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Shani Dosha Symptoms

Shani dosha, dasha of shani, symptoms of shani dosha as per vedic astrology, remedies by astrologer.

Astrology lovers have extreme interest in knowing about a very important planet which is known for it’s justice and bitter nature. Yes ! I am talking about planet Saturn in astrology.
shani dosha symptoms by best astrologer in india
Shani Dosha Symptoms

There are many questions arises in minds of people related to this planet:

  • What is shani dosha?
  • What are the effects of Shani in native’s life as per astrology?
  • How do i know if I have Shani impacts in my life?
  • How to get rid of Shani Dosha by using strong remedies?
  • How long does Shani Dasha last?
  • What is Shani Dasha?
  • What happens during shani dasha?

Let’s know first What is Shani Dosha?

The most powerful planet which is known for the justice is Shani. The impacts of saturn is inevitable in life and everyone must pass from the mahadasha, antardasha and pratyantardasha time to time. Wherever it sits in horoscope, change the life of a person in various aspect. People generally fear from shani dev because one get the result of good and bad deeds during shani dasha.

Here in this article, we will see the details about shani dosha in kundli. How it affect the native life, symptoms of shani dosha and many more things.

The important things to know that the impact of saturn not only change the life of Indian and hindus but every human being passes through the effects of shani dasha, no matter you are hindu, American, british, muslim, Christian, African etc. When astrologer make horoscope through correct birth details then everything comes out.

Shani dosha forms in kundli when saturn is present with enemy zodiacs like aries, cancer, leo and scorpio. It is debilitated with aries and disturb the life very much.

Shani dosha also arises when Saturn becomes retrograde in horoscope or is weak in natal chart. Ill effects of saturn can be seen more during the transit of this planet.

The afflictions faced by planet saturn depends upon the power of shani dosha in natal chart. It is also seen that during the SHANI SADE SATI, native faces the most powerful impacts in life. This is a fact that the destiny of a person formed due to the previous deeds in last birth and so if any native is facing too much problems then means he or she was engaged in hurting work, non religious work, bad deeds in previous birth like as harassing others, hurting people or other living organisms, tried to snatch money of others, creating obstacles in others love life, social life, business etc. , cheating others to get work done anyhow etc.

What are the effects of Shani dosha in native’s life as per astrology?

Lord saturn don’t do partiality with anyone and so person faces problems as per the deeds or I can say that everyone get what he or she deserves like as—
  • Some face extreme health issues paralysis, asthma, bones problem and other chronic diseases due to shani dosha.
  • Delay in getting property and other assets which makes a person prosper.
  • Unknowing obstacles in getting success in professional and personal work also occur due to shani dosha.
  • Person also face hindrances in studies and also not get the proper financial return of his work which compel to live a poor life.
  • Dissatisfactory marriage life or delay in getting soul mate is also another issue arise in life due to shani dosha.
  • Some unfortunate people also faces impotency issues in life due to malefic planets.
  • Sometimes native lost job or business during shani dasha period if this planet is malefic/retrograde or debilitated.
  • Person also enters in debt zone due to heavy financial losses in life due to health issues, loss of livelihood etc.
  • Many people entangle in legal issues and some also see the life of jail due to punishment given by court.
  • I have also seen many people face black magic issues during dasha of shani.
  • Frustration, disappointment, illness compel person to think about suicidal attempt.

What are the effective remedies of Shani Dosha in Horoscope?

The very important topic to know is that if saturn has made the life pathetic then what to do to overcome from the ill effects.
  1. Astrologers suggest people to do “Chaaya daan” i.e. donating the mustard oil by seeing the face on it.
  2. It is also suggested to perform fast atleast 8 Saturday to see the results in life.
  3. It is also very good to worship peepal tree on Saturday properly and take 8 round of it to minimize the shani dosha from life.
  4. Donate Black cow, buffaloes to a needy Brahmin on Saturday is also a powerful way to overcome from saturn pain.
  5. Shani shanti pooja is another effective remedy to minimize shani dosha from kundli.
  6. Some astrologers also suggest to recite hanuman chalisa regularly because blessings of lord hanuman saves devotee from malefic impacts of planets.
  7. It is also suggested to wear neelam, iron ring,stone but only after proper reading of horoscope.
  8. Take blessings of people who are in need by helping them properly.
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The effective remedies of shani dosha are very helpful in bringing back the harmony, peace and prosperity in life. So always CONSULT ASTROLOGER if you are facing crucial period in life for fast recovery.

This is to keep in mind that saturn is a spiritual planet too and so it push the person to live an ascetic life and spiritual life. Also it is seen that if anyone is engage in good works, prayers and helping others then those don’t face the extreme impacts of shani dosha in life.

Let’s check the impact of shani dosha in different houses of Horoscope:

  1. When malefic/debilitated saturn sits in first house of kundli then no doubt it makes the person obstinate and short tempered. This arrangement compel the person to live ascetic life because of his or her nature. It is difficult for others to manage with such person.
  2. When shani dosha is forming in Second House of kundli then it affect the financial state of a person and it is possible that native may live life with debt. Here saturn may also affect the eye sight.
  3. When malefic or debilitated saturn sits in third house of birth chart then person faces problems because of inability to use the strength and will power at best level. This weakness generates frustration in life. Also native faces problem in maintaining relationships with brothers and sisters.
  4. If shani dosha formin in 4th house of horoscope then native live a frustrated life because he has to work a lot to live a luxurious life and sometimes it is not possible to enjoy life even after having the luxurious things in life. Person may not get the support from mother or health of mother may create worries in mind.
  5. When shani dosha form in fifth house of natal chart then the person may face problem in life because of children. It may be possible that woman may face problem in conceiving or it is also possible that unhealthy child may arise worries in life. Delay in progeny is also possible due to this.
  6. When malefic or debilitated saturn sits in sixth house in horoscope then person faces to much problems due to enemies and health issues. Sometimes native come to know and some people live life in misery because of this.
  7. If shani dosha form in 7th house of horoscope then no doubt, it affects the personal life very much. Person may not get soul mate as per expectation; also it is possible that after married life will be full of stress and compromise. Or there will be delay in marriage.
  8. When Malefic /debilitated Saturn present in 8th house of of birth chart then this may affect the age of a person and it is also possible that person may face chronic diseases in life. Some couples face too much misconception problems which make the life hell.
  9. When the 9th house is affected by shani dosha then it creates misfortune or we can say that luck will not support the person and due to this native has to work very hard to achieve success in life. Luck always help a person to live smooth life so when it does not support then think how much person has to work for smooth life.
  10. The 10th house of kundli is related with livelihood and if this house generate shani dosha then person face problem of instable work, also dissatisfaction in work compel to change the livelihood again and again.
  11. When shani dosha form in eleventh house of birth chart then person may face challenges in life due to insufficient monetary resources. The malefic planet in this house may affect the earning source and person may not get satisfactory return of his work.
  12. When shani dosha form in 12th house then person faces financial problems due to unwanted expenses and problems. Sometimes native enter in debt zone and lose everything in life.

shani dosha symptoms and effective remedies by astrologer
shani dosha characteristics
It must be kept in mind that shani dosha and shani sade sati give different types of problem to boy, girl, adults, house wives, businessmen, service men, sports person, service providers etc. There is no hard and fast rules to face problems.

Also it is necessary to know that with enemy planets too shani form doshas in horoscope like combination of saturn and mars is not good, shani and moon is also not good.
During the transit of malefic shani native may face number of failures and misfortunes, obstructions, negativity, health issues, evil eye effects, love life relationship problems etc .

Shani with Taurus, libra, Capricorn, aquarius give good results in horoscope but it is also necessary that it should not sits with any enemy planet.

Shani dosha, dasha of shani, symptoms of shani dosha as per vedic astrology, शनि दोष का प्रभाव जीवन में,  remedies by astrologer.


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