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Taurus Ascendant Astrology

Taurus ascendant, horoscope consultation, understand importance of Vrishabh ascendant or lagna, astrologer for minute analysis of horoscope, Birth chart analysis, Vedic astrology for analysis and solutions of problems.

Are you Taurus/Vishabh and want to know about your personality then don't go any where, here in this article get the free knowledge of Taurus astrology. Check your lagna kundli and see the number if there is 2 number in your Ist house then you are born with Vrishabh lagna.
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Taurus Ascendant Astrology

Taurus ascendant astrology for you:

Before moving further let me clear that this is not the details of your horoscope, here general qualities are given related to Vrishabh lagna people. The master of taurus is Venus or shukra.

The lagna affects mostly every segments of life whether it is mind power, smartness, financial power, marriage life, professional life etc. So the study of lagna reveals many important things of life.

Person born in Taursus lagna or vrishabh ascendant are very hard working and attractive, physically they are fit and good looking. These people are also fond of arts like music, dance, painting, poetry etc. They are also known for there choice i.e. they have good dressing sense, presentation style. Vrishabh lagna persons also very caring.

Patience is the foremost quality of your personality and no one can judge you without your intention. So some judge them as mysterious person.

If the Venus is good in horoscope then this type of person get a successful love life too and live a luxurious life. Over power of Venus makes a person lustful. These people are master is developing relationships with others and due to there behavior they win the heart of others.

They also know the best way to attract the opposite sex in a nice manner. Sometimes people become jealous of there smartness. Good position and good power of Shukra makes a person successful in materialistic world where as bad Venus of debilitated Venus makes the taurus persons harassed. Due to the malefic impacts Vrishabh people deprive of good marriage life, good social life and hurdle free professional life. Love life also get disturbed due to self centered nature.

Good shukra gives rational mind to taurus persons and due to this they get success in materialistic world. People like there company and they know the ways to entertain different types of persons.

Venus with Pisces gives good results in life while with Virgo it gives rise to struggle. Malefic Venus also give rise to venereal diseases so it is better to take precaution if Venus is not supporting in horoscope.
Taurus people also enter in sinful activities if the shukra supports in a negative manner. But otherwise they are calm, cool and helping in nature. They don't leave any work in between.

Free Tips For The Taurus Ascendant Persons:

  1. Don't be obstinate as it will harm you in practical life. 
  2. Do control your feelings related to opposite sex.
  3. Don't let the laziness ruin your life in any case. Be alert always.
  4. Since glamour industry attract you but be careful and don't go beyond your budget.
  5. In case if Venus is not good in horoscope then do take care while making relationships. 
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Taurus ascendant, horoscope consultation, understand importance of Vrishabh ascendant or lagna, astrologer for minute analysis of horoscope, Birth chart analysis, Vedic astrology for analysis and solutions of problems.

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