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How To Increase Eye Sight or Vision?

How To Increase Vision? Dietary Management, Astrology reasons of vision problems, Astro Remedies To Increase Eye Vision, Astrology To Increase vision, Best Ways to Increase Vision, Astrologer for Health Problems and remedies.
tips to increase eye sight or vision by astrology
astrology tips to increase vision

How to Increase Eye Sight or how to get rid of the spectacles ? A common question in the mind of everyone who is suffering from the problems of eye sight or vision. In this article you will get the remedies to increase the eye sight.
What can be done so that there will be no use of glasses in life and if it is then what to do so that glasses can be off and the eyesight increases. 
Get Beautiful Eyes !! Increase Your Eye Sight

Lets see point by point to take care of our eyes :

  1. To increase the eye sight Try to Walk on Green grass without sleeper in the morning for about half an hour.
  2. Take a fresh glass of Carrot juice in the morning it is very beneficial to increase the eye sight.
  3. Give proper exercise to eyes by rounding it in all direction smoothly for a minute, keep your eyes closed and sleep for about 2 minute to give rest to your eyes in every 3 to 4 hours.
  4. If you are using computer or tv for long time it may affect your eyes so try to use antiglare screen to save your eyes from the harmful rays.
  5. Don't look the sun directly it may affect the retina.
  6. Use Almond Oil to massage your head helps it To increase the eye sight.
  7. Go for a regular eye checkup.
  8. At the initial time of pregnancy mother has to keep more precaution in meal, any carelessness in taking   meal will affect the eyesight of child baby.
  9. Make the baby habitual to take the natural green vegetables so that proper nutrients goes into the body.
  10. Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables are very important to keep the eyes good.
  11. Regular Milk is also very good for Eyes.
  12. Number of eyes can be controlled by using antioxidants.
  13. Diabetics can control their number by controlling their sugar level.
  14. If you use acupressure points daily then it is also very effective practice to increase the eye sight.
  15. Take half spoon of ghee, half spoon of black pepper powder and half spoon Sugar-candy(Mishri)  make paste and take it in the morning daily. Using Daily you will find good result

Astrology Reasons of Weak Vision:

By studying the horoscope it is possible to know the planetary reasons of eye sight problems. The 2nd and 12 houses of horoscope represent the eye sight. If these houses are affected badly then it is very possible that the person will suffer from  impact of eye sight problems. 
Sun and Moon are also very responsible for eye sight. Any problem to these planet may arise the vision problems. 

Remedies of Eye Sight Problems Through Astrology:

Astrology also helps great to overcome from eye sight problem. First of all it is necessary to check the horoscope and from the ways of astrology and occult sciences it is possible to over come from this problem.
  1. Proper gems stones helps to increase eye sight.
  2. Proper daan of planetary things are also a very good way to minimize the impacts of malefic planets affecting the eye sight.
  3. Use of special anusthaan or rituals also helpful.
  4. Use of Neti Process is also very helpful.  
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How To Increase Vision? Dietary Management, Astrology reasons of vision problems, Astro Remedies To Increase Eye Vision, Astrology To Increase vision, Best Ways to Increase Vision, Astrologer for Health Problems and remedies.


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