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Rajyoga In Horoscope Or Kundli | Astrology and Rajyoga

Effects of raj yog in kundli, how to check rajyoga in horoscope, which is the most powerful yoga, get predictions from best astrologer.

People generally want to know in their horoscope that whether there is any good yoga in birth chart or not, they want to know that whether they will get the name, fame, power as per the kundli or not. Indian astrology which is a part of the great vedas clears every thing on this topic also. In this article i am going to tell you some thing about the raj yoga, the king yoga, the formation of planets which provides a person luxury life.
rajyoga reading in astrology by best astrologer
Rajyoga in horoscope
After reading this article You will come to know that what is raj yoga, who can get a very successful life, Why a person in spite of having raj yoga not getting the desired results, Which are the yoga comes under raj yoga, how many types of raj yoga, Benefits of raj yoga etc.

Misconception related to Rajyoga:

People generally think that there is only 1 formation in kundli which makes raj yoga which is totally wrong. There are different types of combinations found in kundli which makes different types of rajyoga in horoscope. So it is good to consult a good and experienced astrologer before reaching at any decision.

What is raj yoga:

Raj yoga in kundli means arrangements of planets in a very powerful way so that the person will get all the luxury in life and also the happiness. If a person is having these yogas then no doubt the person will get tremendous success in the personal and professional life. The results may differ as per the strong and weak planetary combinations and powers of planets.

Power or Benefits of Rajyoga:

  1. It makes a person healthy, wealthy and Wise.
  2. If a person having raj yoga is in politics then no doubt, he or she can achieve the highest post.
  3. If the person is engineer then no doubt he or she will get name, fame in engineering field by doing some special work and destiny will support.
  4. If a spiritual healer will have this yoga then it makes him or her the spiritual master.
  5. If a doctor will have this then no doubt he or she will get good response every where.
  6. Name, fame, money, power, every thing will come to the person having raj yoga or king yoga in kundli, horoscope or birth chart.

Why A Person Not Get The Desired Success In spite of Having Raj Yoga in Kundli?

Many times persons came to me and ask this question that i have gajkesari yoga but i am not able to arrange bread and butter for me. some said there is a hansa yoga but i am not getting the proper result and so on.

In this context i just want to say that proper analysis of planetary positions in all respect is necessary before confirming that the person has really raj yoga in kundli or horoscope and some times the yoga comes in effect only after a certain period so it needs a minute analysis of horoscope.

Let me clear you this with a very good e.g. which happens with one of my friend. He showed his horoscope to many astrologers and every one tell him only one thing that you have raj yoga. You will enjoy your life, don't worry. But the thing is different. due to hesitation he was not showing his kundli to me. But after hearing from many astrologer and finding no changes in life he came to me and showed his kundli. After analysis i found that there was gajkesari yoga in his horoscope but unfortunately the moon and Jupiter both are powerless. Thus in spite of having he raj yoga it was not actually. And because of this he was struggling a lot. Sometimes he doesn't get bread to eat. He doesn't have roof to live and many more problems are there in his life. So Destiny play with us.

So before deciding any thing i always suggest that please have patience and be alert.

There are many different types of rajyoga and all have different impacts in life. Person gets different types of result as per the raj yoga in the horoscope or kundli. Let's see some of the yoga which makes a person successful in life.

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1. Raj Yoga in Horoscope:

If anyone has Jupiter of cancer, Venus in 9th place, mars and Saturn in 7th place then this combination form a special 'raj yoga'. The person will become a high officer in government department and get name, fame and happiness in life.

2. Gajkesari Yoga in Kundli:

If Jupiter is present in center(Kendra) place from lagna or moon and if it is viewd by auspicious or good planets or it is with good planets. In this case 'Gajkesari yoga' forms in kundli. But the Jupiter must not be of Neech or malefic or with the enemy zodiac sign.

If this gajkesari yoga is forming then the person become chief minister, governor or governance officer.

3. Singhasan Yoga in birth chart:

If all the planets are present in 2nd house, 3rd house, 6th house 8th and 12th house then 'singhasan yoga' forms in birth chart or kundli. This yoga makes a person very good governance officer.

4. Hansa Yoga in kundli:

If all the planets are present in Aries,Aquarius,Capricorn, Scorpio, and Sagittarius zodiac sign then 'Hansa yoga' forms in horoscope.

This makes a person grandeur,splendor, rich. The person having hansa yoga in horoscope gets many awards in life and get a good social status.

5. Chatuhsaar Yoga in kundli:

A special yoga which makes a person powerful like a wise president and rich. If the planets are present with Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn then 'Chatuhsaar yoga' forms in kundli. This type of person is able to getrid of any problems easily and achieve the desired success.

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6. Shreenaath Yoga in birth chart:

If the Ascendant master of 7th place is present in 10th place and if the master of 10th place is with the master of 9th place then 'Shreenaath yoga' forms in horoscope. Happiness, Name, Fame, Money every thing is with the person having shreenath yoga.

7. Shankh Yoga:

If the master of lagna or ist place is powerful and the master of 5th and 6th place is sitting in kendra or centre houses of horoscope, with this if the master of lagna and 10th place is in variable zodiac sign or Char raashi then shankh yoga forms in horoscope.
This yoga makes a person Compassionate, pious, virtuous, intelligent, talented. It also gives longevity.

8. Shaashak Yoga:

Again a very important yoga which forms when Ascendent Saturn is present in any Center house or kendra place of kundli. This types of person have good group powers, they are able to keep forces with them and enjoy the life till the end of life.

I have cleared here about 9 type of rajyoga but this is not the end there are many more types of formations in horoscope which makes the life of person like king. It is not possible to clear every yoga here. Now i am giving details regarding how to increase the power of any rajyoga in kundli or horoscope?

Difference between Normal And Rajyog Kundli:

Features Normal Kundli Rajyog Kundli
Name/Fame/Success Easily X Yes
Educational Success Easily X Yes
Love Life Success Easily X Yes
Top Position In Service X Yes
Satisfactory Monetary Power X Yes
Status in Society Easily X Yes

What Are The Ways To Make The Rajyoga Strong in Kundli or horoscope or Birth Chart?

Very important questions for those who has this yoga but due to weak planetary positions they are not able to enjoy the fruits of rajyoga in life. For them i want to say that it is possible to increase the power of rajyoga through occult sciences, It is possible to enhance the raj yoga, it is possible to enjoy the fruitful life with the help of occult sciences.
For that it is necessary to analyse the horoscope minutely and then we can find the best way to make our life powerful, beautiful, smooth.

Don't worry if you are facing problems due to weak rajyoga, don't worry if you are facing problems due to not having raj yoga in kundli, don't worry if you are not getting success due to lack of rajyoga or weak raj yoga. There is a solutions of every problems in occult sciences. Contact now to get the way of success.

Let's Know More About Raj Yoga:

what are the benefits of rajyoga in horoscope, best astrologer for predictions
effect of rajyoga in kundli
Who don’t want luxuries, happiness, full of love, entertainment, grand success in life?. This is the daily routine of every person in this world to run and run to increase the materialistic luxuries to make life happy.
But the fact is that smooth life, successful life, happy movements depends upon the destiny of person.  How much anyone gain in life and how much one can lost depends upon the good and bad yogas present in kundli. But in this article we will talk only about the powerful yoga in kundli i.e. Rajyoga in horoscope.
When powerful planets, positive planets combine together in a specific way in horoscope then RAJYOGA form. Here I have focused that only positive and powerful planets are needed to form successful yogas. Which planet is auspicious and which are malefic depends upon with which zodiac it is present in horoscope.

How to check whether any planet is auspicious or not?

For example sun is exalted when present with Aries and is auspicious, similarly it is good when sits with Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces.  Moon is auspicious with Taurus, Gemini, leo and virgo. Mars is auspicious with leo, saggitarius and pisces. Mercury is auspicious with Taurus and libra. Jupiter is auspicious with aries, leo, virgo and scorpio. Venus is good when present with Gemini, saggitarius, Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn is auspicious with Taurus, Gemini and virgo. Rahu  and ketu shows good results when sits with virgo, libra,saggitarius, Capricorn, aqurius and pisces.

It is important to keep in mind that only the study of lagn kundli is not enough for accurate predictions; best astrologers always consider 9 D chart and 10 D chart too to confirm about rajyoga or other auspicious yoga.

It is also very important to know that the powerful ascendant, powerful center houses enhance the rajyoga in kundli. So while predicting, it is necessary to keep in mind all the factors.
There is not one type of rajyoga form in horoscope. There are various types of raj-yoga present in kundli of different people. One thing is also important that it is not necessary that only people having rajyoga in kundli will get tremendous success. There are many other rules given in vedic astrology which calculate the grand success in life.


For knowledge I am providing the details of rajyoga below. 

We can find the following types in native kundli :

As per vedic astrology, person become king if there is rajyoga in kundli i.e. the person get good status, name, fame, money, good physique to enjoy this life. Luck support in every stage of life. But I have seen many horoscopes which have this yoga but in spite of this native was suffering. So only having this auspicious yoga is not enough, deep study is necessary to know about the life.

  • Vipreeth Rajyoga: There are 3 main types of this yoga – Harsha, Sarala, and Vimala.The 6th, 8th and 12th house of horoscope are responsible for this vipreeth rajyoga. The sixth house is related with hidden enemies, diseases, fear, worries. The 8th house of kundli is related with health, longevity, death, diseases, marital life etc. The 12th house is related with expenses, losses, eyes, ascetic life etc. When the master of sixth house present in same house or in 8th or 12th house of kundli then harsha vipreeth yoga form in horoscope. When master of 8th house present in same or in sixth or twelth house then saral vipreet yoga forms in horoscope. When the master of 12th house present in same or 6th or 8th house in kundli then vimala vipreeth yoga forms in horoscope. Because of any of these yoga, the native is able to conquer the difficulties of life and make life fruitful, luxurious and happy.
  • Kendra Trikon vipreeth Raj Yoga: When the master of ascendent make relation with lord of any center house or with the trikon house then this yoga forms in kundli. Because of this yoga native is blessed with name, fame, money.
  • Neechbhang Raj Yoga : When master of the debilitated planet house become exalted in kundli or in any of the center houses ten Neech bhang rajyoga forms in horoscope. For example sun of Libra is debilitated but if the master of libra i.e. Venus is exalted or is present in Ist, 4th, 7th or 10th house then Neechbhang raj yoga forms in kundli. 
  • Rajya Poojit Raj Yoga : If any female has auspicious planet in 7th house with a neutral zodiac sign  then this auspicious yoga forms and due to this the life partner will be healthy, wealthy and rich. 

Read how combinations of planets for Rajyoga in kundli :
Gajkesari yoga
Singhasan yoga
Hansa yoga
Shreenath yoga
Shankh yoga
Shaashak yoga

So i think you have enjoyed this article if you have any doubts contact me to get the ways of success.

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