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Vrishabh Sankranti Significance

Vrishabh sankranti significance as per astrology, Brishabh sankranti predictions by astrologer, what happens when Sun enter in Taurus zodiac 2022.

Every sankranti is very important from the point of view of accumulating virtues as per hindu astrology tradition because this day is taken as a holy day to offer things and to perform prayers.

Vrishabh sankranti significance as per astrology by astrologer
Vrishabh Sankranti Significance

What is Vrishabh Sankranti?

When planet sun enter in Taurus then this period is called Vrishabh sankranti time. As per astrology and hindu epics there are 12 sankrantis and all are very good for offering things, helping needy ones’, performing prayers, spiritual practices etc. It is believed that daan, prayers on sankranti help in gaining virtue.

Vrishabh means bull and so it is believed that it is good to worship lord shiva on this day and also some suggest to donate cow on this day to gain virtue.

What To Do On Vrishabha Sankranti For Success?

  1. It is good to buy an idol of cow and calf and install on shop or house to attract good luck on this day.
  2. Donating cows or Gaudaan is good on this day after performing shiv pooja.
  3. To minimize pitru dosha it is good to perform Pitra Tarpan on the auspicious day of Vrishabh sankranti.
  4. Sankranti time is very good to take holy bath in holy rivers like ganga, Yamuna, narmada etc.
  5. Offering money, cloth, food on this auspicious day is very good to gain virtue.
  6. Fast on sankranti day is also good, do spend time in religious activities and spiritual practices take full advantage of vrishabh sankranti.
  7. You can also gift the idol of cow and calf to someone whom you love for his or her good luck.
  8. On this day devotees offer special prayers in the temple of Jgannath in puri.
  9. Worship shiva and vasudev for goodness of everyone.
Vrishabh sankranti also represent change of weather.

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Prediction As Per Gochar Panchang of 2022 Vrishabh Sankranti:

In the year 2022, sun will enter in Taurus on 15th may, sunday at approx 5: 22 AM and then major changes will be seen in environment.

Due to malefic sun it is possible that people may face health problems due to abnormal temperature changes and weather changes. Many changes will be seen in politics in this period because sun is related with administration, leadership.

Let us know the Predictions for 12 zodiacs people::

  1. Aries sign: Till now Sun was in Aries sign but now it has entered in  enemy sign Taurus due to which your debates may increase, health problems may arise, unnecessary expenses may increase.
  2. Taurus zodiac: With the arrival of Sun in Taurus, unnecessary responsibilities may increase on you, you may have to go on a sudden trip, money may be spent in court matters. Tension may increase with your spouse and you may have to face digestive problems.
  3. Gemini : With the arrival of Sun in Taurus, you may have to go on trips to increase work and at the same time your unfulfilled wishes will also be fulfilled. Those who are looking for a lover can find it. Students will have to move ahead with some obstacles.
  4. Cancer zodiac: Due to the arrival of Sun in Taurus, there may be expenses on siblings and there may be quarrels as well. Some kind of hindrance in the work will trouble you. You can remain troubled by health problems and may also be a victim of an accident, so be careful while driving.
  5. Leo zodiac sign: With the Sun entering Taurus, you will now have to work harder than ever before to achieve success. You can remain under stress due to unnecessary responsibilities. You may have to worry about the health of the life partner or there may be a dispute with them.
  6. Virgo sign: With the arrival of Sun in Taurus, the people of Virgo will no longer get the support of luck, due to which hard work will increase. Students also have to move ahead with the constraints. Enemies will trouble you, but with the help of someone, the stalled work will be completed. Those who want to get married will benefit.
  7. Libra zodiac: With the arrival of Sun in Taurus, there can be a sudden change in the health of Libra people and expenses can also increase. There can be sourness in love relations, so take care. Worry may remain regarding some subject. Those who work in the stock market and speculative market now need to be very careful.
  8. Scorpio Zodiac: With the Sun entering Taurus, you do not have to trust anyone blindly, otherwise you can get cheated. Discord in the family can cause anxiety. Unnecessary expenses can increase a lot. Time will be good for lovers and students will also get benefit.
  9. Sagittarius: With Sun in Taurus sign, you should not lend to anyone otherwise there may be trouble in getting it back. A lot of money can be spent in legal matters, so be careful. There will be chances of buying land and vehicles.
  10. Capricorn: With the arrival of Sun in Taurus, Capricorn people will now have to be careful in investing, avoid arguing with anyone. If you work in stock market and speculative market then be careful, big loss can happen. There can be estrangement between lovers.
  11. Aquarius: With the Sun coming in Taurus, Aquarius people may have to spend money in the care of the house and vehicle. There may be concern about the health of the parents. Sources of income will also open, due to which there will be a lot of profit and busyness will also increase.
  12. Pisces: With the arrival of Sun in Taurus, the power of Pisces people will increase, but the full return of hard work will not be available due to which the mind will be disturbed. You can also remain worried due to family discord.

What Changes may come-out when sun transit in Taurus on 15th may?
  • There may be increase of political issues in country.
  • Those people who have malefic or debilitated sun in horoscope may pass through frustration, fear, defame.
  • Unwanted weather conditions may also become problems for many ones.
  • Those people who are addict of using drugs, liquor may face health issues.
  • There may be increase of legal issues in country.
  • Higher level decision may enhance the dissatisfaction in people mind.

As an astrologer my Suggestions for Vrishabh Sankranti:

  1. Do avoid travelling in next 1 month if sun is malefic in your horoscope otherwise you may face many problems.
  2. Offer Ardhya to lord sun at dawning time i.e. offer water to sun daily for next 1 month.
  3. If you are capable then do perform surya shanty pooja for well being of everyone.
  4. Don’t make any debate with seniors.
  5. Avoid any type of conflicts to save yourself from legal problems.
  6. Be calm, do prayers and live peaceful life at your home. This is the success mantra for now.
  7. Make your mind set for unwanted changes in next 1 month.
  8. If you want your horoscope check then do consult Astrologer.

Vrishabh sankranti significance as per astrology, हिंदी में पढ़े वृषभ संक्रांति का महत्त्वBrishabh sankranti predictions by astrologer, what happens when Sun enter in Taurus zodiac.


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