple or religious place for cleaning is also good to remove misfortune. 
So there are many ways which a person can do to enhance luck. But there are some specific ways which can be known by proper reading of kundli/horoscope/birth chart. 
For that you can take the services of astrology.

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How to get rid of Misfortune in-auspiciousness, totkay to over come from bad luck,  reasons and remedies of problems as per astrology, yogas which create misfortune in kundli/horoscope/birth-chart.


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