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Secrets Of Laxmi Sadhna

Secrets of laxmi sadhna, points to keep in mind whiel doing laxmi saadhna.  Tips to perform laxmi saadhna Wealth, prosperity, luxurious life is the dream of every one and for this every one wants to please the goddess of wealth i.e. goddess laxmiji. There are many people who complaint about not getting success in laxmi saadhna, some are performing laxmy prayers for very long time and not getting success, some want to start laxmi saadhna but don't know the basics. Here in this article I am going to reveal some important facts related to laxmi saadhna. People who are interested to perform laxmi prayers can know about important day, important tithis, important mahurat to start and perform laxmi saadhna successfully. It is said that "God neither present in wood nor in stone, Gods present in feeling, positive thinking" and that's why good feelings, positive thinking is the base of any spiritual practice. So the FIRST SECRET of laxmi saadhna is belive, trus

Famous Shivling In India

Famous shivling in India, Panch Kedar names, popular shiv temple in India. famous shivling in India Lord shiva is omniscient, omnipowerful and omnipresent and in whole world we can find temples of shiva. Every one believe in shiva and worship in different manner. Shiv temples are said to be most sacred and  powerful place to perform spiritual practices, prayers. For decades people are worshipping shiva to make life successful.  Here in this article we are going to see some famous shivling names where thousands of people regularly come to seek blessings. Let's Know Some Famous Shivling Present In India: Mahakaleshwar Shivling near river kshipra In Ujjain, Madhya pradesh is very famous and people from world wide come here to offer there prayers.  Onkareshwar and Mamleshwar Shivling in Onkareshwar, Madhya Pradesh at the bank of river Narmada are famous. Somnath shivling present in kathiyawad, Gujarat at the bank of Arabian Sea is a very famous shivling. Mallik

23 Famous Ganesh Temples

23 Famous Ganesh Temples, know about world famous divine ganesh temples. famous ganesh temples Shree ganesh is worshipped first as per beliefs of hindus and it is also belived that lord ganesha is able to remove big problems easily and so he is also called "Vighn harta".  Although ganesh temples are easily available every where in India but in this article we will know about 23 world famous ganesh temples as per epics. These famous ganesha places are present in different parts in world.  Let's know the name of place where the Ganesh Temples are present with the Name of ganesha worshipped there: Omkar Ganpati is worshipped at Prayag, Illahabad. Dhundiraaj Ganesh is worshipped in Kaashi, Varanasi. Chintamani Ganesh is worshipped in Kalamb, baraar near yawatmaal. Chintaman ganesh is worshpped in Ujjain. Khajrana ganesh temple in Indore is also very famous now a days. Mayureshwar ganesha is worshipped in Moreswar, near Pune. Shiv ganesha is worship

52 Shaktipeet For Blessings Of Goddess

52 Shaktipeet For Blessings Of Goddess, places and goddess worshipped in 52 shaktipeeth. shaktipeeth In India, shaktipeeth are very important from the point of view of worshipping goddess. Daily thousands of devotees come here to seek blessings. It is believed that goddess present in every shaktipeeth. As per hindu epics organs of goddess parwati fell in these places and so these places become famous and powerful.  Let's Know About These 52 Shaktipeeth: Hingula shaktipeeth in Bilochisthan where goddess bhairvi is worshipped, the upper part of head of goddess fell here. Kirit shaktipeeth at Batnagar hawda where goddess bhuvneshwari is worshipped. nandipur shaktipeeth in senthiye hawda where goddess nandini is worshipped.  Atthaas shaktipeeth in laabhpur ahmadpur, bangaal where devi fullara is worshipped.  Vaktreshwar shaktipeeth in Andaal, hawda where mahishmardini is worshipped. Nalhaati shaktipeeth in nalhaati hawda where goddess kaalika is worshipped. Bahu

How To Improve Sex Life Through Astrology ?

Astrology For Sex Life So Want to improve sexual relations, want to enjoy physical relations completely in a better way, Astrology will help you to do this process safe and securely. An experience astrologer is able to provide you the tips or ways to make good relations with partner with out having any side effects.  This is not bad to think about improving sexual relations because this is the biological need of human being. In broad sense this is the biological need of every living being. Satisfactory sexual relations not only make you healthy but also makes your life more powerful than ever. Disadvantages of Unhealthy Sexual Relations: During research and talking to many of my clients i have found that if a person is not satisfied in making healthy sexual relations then it generate many types of negative impact in life like as- Flicking of mind in negative direction. The feeling of lust does not allow a person to do the daily routine life in a better way. This is a

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