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Mangala Gauri Puja Significance

Mangla gauri puja significance, why to perform this puja of MANGLA GAURI, advantages of this auspicious puja. 
Every tuesday of shravan month is very important for the unmarried girls because this is the day to worship Mangla gauri who is actually goddess parwati. In this month of lord shiva every tuesday is dedicated to maa mangla gauri and girls who are interested to get a good life partner can worship maa parwati on this day.
Goddess parwati is the life partner of lord shiva and is ready to fulfil the wishes of devotees and so for the decades girls and ladies are worshiping maa mangla gauri to get a good husband and to live a successful married life.  How The Puja/Pooja of Mangla Gauri Is Performed? On this sacred day devotees getup early in the morning and after there daily routine work take a vow near statue or photo of maa gauri to keep fast for a successful married life. Girls perform the panchopchaar puja by offering flowers, dhoop , deep, naivadya etc. and whole the day keep …

Second Marriage Problems and Solutions

Need of second Marriage, 2nd marriage possibilities as per horoscope, Problems in second marriage, What to do to open the way of second marriage, Best astrology solutions for 2nd marriage.

2nd marriage in life is not as easy as it seems. Because too much compromise is needed to live a life 2nd time with an unknown person. But to fulfil some basic need of life it become necessary to proceed for 2nd marriage. Need of 2nd Marriage: If we consider the points which compel a person to do 2nd marriage then we come to know that it is not a bad thing but it makes life interesting if proper measures are taken. Let's see some important factors which insist a person to do 2nd marriage. Need of companion in the journey of life- This is very important factor. It is very difficult to live a life of ascetic so every one want a partner who will live with him or her and with whom he or she may share feelings, views etc. Unmatched Marriage- There are many cases in this society happens daily that just…

Remedies Of Disturbed Marriage Life

Remedies of disturbed marriage life, how to solve problem of marriage life with astrology, what are the ways of occult science to solve the marriage problems, how to over come from problems of marriage life?, Astrologer For solutions of disturbed marriage life.
So you want remedies of marriage life problems, do you want to make your marriage life smooth?, do you want to live a happy marriage life? then you are at right place. Here you will get the reasons of your problems in marriage life and also get the best solutions of your problems.
There are many reasons of disturbed marriage life like as-some times due to not giving proper attention personal life gets disturbed.Some times due to planetary problems marriage life gets disturbed.Some times due to comes in contact with black magic marriage life gets ruined.Evil eye effect is also responsible for marriage life problems.Due to the jealous nature of any family member also the personal life gets disturbed.Due to financial problems also…

Kaalsarp Dosh Nivaran Pooja| Kaalsarp Impact and Remedies

Kaalsarp Dosh Nivaran Pooja| Kaalsarp Impact and Remedies, What exactly Kaalsarp Yoga is ?, Positive Effects of Kaalsarp, Negative Effects of Kaalsarp Yoga,What Are the Benefits of Kaalsarp Yog Shanti Pooja,  Remedies of Kaalsarp Dosha, Astrologer for kaalsarp reading and remedies. Kaalsarp dosh nivaran pooja, ritual to minimize impact of kaalsrp yoga in horoscope, best ways to minimize kaalsarp yoga, easy way to over come from kalsarp problems, Remedies of kalsarp yoga through tantra, mantra, yantra, pooja etc.  Kaalsarp Dosh Nivaran Pooja for those who are facing problems in life due to this yoga. In this age many persons are suffering from the kaalsarp yoga. Although not every kaalsarp yoga is dangerous but the person who is facing problem in life due to this always face struggle in every step of life. So this is very important to understand the kaalsarp yoga and then go for suitable remedy.

Every Kaalsarp Yoga is Not Harmful
What exactly Kaalsarp Yoga is ? It is formed in kundli or …


What is Mangal dosh? How Mangalik Dosh Happens in Horoscope or Kundli ?, Effects of  in life as per astrology, solutions to make life hurdle-free.

A very important question arises in every one's mind that what is mangal dosh and what are the effects of this dosha and what are the remedies of this curse ?
Mangal dosh happens when --Mangal(Mars) sits in lagna, happiness place that is 4th place of horoscope, marriage house i.e seventh place, eights house or in 12th house of horoscope as per vedic astrology.If Mangal(Mars) sits with adverse planet.If Mangal of neech is placed in horoscope. Effects of Mangal Dosha:Problem in Marriage takes place as per vedic astrology if manglik dosha is present in horoscope.Person may become Short tempered because of malefic mangal in kundli. Strife(kalah) in Home also takes place due to problematic mangal in birth chart.Adverse effects on personal lifeAccidents may also occur. Some special type of diseases like hypertension, stress etc.Delay in gir…

Pitra dosha Shanti Pooja

What is Pitra dosha?, How to Check Pitra Dosha in horoscope or Kundli?,Effects of Pitra Dosha, Remedies of Pitra Dosha, Benefits of Pitra Dosha Nivaran Pooja.

Pitra dosha Shanti Pooja is necessary for those who are suffering from the ancestors problems. If any bad karma is done by the forefathers then its impact will be seen on the coming generation.Pitra dosha is not a hypothetical but this is really a yoga which makes a person to struggle more for his or her uplifment.

This is just because the ancestors also want their upliftment and they don't want their generation to do the same mistakes which they did. So they want the salvation for which they expect from their coming generation.
How to Check Pitra Dosha in horoscope or Kundli? Pitra dosha happens when - sun or surya generates malefic effects.sun comes in contact with negative planets. Effects of Pitra Dosha:It makes a person physically and mentally weak.It cause diseases.Black magic and evil eye effects problems seen on the …

What is The Reason of Unsuccessful Live-In Relationship?

What is The Reason of Unsuccessful Live-In Relationship?, Problems in live in relationships, remedies of live in relationships problems, astrologer For relationship problem solutions, personal astrologer.
In this age of digital relationship every one is making relationships by using social websites and blogs. people are regularly engage in sharing their thoughts and feelings through social networking sites. And in most of the cities males and females are also using live in relationships which is the result of trust and need.  But Starting of this age of live in relationship is not enough. With this new era also problems related to live-in relationships also arises. Many types of cases comes to me Like as-Non cooperation from one of the partner after deciding to live in together.Unwanted diseases after deciding to live in together.Change in feelings after deciding to live together.Arise of mental pressure in spite of deciding every thing.Cheating from one of the partner. Many times pe…

Career as per the lord of 10th house or Dashmesh

Career as per the lord of 10th house or dashmesh, Online consultancy for carrier.
Career is very important and the decision of career is not as easy as it seems. An experienced astrologer analysed every aspect of kundli and then suggest best career option for the person. 10 house is very important and in my previous article i have already cleared the effects of planets in Career. Now here in this article i am going to clear that how career is affected when the lord of 10th place present in different place of kundli or horoscope.  Let's see career as per the 10th house in Horoscope:When lord of 10th House reside in 1st House then- Person become hard worker and get success in life by his own efforts. He or she may start business and become financially independent.  When lord of 10th House reside in 2nd House then- The person become lucky and get success in every profession which he choose. Person may inherit the family profession or business. Person get wealth successfully due to th…

Match Making For Successful Marriage Life

Tips for happy married life, match making for happy married life, how to make married life successful?, Astrologer for Match Making

Match making is done before marriage so that to find that planetary powers are supporting each other or not. for successful family life it is necessary that planets of each other support them. If this not happens then it leads to different types of problem like as- Problem in peaceful livingProblem in pregnancyProblem in health of life partner.Problem in Career etc. So it is good to proceed for match making before finalizing the marriage.

A Very Important question asked from me many times that is it possible to rectify problem of horoscope after marriage. In this context I want to say that yes problem can be rectified after marriage but don't hesitate to discuss it with your consultant. An experienced consultant will help you a lot but you must have faith on him or her.
We not only match the horoscope but we also make detailed analysis of both horoscope…

Shani Pushya Yoga Significance

Shani Pushya Yoga and Its impacts, How shani pushya yoga form, significance of shani pushya yoga. Shani pushya yoga is very rare and is very important from the point of view of performing many yoga. Since we all know that PUSHYA nakshatra is very auspicious among the 27 constellations and when it falls on saturday then "Shani Pushya Yoga" form.  On 14th July 2018 shani pushya yoga is forming and making this day auspicious. Since pushya nakshatra is ruled by shani so on this day the we can feel good power of shani deva.

Let's Know The Significance Of Shani Pushya Yoga: This is one of the best day to perform shani puja to please shani deva because pushya nakshatra is ruled by Saturn. If any one is suffering from shani sadesati, shani dhaiya, then it is good to perform special pooja on this day. Do abhishek of shani deva with black seasame oil or mustard oil on shani pushya yoga to over come from shani problems. Do offer things of shani like blanket, iron vessels, black seasa…