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Shivji ke totke by astrologer

shivji ke totke. How to make shiv bhagwan happy?, ways to please shiv bhagwan?, how to getrid of badluck in astrology?. The glory of Lord Shiva is immense, devotees call him by different names like Bholenath, Bhootnath, Shiva-Shambhu, Mahakal etc. Most easily pleased, Shiva is very dear to the devotees and that is why we can see the temple of Lord Shiva in every corner of the country. Shivji ke totke by astrologer Before we move forward, one thing we must keep in mind is that it is mentioned in the system that keep Totko secret as much as possible, do not discuss it with anyone else, otherwise they do not work. If they are done with reverence and faith, then there is no doubt that the desired fruit is obtained. “ ॐ नमः शिवाय ” Worshiping Lord Shiva brings happiness and prosperity to the house, creates an atmosphere of peace, it becomes easy to attain spiritual and material happiness. By the way, it has been said that there is nothing in this universe that is not Shiva

Navratri To Finish Corona Virus

Navratri to finish corona virus, best prayers in navratris to finish corona-virus as per astrologer. Currently the world is suffering from most dangerous epidemic i.e. Corona Virus and every country is trying to get-rid of this killing virus as soon as possible. There is a question which comes in mind of many people that why people are suffering from this CORONA VIRUS, is there any astrology reasons or god is punishing us or is this destiny. What reason is exactly behind the spreading of this dangerous virus? Navratri To Finish Corona Virus To understand this, it is good to know what our epics/shashtra says about sufferings in life. We can also read about this in bhagwadgeeta. What types of sufferings comes in to human As per Astrology or Hindu epics? As per astrology, we suffer due to 3 main reasons: Due to our destiny Due to any curse given by any divine energies Due to our Deeds in present i.e. our present karma So as per this the problem of corona-virus

9 Best Ways To Attract Success

9 Best ways to attract success, tips to live a successful life, Motivate yourself, guidance to enter in success zone, Ideas From Famous Astrologer and Motivator. Success is the dream of every one but the definition of success is different for every one. student want to get good marks, athlete want to come in first position in competition, businessmen want to globalize business with huge profit, politician wants to win election, spiritual person wants to achieve the salvation etc. So I want to say that fulfilling the ambition is success, to fulfill the desired wish is success and the path of achieving the desired success is the real journey of life. 9 Best ways to attract success This success insist people to wander here and there to get the tools to fulfill the dreams of life. And in this context astrology helps people to find the ways of success, vastu helps to maintain energies to attract success, tantra, mantra, yantra, self-hypnosis, occult sciences also provide ways to

Health, Wealth and Prosperity Through The Blessings Of COW

Health, wealth and prosperity through the blessings of cow. how the cow is useful to attract money, health and prosperity by cow astrology, Gau seva se dhan prapti, gau seva se vastu dosha ka samadhaan, gau seva se sampannta, Totkay related with cow, Astrologer for simple remedies of problems. Cow is considered as a sacred animal in India and Indian call cow 'gau mata' i.e. goddess cow. Not in India but in Egypt, Greece, Ancient Israel and Rome also held the belief that cow is a very sacred animal. Health, Wealth and Prosperity Through The Blessings Of COW As Per Hindu mythology cow has the following powers- 33 crore god and goddess powers are there in cow. Surbhi laxmi resides in cow. The presence of cow helps to get-rid of many chronic diseases. If cow is pleased then the person get health, wealth prosperity easily. Vast dosha can also be rectified by using the products made by cow dung, urine, ghee etc. Cow milk is best suitable for the development of b

Free Astrology Lesson 2

Free astrology lesson 2 in English, about vedic months, 9 planets and their related elements, uttrayan and dakshinayan concept in English. We have already read about importance of astrology in First lesson . While doing prediction it is also necessary to check the relation of 5 elements (fire, water, air, sky and earth) with the planets. This is a very important concept which is used while predicting about diseases and other health issues, That's why I am including this topic here.  Free Astrology Lesson 2 Sun passes through 12 zodiacs in a year and on the basis of this Uttarayan and dakshinayan takes place, we will learn about this in this lesson. Many mahurat depends upon uttarayan and dakshinayan of sun. So here in this free lesson 2 of astrology I am including this subject too. After reading this lesson 2 of astrology you will have the knowledge of  – 12 months, vedic names of months. 9 Planets and there status. Related elements of planets Uttarayan and d

Hindi Alphabets and Zodiac Sign | Raashi Akshar

Hindi Alphabets and Zodiac Sign | Raashi Akshar,  Astrologer for solutions of all problems. Want to know your zodiac sign, Want to know how you are affected by raashi or zodiac sign then this article will help you. In vedic astrology with the first letter of alphabet we decide the raashi or zodiac sign. In whole the life person  has the impact of this zodiac sign. Here i am giving the list of alphabets and the related zodiac sign. Rashi se sambandhit akshar 1. Zodiac Sign: Aries or मेष Alphabets of Aries Or Mesha: चू , चे , चो , ला , ली , लू , लो , अ 2. Zodiac Sign: Taurus or वृषभ Alphabets of Taurus or Vrishabh : इ, उ , ए , ओ , वा , वी , वू , वे , वो 3.Zodiac Sign: Gemini or मिथुन Alphabets of Gemini or Mithun: का, की, कु , के, को, घ , ड़ , छ , हा Contact Astrologer For True Guidance>> 4.Zodiac Sign: Cancer or कर्क Alphabets of Cancer or Karka: ही, हू , हे , हो, डा,डी , डू , डे , डो 5.Zodiac Sign: Leo or सिंह Alphabets of Leo or Singh: मा , मी, म

Free astrology lesson 1

Free vedic astrology lessons intro, Learn vedic astrology in English online by one of the best astrologer in india, some important information about astrology, quizz1 on jyotish. ||श्री गणेशाय नमः ||ॐ गुरु ॐ || It is said that astrology is the eyes of the Vedas, this is why this subject has great significance. Vedic astrology is a core part of Indian culture. Through astrology, we can know the effects of planets falling in our life, we can know many things about our life. Free astrology lesson 1 | | Vakra Tund Mahakaay Surya Koti Samaprabha, Nirvighnam Kurume Devo Sarwakaryeshu Sarwada || Astrology has its own influence all over the world, people all over the world want to learn Vedic astrology and many curious people travel to distant countries to come to India to learn it. Now readers of my blog will be able to know more about this predictive science free of cost Different topics will be covered in different chapters. If you are interested in astrology, if yo

Navratri ! Importance and Special Prayog

Importance of Navratris, Astrology significance of 9 days of goddess, types of practices for Siddhi are done in Navratris. Navratri - The days to worship goddess of power, Navratri Nights - the nights to get power, the day to do saadhna to get success in our physical and spiritual life, Very powerful days for the spiritual practitioners, Tantriks etc.  As per the Indian astrology if some one do saadhna on the navratri then he or she will definitely get success. So every Devotee wait for these 9 days.  Navratri ! Importance and Special Prayog Do You Know? Without power we are nothing. Sufferings like poverty, starvation, Disputes in family, office etc exists only when there is very weak positive powers, in other word we can say that when any family not get the grace of kul devi i.e. goddess shakti then problems start there. Importance of Navratri: Did you ever notice that-There are many persons around you who do follow hard discipline in navratris and do saadh

Career Astrologer

Career Astrologer for guidance about livelihood and education, which career to choose as per birth chart,  career astrology, education astrology Career Astrology is very helpful to know about which subject to choose so as to make career as per horoscope, which type of business will be beneficial in future, which segment is best to make earning sources. Do you have an ambition to do something special in career then no doubt, astrology will play an important role in your life. Favorable stars are always very helpful in profession, business, education where as malefic planets arise obstacles in life. Career Astrologer Astrology help you to achieve the professional goal in a better way. An experience astrologer will help you to achieve your long term goal. Best astrologer will help you to achieve your short term goal easily through career reading and suggestions in horoscope. Astrology will help you in revealing about improper career at the early stage as per your horos

How To Remain In Positive Atmosphere?

How to remain in positive atmosphere, power of positive atmosphere, tips to make our self positive, How We Make Negative Atmosphere?, depression treatment, astrologer. Generally every great men tells us about to make positive atmosphere, to spend some time in atmosphere. Now question is that why it is so necessary, why it is so important, how it affect our life. So here in this article I am going to share some important information to remain in positive atmosphere. How To Remain In Positive Atmosphere? Positive atmosphere is really very important because in this kalyug, every where we can find false, cheating, conflicts, selfishness so we can say that every where environment is very polluted so it is very necessary to make our own positive atmosphere to get proper and real success in life. But it is not as simple as it seems. Before knowing the ways to remain in positive environment let's understand what is the benefit of positive atmosphere. It makes our mind and

Best Astrologer In India

Famous and Best Astrologer in India, eminent jyotish in Ujjain, india, Best Astrologer In India. Best Astrologer In India: Are you looking for the best astrologer+Famous Astrologer in India? then no doubt, you are at the right place. This website is about the most dedicated astrologer of india who is providing the genuine guidance for the last 23+ years. Astrology believers from world wide are taking the consultancy from him and living their life happily. Vedic astrology has proved its significance for decades and therefore being used for predictions, to know the future, to live life successfully.  Best Astrologer In India Best Astrologer In India Prediction is mystery for people who don't have knowledge about stars and there impacts on everything in this universe. But the FAMOUS ASTROLOGER+BEST ASTROLOGER OF INDIA (Dr. Om Prakash) has proved the vedic astrology science and its power to make predictions about future, materialistic life, love life, career, mar