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Power of Om Namah Shivay Spell

Power of 'om namah shivay' mantra/spell, Mantra to fulfill wishes, benefits of chanting shiv panchakshari mantra, best way to chant mantra, Easy way to over come from problems, Some Secrets Of Shiv Saadhna.

Lord shiva is the power which is present every where as per the scriptures. As per kashmir shaivaism "Shivam Vidyate na kwachit " means every where shiva is there.

Nothing is apart from shiva. So worship shiva, become siva and know the siva.
om namah shivay spell importance
Power of Om Namah Shivay Spell

"Om Namah Shivay" is the powerful spell/mantra which is being used for the decades by devotees to get the blessings of lord shiva. In shiv mahapuran great description about this mantra is available. Nothing is impossible by the practitioner of this shiv panchakshari mantra.

One can attain the materialistic success as well as spiritual success just by continuous chanting this mantra and immerse in it. This mantra is suggested by rishi, munis, scholars to over come from tensions of day to day life, depression, any type of disturbances of life.

Mystery of Pachakshari Mantra:

As we all know that there are 5 elements in this world and thus it is also said that this mantra "Om Namah Shivay" which is also called Panchakshari mantra has the tremendous power to control these five elements(Earth/Prithvi, Water/Jal, Fire/Agni, Air/Vayu, sky/akash) and to achieve the salvation which is the ultimate goal of every one.

If any devotee start practicing this mantra regularly then no doubt by the grace of shiva person is able to achieve the ultimate goal of life.

Advantages Of Chanting This Mahamantra:

  1. Practitioner finds increase in self confidence by doing continuous practice.
  2. A person is able to control the temper, unwanted feelings, disturbances of life, Aggression etc.
  3. Scholars use this mantra to increase the positive aura and to increase the hypnotic aura to get success.
  4. This mantra takes the person to the indepth of heart during meditation.
  5. One can attain the culmination of peace by chanting the spell Om Namah Shivay.
  6. One can able to aware about the inner-self by enter in the world of shiva.
  7. One can chant this mantra any time, any where and in any number of times.
  8. It is one of the best way to make our mind and body purify from all sins.
Om Namah Shiva seems to be very common mantra/spell but it's powers are miraculous, it is a magical mantra, it is a life transforming mantra for every one.

How To Chant This Shiv Panchakshari Mantra:

First of all start chanting only 108 time 2 times a day if you are not able to sit for long time but gradually increase the time. Later on you will find that this mantra will capture your every moment and you will not feel apart from this mantra.

It is also clearly reveled in our scriptures that if we chant any mantra and immerse in it then the mantra reveal its powers before the chanter. So isn't it a divine experience which we want to experience.

Do chant it verbally initially and gradually enter in your heart then you will find that the mantra is going on within and you are feeling a peace and a divine masti. Person achieve a state in which a divine intoxication gives the person peace and power too without using any external drug.

Things To Remember To Practice Any Mantra:

Power of 'om namah shivay' mantra/spell, Mantra to fulfil wishes, benefits of chanting shiv panchakshari mantra, best way to chant mantra, Easy way to over come from problems, Some Secrets Of Shiv Saadhna.
  • Fix a time to chant spell.
  • Fix your asan and keep it pure or sacred always. 
  • Do light a deepak and give gugal dhoop. 
  • Fix a mala also which must not be used by any one else. 
And start the process of chanting and increase your timings day by day and feel the power of this mantra. Feel The Inexplicable world inside you by chanting this mantra devotedly.

Some Secrets Of Shiv Saadhna:

In our holy books it is clearly said that to achieve the state of shiva is our main goal of this human life and for that every one must try. It is also said that "Shivo Bhutwa Shivam Yajet" means become a shiva and then worship shiva. Now the question is how to first make ourself shiva and so for that this mahamantra is available. Feel that shiva is there in every part of your body, within and outside too and then do start the practice.

It is also clearly described in scriptures that "Shabd is Brahm" i.e. words are actually gods and so by using that properly and scientifically it is possible to attain the god. So don't underestimate the power of spell.

Om Namah Shivay Mantra is the marvelous gift for human being and is able to make a person god. So chant this mantra, immerse in this mantra, feel the divine world of shiva and make your life successful.

It is also good to install a charge PARAD SHIVLING and perform the shiv saadhna devotedly which will give result in early time.

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Power of 'om namah shivay' mantra/spell, Mantra to fulfill wishes, benefits of chanting shiv panchakshari mantra, best way to chant mantra, Easy way to over come from problems, Some Secrets Of Shiv Saadhna.


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