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Gupt Navratri Of Maagh Month Significance

Significance of gupt navratri of maagh month as per Indian astrology, what to do to make life successful?.

From 5th of February 2019, Tuesday, gupt navratri is starting and is very important from the point of view of tantra sadhna, mantra sadhna, spiritual practices, rituals etc.

As per hindu panchang gupt navratri starts from the Pratipada titihi of Maagh Shukl paksh and is very auspicious from the point of view of perform rituals related to goddess. 
significance of maghi gupt navratri in astrology
Gupt Navratri Of Maagh Month Significance

Why This Gupt Navratri is Special?

This gupt navratri is starting from 5th of February and due to many reasons this is very auspicious. Let’s know the reasons.
  • This gupt navratri is starting with Panchak because panchak will also start from 6:45 evening of 5th and it is said that panchak increase the impact 5 times and so the power of these 9 days will be seen great for spiritual practitioners. 
  • During these 9 days 3 times Sarwarth siddhi yoga will also form i.e. on 10th February, 12th February and 13th February which will make very good time for spiritual practices or spell activation or tantra process.
So there is no need to say more, the above two points itself saying everything about these 9 days power. Read about Navdurga powers>>......

What To Do For Success in these 9 Days To Remove Obstacles of Life?

  1. It is good to recite 108 or 1008 names of goddess daily after offering Deepak in the morning and especially in night to attract blessings of shakti.
  2. If anyone is suffering from black magic or kala jadu or evil eye effect then it is good to recite “Devi Kawacham” regularly also do offer lemon in goddess temple. 
  3. If you are facing monetary problem then do the following process in this gupt navratri. Take 5 beetle- nut , 1 dry coconut, 1 silver coin, 5 raw turmeric , put them in a yellow cloth and sprinkle some whole rice and turmeric powder. Daily chant any laxmi mantra for 1008 times in front of it and on 9th day, do tie and keep the packet in your safe. This will open income sources and also help in prosperity.
  4. Business men can make swastika with Naagkesar on a bhojpatra and then worship it for 9 days of this gupt-navratri and then do keep it in safe or in shop temple. This will help in increasing business. 
  5. Do offer Deepak in any goddess temple daily and pray for prosperity.
  6. Do perform Worship girls and take blessings, see every girl as a goddess.

What Not To Do In This Gupt- Navratri To Avoid BAD-LUCK?

As this navratri is in panchak which is increasing the power 5 times and so it is good to avoid any bad deeds in these 9 days specially. 
  • Don’t use wine and drugs of any kind. 
  • Don’t hurt anyone in these 9 days. 
  • Don’t humiliate any one in these 9 days of gupt navratri.
  • Avoid unwanted words and don’t give curse to anyone. 
  • Avoid violence of any-type and also avoid non veg.
So make your everyday auspicious by attracting the blessing of goddess. Perform spiritual practices in this gup navratri and get the power 5 times more than ever.

Significance of gupt navratri of maagh month as per Indian astrology, what to do to make life successful?.

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