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Significance of Amavasya With Shani Jayanti

Significance of shani jayanti with amavasya as per vedic astrology, what to do to attract health, wealth and prosperity on this auspicious day, astrologer guidance and predictions.

In India shani jaynti is celebrated with great joy and devotees of lord saturn offer special prayers in the temple of shani dev. In this article we will see that why the day becomes most important when shani jayanti falls on amamasya.
prayers for shani jayanti and amavasya by astrologer
Significance of Amavasya With Shani Jayanti

On 22nd may,2020, shani jayanti is falling and with this amavasya will also enhance the importance of this day.

Shani de is the lord of justice and so everyone have a fear of lord saturn because as per vedic astrology during the transit of saturn native get the results of his or her deeds in past. And so the prayers related to shani dev keeps special importance for everyone.

Shani jayanti when falls on amavsya then enhance the power of day and make this day important to perform rituals to remove hurdles of life.

Those people who are facing too much problems and struggle in life due to malefic saturn in horoscope, sade sati, dhaiya can do poojas on this day to minimize the problems of life. This can definitely help to make life hurdle-free.

This auspicious day is also very important to perform pitru shanty pooja, this will help to attract the blessings of ancestors.

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If anyone is suffering from grahan dosha, black magic, kalsarp yoga in kundli then this day of shani jayanti with amavasya is a good day to perform prayers.
Devotees also perform shiv pooja on this day to make life free from grah doshas.
This is one of the best day to perform rituals to get rid of problems in life.

Significance of avasya and Shani Jaynti together:

  1. 22nd may 2020 is the best day to do shani pooja to make life successful as per astrology.
  2. This day is also very auspicious to perform poja of lord shiva to remove hurdles and to minimize sins of life.
  3. Shani jayanti with amavasya when comes together then people having pitra dosha, kalsarp dosh, prêt dosha in horoscope can also perform rituals to get rid of it.
  4. Victims of black magic can also perform utara on this day and prayers to save themselves.
  5. Since this day is falling on Friday, so people who have malefic or debilitated venus in kundli can also have the opportunity to perform shukra shanti pooja to over come from personal problems like love problems, married life problem, relationship problems.
  6. If shani sade sati is making life stressful or if there is shani dosha in horoscope then it is good to use this day to please lord shanidev.
  7. Hindu mythology also suggest to worship lord shiva to minimize problems of life and so it is good to offer special prayers in shiv temple on this auspicious day of shani jayanti with amavasya.

Now let’s know some easy process or totkay to make life free from problems:

Who ever are sufferings in life can do these flicks to make life wonderful.
  • It is good to do the utara with things of saturn on this day evening i.e. on 22nd may, 2020 and then leave these things under any peepal tree or in flowing river. This will help to minimize the impacts of malefic saturn in life.
  • If conflicts are increasing day by day in your home then do give the dhoop of black mustard i.e. rai in the evening and then with gugal or loban. This will remove the negativity.
  • Do getup early in the morning and do the panchopchar pooja of shani dev and recite 108 names of shani dev. Pray for your better life.
  • Abhishek of shani dev with mustard oil is also a good way to get blessings.
  • You can also consult astrologer for pitru shanty puja, kalsarp shanty puja.
  • If you want to please ancestors then don’t forget to perform pitru tarpan process.
  • Help the needy people with money, cloths, foods as per capacity.

What not to do on the day when Shani Jayanti falls with amavasya?

  1. Don’t use liquor and drugs on this day, otherwise you can attract problems.
  2. Harassing someone on this day is also attract bad luck, so beware.
  3. Don’t eat outside and also avoid meeting with any suspicious persons.
Significance of shani jayanti with amavasya as per vedic astrology, हिंदी में पढ़े शनि जयंती और अमावस साथ में आने का महत्त्व, what to do to attract health, wealth and prosperity on this auspicious day, astrologer guidance and predictions.


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