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Simha Sankranti Significance

Simha Sankranti Significance, what is singh sankranti, what happen when sun enter in leo zodiac as per vedic astrology.

singh sankranti predictions by vedic astrologer
Simha Sankranti predictions

Date of Simha Sankranti is 17th August 2021, Tuesday

When planet sun enter in Leo from Cancer then this time is called “SIMHA SANKRANTI”. As per vedic astrology sun become powerful when enter in singh rashi and so this sankranti brings positive news for those who have Sun in leo rashi in there Birth chart. 

Singh sankranti also denotes starting of special month in different states like as –

  • Starting of Chinga month as per malyalam calender.
  • Avni month as per Tamil Calender.
  • Bhadra month as per bengali calender.

Significance of Simha Sankranti:

  • As per tradition in south india the incarnation of lord vishnu i.e. Narsimha is worshipped on simha sankranti day with lord vishnu.
  • Special abhishek is done by coconut water on this day which is said to be the sacred holy bath. 
  • In city of mangalore people used to visit vishnu temple at Kulai.
  • Before vishnu pooja, ganesha is also worshipped, this pooja is called APPADA PUJA.
The main thing about this singh sankranti is that from this day to till kanya sankranti every day devotees perform vishnu pooja. Regular hawan, pujan, prasad offering is done to please lord vishnu. 

This sankranti is celebrated with joy and gladness in following areas:

  • kerala
  • karnataka
  • Tamilnadu
  • Andhrapradesh. 
  • Kumau belt of Uttrakhand. 
People also exchange gifts and sweets on this occasion. 

Sinmha sankranti is the day when sun change it’s zodiac and enter in leo. 
Leo is it’s own zodiac and so sun become powerful in this rashi and so is beneficial for people and environment. Everyone can take advantage of this day and the period till when sun remains in leo zodiac. 

In the year 2021, sun will enter in leo on 17th of august, tuesday. 
This tansit of sun will takes place at approx 1:05 AM night and will remain in leo till 17th of September.

Watch video here:

Let us know the predictions of 12 zodiacs as per vedic astrology :

Predictions for aries people-

This transit of sun in leo will be very beneficial for students of aries. If you are appearing in any competitive exam or any entrance test then now luck will favor you. 
If you are in search of life partner or lover then also there is a great possibility of getting success. Those who are already in love relationship can enjoy the best time with beloved. 
If aries people are doing work related to speculative market, share market, commodity market then there is a good chance of making profit. You will also able to complete your stalled work. 

Predictions for Taurus people-

The transit of sun in leo will open the way to buy land and vehicle if you want. Taurus people will be able to fulfill wishes by blessing of mother. The time is also good for you to spend quality time with family. 
You must ready to handle new responsibilities now which will increase your business too. 

Predictions for Gemini people-

You will be able to use your potential at your level best in next one month, you can also complete your work which are running for long. 
Gemini people can also take challenging tasks now to move ahead in life. 
Luck will also support you now which will definitely open the ways of happiness for you. 

Predictions for Cancer people-

Your income sources will open which will make you busy now, if you have lent money to anyone then it is possible that you may get now. 
Cancer zodiac people will make plan now to increase your earning in smart way. If you are doing any research work then now you can get something special.

Predictions for leo people-

Sun transit is taking place in leo and so this period will be very beneficial for you. Now you will be able to do smart work which will speed-up your success. 
Those who are in search of life partner can get success. It is also possible to start any new work or business now in partnership. 

Predictions for Virgo people-

The transit of sun in leo will increase the expenses of virgo people, you will now spend in entertainment, luxuries, to enjoy with friends.
With this you will also invest for short term anywhere. Now you will also be able to dominate your enemies. 

Predictions for libra people-

The transit of sun in leo will help you to fulfill your wishes, you will be able to increase your sources of income too which will make you busy now. 
But libra people must be careful from around people, it is possible that you may get cheated by them. 

Predictions for scorpio people-

The transit of leo on 17th august, 2021 will bring responsibilities for you, you will also get name and fame because of your decision, work, attitude and so on. So be ready for a fantastic life now. It is also possible for Scorpio people to buy new vehicle in coming month. 

Predictions for Sagittarius people-

The transit of sun in leo will enhance your luck now. Opportunities will come in your life to move ahead in personal life, career, social life. 
If Sagittarius people are in business then no doubt, you will be able to accumulate huge profit now. 

Predictions for capricorn people-

The transit of sun in leo will make your life full of surprise, many incidents will make you feel happy now. Be ready for sudden changes in life now. Life will reward capricorn people with surprises.

Predictions for Aquarius people-

This transit of sun will be good for those who are doing work in partnership, also those who want to get married can get success. 
The network of aquarius people will increase due to which you will be able to get your work done smartly. 
You will get many new opportunities to busy yourself and to make your life wonderful. 

Predictions for pisces people-

The transit of sun in leo will help pisces people to get the return of their investment. You will be able to dominate your enemies, your competitors which will make you feel happy. 

So in this way the Singh sankranti will be very beneficial for 12 zodiac people in different ways. 
If you want to know that what your horoscope is saying about your future then do contact ASTROLOGER for minute analysis and predictions. 

Simha Sankranti Significance, what is singh sankranti, sun transit, what happen when sun enter in leo zodiac as per vedic astrology.


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