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Which people are at greater risk of disease?

Which people are at great risk of disease as per astrology?, precautions necessary as per astrologer to save ourselves from chronic disease.

In these days whole world is passing through an epidemic and we cannot ignore the impact of celestial bodies because as per astrology planets affect the life.

But in this article we are not talking about the reasons of corona virus in this world , In this article we will see that which people are at great risk of diseases as pr astrology and what precautions are necessary to save from epidemic.
Which people are at great risk of disease as per astrology?, best medical astrologer
Which people are at greater risk of disease?

This is a fact that more malefic planets increase the risk of diseases in life. Vedic astrology provides great details about medical astrology and clear that how a person loses health and when so astrology helps a lot to understand the health issues and related queries.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that health loss also depends upon changes of planets in gochar /transit. If malefic planets form in transit then the chances of disease increases in life of a person who have malefic planets in horoscope.

It has come out in studies of birth charts that people enter in disease zone when malefic planets enter in transit and they get recovered when malefic planets exit from transit. So no body can ignore the impact of celestial bodies on life.

It is always suggested by astrologers that if anyone passes through illness then with the medical consultation, do consult Best astrologer, experience astrologer for fast recovery. It is also seen that sometimes medicines doesn’t work and reasons are unknown. In this case astrologers help the patient. So this is not a superstition to believe in astrology. For decades scholars are using this subject for better life.

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Diseases as per horoscope/Kundli:

As per vedic astrology, if anyone is suffering from any type of disease then no doubt there must be a bad changes in transit which can be revealed by studying the horoscope of a person.
Astrologer easily predicts the illness reasons by studying the birth chart of person. The changes in planetary positions in gochar/transit also generate diseases which can be known by studying the gochar kundli.

Before moving further, let’s see the organs and diseases related with 9 planets :
  1. As per astrology, heart, eyes, spinal cord, digestive system are related with sun. If the sun is weak in birth chart then it is very possible that person may suffer from eyesight problem, migraine problem, instable blood circulation due to weak heart, abnormal body temperature, weak immune system etc. So in this case it is good to adopt the Surya shanty pooja by consulting astrologer and also other remedies as per position of sun in horoscope.
  2. Kidney, stomach, uterus, mind, eyes respiratory organs are related with moon. If moon in horoscope become malefic or debilitated then it affect the sleep, mental state of person. It also affects the digestive system and also arise cough and cold problem. Women may face menstrual disorder because moon is related with fluids in body. Some also face eye sight problems. It is also seen that the disease related to Chandra increase and decrease as per state of moon in sky daily. For example on no moon night moon is totally weak and so person who have weak moon in horoscope face too much weakness in mind and body in comparison of full moon day.
  3. Forehead, nose, muscles, burns and cuts are related with mars planet. This planet is related with energy in mind and body so person having malefic mars face the instable energy in body. With this also there is a great chance of having inflammations, fractures, blood related problems, fever, tumors, accidents, piles etc. It is necessary to treat the malefic mars with proper solutions by consulting astrologer.
  4. Lungs, tongue, mouth, hands, digestive system, nerves are related with mercury. This planet affect the decision making power, smart talking ability, sex power, memory, intestine illness, problem in nervous system etc.
  5. Liver, blood vessels, right ear, thigh, buttocks, obesity is related with Jupiter. Due to problematic Jupiter in horoscope, person may suffer from asthma, diabetes, thrombosis, anemia, jaundice, weak liver, digestion etc. This is very important planet so it is necessary to take the remedial measures as soon as possible because this also affect the important segments of life.
  6. Cheeks, skin, neck throat, venereal diseases and reproductive organs are related with venus. Due to malefic venus planet, person suffer from sexual diseases, weak reproductive organs, weak semen,lack of hypnotic power to attract opposite sex, Impotence etc. To make the personal life and materialistic life successful, it is necessary to adopt proper solutions by consulting astrologer.
  7. Teeth, bones, joints, asthma, lungs are related with saturn planet. Teeth decay, weak bones, asthma, impotence, bitter nature, inability to make relationship etc are seen with people having malefic saturn. This planet is very hard and affect the life of person badly in various way, during sade sati, person faces too much difficulties and so it is necessary to adopt remedies by taking advise from astrologer.
  8. Poisonous diseases, snake bites, hallucination, psychological disorder, addictions, insomnia, are related with rahu.
  9. Cardiac disorder, allergies, unknown diseases are related with ketu

Some fundamental rules to keep in mind before giving predictions about health issues:

  1. The state of 6th and 8th house with ascendant, 12th and 2nd house in horoscope are very important to predict illness.
  2. Study of present transit of planets in birth chart as well as the movements of planets in gochar kundli.
  3. The study of lord of the organ parts is also necessary to understand the reasons of problem in specific part of body.

There are many important questions which arises in mind of people like

Which planet is responsible for diseases?
The answer of this question is mainly the planets related with ascendant, 6th and 8th house are responsible for diseases and after that the malefic and debilitated planets present in horoscope also affect the health, so proper study is necessary before giving predictions about health.

Which planets are responsible for miserable illness or incurable diseases?
For this rahu, ketu and shani is responsible mainly but with this combinations of planets also responsible. Only an experienced astrologer can find the exact reasons of miserable diseases.

Which house of horoscope is related with death?
8th house of birth chart is related with death and health issues in life.

Which planet is responsible for death?
There is no specific answer of this question. But the study of most malefic planet in horoscope or the planet related with 8th house of kundli can reveal this subject.

Can astrology predict health problems?
Yes of course, astrology can predict about the time of health issues and type of health issues and so this lore is being used for decades to take important decision of life.

Which people are at great risk of disease as per astrology?

  • Those who are passing through shani sade sati and also they have malefic or debilitated saturn in horoscope are in great risk of having disease. So do take care and offer mustard oil Deepak regularly at home temple, Do recite shani chalisa and pray for wellbeing. Taurs, Gemini, scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn people must take care most in this year.
  • Natives with having malefic master of 6th and 8th house of kundli are also in great risk of passing through chronic diseases.
  • If any malefic or debilitated planet is present in 2nd house of kundli then do take precaution while doing work because this will increase the risk of illness in life.
  • If any bad planet is running in transit then this is the time to take precaution as much as possible because during transit of malefic or debilitated planet, there is high risk of diseases in life.
  • If your gan is rakshas and you are having more malefic planets in center houses with 6th, 8th and 12 houses then do take precautions.

What are the astrology remedies to avoid diseases in life?

If you know that your bad time is running then do take best measures of astrology and if you are not aware about the bad periods and harmful planets in your horoscope then do consult astrologer for reading and after that you can follow the following remedies:
  1. Native may perform grah shanti by self or by hiring best astrologer, with this rog nivaran pooja or chanting of rognivaran mantra is also beneficial.
  2. Person may chant the kawach recommended by jyotish to minimize the problems.
  3. Native may also recite the chalisa or related god or planet to seek blessings.
  4. One may also donate things related to particular planet to minimize the doshas of planets.
  5. One may also install siddha yantras and worship properly, regularly to attract blessings of lord.
  6. Right gems stones are also a good way to save our life.
So there are many ways to make our life disease-free and live healthy life by using astrology. The main thing here is to follow the guidance given by best medical astrologer.

Which people are at great risk of disease as per astrology?, किन लोगो को बीमारी का अधिक खतरा है?, precautions necessary as per astrologer to save ourselves from chronic disease.


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