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Shivratri ! What to do as per astrology for success?

When is mahashivratri in 2023, how to do worship of lord shiva, where to perform pooja?, Astrology and Shivratri?, What Not To Do on the night of lord shankara?, What type of Poojas are possible on shivratri?, Remedies of Different Problems on Shivratri .

Shivratri is very important from the point of view of Hindus. This is very auspicious night from the point of view of spiritual practices. Also if a common person want to full fill materialistic wishes then also this night is very important. If proper worship is done under perfect guidance then no doubt success will come definitely.

It is believed that prayers done on the divine night of mahashivratri is equal to thousands of years worship. 

This divine night is useful for everyone man, women, lovers, patients because we can do rituals for our any wish on this night of shivratri. 

Removal of sins possible by doing worship and meditation on the night of shivratri. 

Fulfillment of wishes is possible by invoking lord shiva and  goddess parvati on this night. 
Shivratri 2022 date,  What to do as per astrology for success?, astrology tips.
What To Do On Shivratri ?

2 beliefs related to Mahashivratri :
  1. On the Chaturdashi of the month of Falgun, Shiva appeared in the form of a pillar of fire in front of Vishnu and Brahma.
  2. Shiva and Parvati married on this day.

In the year 2023, Mahashivratri is on 18th of February, Saturday, chaturdashi tithi will start at approx  8:04 PM on 18th of February.

It is usually seen in our day to day life that we search for the right day or night to perform special type of poojas or rituals but shivratri is the night which is accepted by every scholars and our epics has also said very much about the importance of this night of shiva. In kasmir shavism it is said that The whole world is the manifestation of lord shiva. And in the night of shivratri you will find the waves of shiva every where. People engage in doing shiva pooja all around the world. Shiva is the god whose temple is present every where.

We can overcome from curses by doing prayer on the night of shivratri. 

One can open the ways to get financial freedom by performing powerful rituals on the night of shivratri. 

One can overcome from doshas present in birth chart and also overcome from malefic impacts of planets present in horoscope. 

Many Types of Poojas Are Possible on Shivratri:

On this auspicious day it is possible to perform poojas or rituals to get rid of the planetary problems and negative energies easily. Many types of remedies are possible on this auspicious time. I am providing the details of some poojas here.
  1. Remedies of KALSARP YOGA is easily possible on shivratri.
  2. Remedies of GRAHAN yoga is also possible on shivratri.
  3. Solutions of negative energies also easily possible on this night.
  4. Tantrik can achieve the siddhi i.e. powers on this night by worshiping different god.
  5. Spiritual practitioners can get the grace of their beloved god Shiva.
  6. Poojas to get rid of from the chronic diseases are possible on shivratri.
  7. Remedies of planetary problems is possible on shivratri.
  8. Black magic remedies can also be easily done on this night.
  9. Witch craft effects can also be easily removed on this sacred night.
  10. Remedies of marriage problem is possible easily. Poojas for marriage are possible on shivratri.
  11. One can also energize rudraksh on this night.

A Night For Spiritual Practitioners:

On this divine night, it is possible to active any spell or mantra. So if any one want to see the powers of mantra or spell then he or she should chant the mantra under the keen guidance of guru or master. No doubt that success will come.
  • The worship on this magical night helps to transform life, gaining virtues, wealth, wisdom and overall success.
  • Those who want materialistic success can get by the blessings of lord shiva.
  • Those who want to move ahead in spiritual path can also get success by performing meditation, prayers on the night of shivratri. 
  • One can overcome from fear of evil eye effects, black magic and get protection by doing rituals on mahashivratri night. 
  • One can perform worship for good health and Longevity.
  • Get the peace of mind by blessings of lord shiva. 
  • One can also get success in relationships by blessings of lord shiva and goddess parwati.

Let's check the planetary position on mahashivratri i.e. on 18th of February 2023:

  1. Jupiter will be in its own sign pisces which is very good for spiritual practitioners.
  2. Venus will be exalted which will be supportive for everyone specially for those who want to perform prayers to solve relationship issue. 
  3. Saturn will be in its own sign which will help to enter in spiritual path.
  4. Ketu will be in it’s friendly sign which will help to perform tantra practices.

3 Powerful Prayers For Shivratri :

1. Aghor Mantra Sadhna/अघोर मन्त्र साधना :

ॐ अघोरेभ्योऽथ घोरेभ्यो घोर घोर तरेभ्यः
सर्वेभ्यस् सर्व सर्वेभ्यो नमस्तेऽस्तु रुद्र रूपेभ्यः

ॐ नमः शिवाय महादेवाय नीलकंठाय आदि रुद्राय अघोरमंत्राय अघोर रुद्राय अघोर भद्राय सर्वभयहराय मम सर्वकर्यफल प्रदाय हन हनाय ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ टं टं टं टं टं घ्रीं घ्रीं घ्रीं घ्रीं घ्रीं हर हराय सर्व अघोररुपाय त्र्यम्बकाय विरुपाक्षाय ॐ हौं हः हीं हः ग्रं ग्रं ग्रं हां हीं हूं हैं हौं हः क्षां क्षीं क्षूं क्षैं क्षौं क्षः ॐ नमः शिवाय अघोरप्रलयप्रचंड रुद्राय अपरिमितवीरविक्रमाय अघोररुद्रमंत्राय सर्वग्रहोच्चाटनाय सर्वजनवशीकरणाय सर्वतोमुख मां रक्ष रक्ष शीघ्रं हूं फट् स्वाहा ।

ॐ क्षां क्षीं क्षूं क्षैं क्षौं क्षः ॐ हां हीं हूं हैं हौं हः स्वर्गमृत्यु पाताल त्रिभुवन सच्चरित देव ग्रहाणां दानव ग्रहाणां ब्रह्मराक्षस ग्रहाणां सर्ववातग्रहाणां सर्ववेतालग्रहाणां शाकिनीग्रहाणां डाकिनीग्रहाणां सर्वभूतग्रहाणां कमिनीग्रहाणां सर्वपिंडग्रहाणां सर्वदेषग्रहाणां सर्वपस्मारग्रहाणां हन हन हन भक्षय भक्षय भक्षय विरूपाक्षाय दह दह दह हूं फट् स्वाहा ॥

Benefits of Aghor mantra Sadhna:

  1. Get rid of evil forces. 
  2. Fulfill your materialistic and spiritual wishes. 
  3. Get rid of fears of enemies. 
  4. Get clear thoughts by doing worship on shivratri. 
  5. Overcome from the relationship issues. 
  6. Overcome from health issues and boost your health. 
  7. Remove hurdles of professional and personal life. 
  8. Get spiritual enlightenment
  9. Get protection against Ghosts, spiits, evil eye effects black magic.
  10. Get blessings to gain victory in litigation & court cases
  11. Develop Shield against hidden or unseen dangers & negative forces
  12. Get rid of vashikaran tantra.
  13. Lyrics of aghor mantra in English:

oṃ aghorebhyo'tha ghorebhyo ghora ghora tarebhyaḥ

sarvebhyas sarva sarvebhyo namaste'stu rudra rūpebhyaḥ

oṃ namaḥ śivāya mahādevāya nīlakaṃṭhāya ādi rudrāya aghoramaṃtrāya aghora rudrāya aghora bhadrāya sarvabhayaharāya mama sarvakaryaphala pradāya hana hanāya oṃ oṃ oṃ oṃ oṃ ṭaṃ ṭaṃ ṭaṃ ṭaṃ ṭaṃ ghrīṃ ghrīṃ ghrīṃ ghrīṃ ghrīṃ hara harāya sarva aghorarupāya tryambakāya virupākṣāya oṃ hauṃ haḥ hīṃ haḥ graṃ graṃ graṃ hāṃ hīṃ hūṃ haiṃ hauṃ haḥ kṣāṃ kṣīṃ kṣūṃ kṣaiṃ kṣauṃ kṣaḥ oṃ namaḥ śivāya aghorapralayapracaṃḍa rudrāya aparimitavīravikramāya aghorarudramaṃtrāya sarvagrahoccāṭanāya sarvajanavaśīkaraṇāya sarvatomukha māṃ rakṣa rakṣa śīghraṃ hūṃ phaṭ svāhā |

oṃ kṣāṃ kṣīṃ kṣūṃ kṣaiṃ kṣauṃ kṣaḥ oṃ hāṃ hīṃ hūṃ haiṃ hauṃ haḥ svargamṛtyu pātāla tribhuvana saccarita deva grahāṇāṃ dānava grahāṇāṃ brahmarākṣasa grahāṇāṃ sarvavātagrahāṇāṃ sarvavetālagrahāṇāṃ śākinīgrahāṇāṃ ḍākinīgrahāṇāṃ sarvabhūtagrahāṇāṃ kaminīgrahāṇāṃ sarvapiṃḍagrahāṇāṃ sarvadeṣagrahāṇāṃ sarvapasmāragrahāṇāṃ hana hana hana bhakṣaya bhakṣaya bhakṣaya virūpākṣāya daha daha daha hūṃ phaṭ svāhā ||

2. Rudra Mantra Saadhna :

Om Namo bhagwate Rudraay 

3. Mrityunjay mantra Sadhna :

ॐ हौं जूं सः ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः ॐ त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम् उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान्मृ त्योर्मुक्षीय मामृतात् ॐ स्वः भुवः भूः ॐ सः जूं हौं ॐ।

Some Precautions To Be Taken on Shivaratri

It is very important for the common people to take some precautions on shivaratri. Since this is the night when positive minded and negative minded persons both try to get the work done. So this night has both positive and negative impacts so it is better to take some precautions on this night.
  • If your planetary power are very weak then it is better that you should not come out on this day and night and do engage in shivaradhna.
  • If there is grahan yoga in horoscope then it is better to not come out on this night.
  • If there is angarak yoga in your horoscope then it is better to not come out.
  • If there is pret dosha or pisaach dosha in your horoscope then it is good do the prayer on this night.
  • Avoid eating non veg on this night.
  • Avoid making sexual contact on this night.
  • Avoid alcohol on this night.
  • If you think that you have hidden enemies then it is good that you must do poojas on this night.
  • Do not try to use black magic to destroy any one otherwise you will be destroyed in long run.
Read about Power of RUDRAKSH 

Shivrtri is a very sacred night but some negative minded persons use this night for destruction. So it is good to safe our self from evils. 

Do poojas for your upliftment, do poojas for ancestors upliftment on shivratri, do poojas for upliftment of your family on shivratri. This is a great night to get success in life. It is very easy to please shiva, the only thing which is required is devotion. Love shiva, worship shiva, offer yourself to shiva and you will find that shiva will appear within you and bless you with health, wealth and prosperity.

"Om namah Shivay"is the the mantra of shiva. It is the mahamantra. It is the spell which has changed the life of the persons.

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What to do on shivratri?, how to do worship of lord shiva, where to perform pooja?, Astrology and Shivratri?, What Not To Do on the night of lord shankara?, What type of Poojas are possible on shivratri?, Remedies of Different Problems on Shivratri .


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