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Shiv Panchakshari Strotram

Shiv Panchakshari Strotram, way to worship lord shiva through strotram, benefits of reciting shivpanchaksari strotram, meaning in english.

The famous mantra of shiva is Panchakshari mantra (Om Namah Shivay) and is so popular that generally everyone is aware about it.  Yogis chant this mantra regularly and complete there spiritual journey by the blessings of shiva. 

shiv panchakshari strot benefits
Shiv Panchakshari Strotram

Similarly there is a important Strotram known as Shiv Panchakshari Strotram by Adi Shankracharya. It is also very popular among the devotees of shiva. In each verse of Shiv Panchakshari Stotra describe the lord shiva qualities. The main benefit of reciting Shiva Panchakshara Stotra is that it attract the blessing of lord shiva and after death the soul lives with shiva.

Let’s See This Wonderful Strot To Please Lord Shiva:
अथ शिव पञ्चाक्षर स्तोत्रम्(Ath shiv Panchakshari Strotram)

नागेन्द्रहाराय त्रिलोचनाय भस्माङ्गराय महेश्वराय।
दिव्याय देवाय दिगम्बराय तस्मै नकाराय नमः शिवाय॥१॥
Nagendraharaay trilochnaay bhasmaangraay maheshwaraay|
Divyaay devaay digambaraay tasmay nakaaraay namah shivay ||1||

Meaning in English:
He who wear the garlads of serpents and who has three eyes,
Whose body is covered with holy ashes and who is the great Lord,
He who is eternal, who is absolutely pure. Salutations to Shiva, who is represented by the syllable "Na".

मातङ्गचर्माम्बरभूषणाय समस्तगीर्वाण गणार्चिताय।
त्रैलोक्यनाथाय त्रिपुरान्तकाय तस्मै मकाराय नमः शिवाय॥२॥
Matangcharmambarbhushanaay samastgirwaan ganarchitaay |
Trailokya nathaay tripurantkaay tasmay makaaraay namah shivay||2||

Meaning in English:
Those who are worshiped with the water of the Mandakini river and sandalwood paste is applied,
Who is worshipped by the river mandakini,
who is adorned with sandalwood,
Those who have been beautifully worshiped with Mandar flowers and other flowers,
the master of Nandi and Gana. Salutations to Shiva, who is represented by the syllable "Ma".

शिवामुखोम्भोजविकाशनाय दक्षस्य यज्ञस्य विध्वंसनाय।
चन्द्रार्कवैश्वानरलोचनाय तस्मै शिकाराय नमः शिवाय॥३॥
Shivomukhombhojkaashnaay dakshasya yagyasya vidhwansnaay |
Chandrarkvaishwanarlochnaay tasmay shikraay namah shivay||3||

Meaning in English:
He who is auspicious and who is like a new rising sun, Those who is the destroyers of the sacrifice of king Daksha, who has the symbol of bull in his flag. Salutations to Shiva, who is represented by the syllable "Shi"

वसिष्ठकुंभोद्भवगौतमाय मुनीन्द्रवेद्याय गिरीश्वराय।
श्रीनीलकण्ठाय वृषध्वजाय तस्मै वकाराय नमः शिवाय॥४॥
Vasishthkumbhodhbhavgautamaay munindravedyaay girishwaraay |
Shreeneelkanthaay vrishdhwajaay tasmay vakraay namah shivay ||4||

Meaning in English:
He who is worshiped by the best and most respected sages – Vashishta, Agastya and Gautam, and also by the gods, and who is the crown of the universe,
Those who have three eyes, Moon, Sun and Fire,
Salutations to Shiva, who is represented by the syllable "va"

यज्ञस्वरूपाय जटाधराय पिनाकहस्ताय सनातनाय।
नित्याय शुद्धाय निरञ्जनाय तस्मै यकाराय नमः शिवाय॥५॥
Yagyaswarupaay jatadharaay pinakhastaay sanatnaay |
Nityaay shudhaay niranjnaay tasmay yakaraay namah shivay ||5||

Meaning in English:
Those who have taken the form of Yagya i.e. holy fire,
those who are jaded,
One who has Pinaka (bow) in his hand,
Who is the divine eternal man,
Salutations to Shiva, who is represented by the syllable "Y"

पञ्चाक्षरमिदं यः पठेच्छिवसन्निधौ।
शिवलोकमवाप्नोति शिवेन सह मोदते॥
Panchaksharmidam yah pathechiwsannidhau |
Shivlokmawapnti shiven sah modate ||

Meaning in English:
Those who recite this Panchakshara near Shiva, will attain and enjoy the abode of Shiva.

॥ इति श्रीपञ्चाक्षरस्तोत्रं संपूर्णम् ॥
|| Iti shree panchaksharstrotram sampoornam||

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