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Navel Imbalance Means, Reasons and Remedies

What is navel imbalance, Problems due to navel displacement, nabhi Moves means, Gola/Dharan means, how to cure navel imbalance, Easy remedies to cure navel imbalance, Toe Ring to save from Dharan, Astrology reasons. navel imbalance remedies What is Navel Imbalance In General Term? When we talk about the centre part of the body then navel comes in our mind, in yogic terms when we talk about manipurak chakra then also navel comes in our mind, whenever pain in stomach comes in our mind then also first of all we think about the navel. So it is very important part in our body. In hindi Navel is called "Nabhi/Gola/Dharan". It is actually the junction of nerves from where most of the nerves pass. Here there is a great web of nerves and muscles are supporting them, whenever due to any reasons these muscles shifted or moved from the main place then Navel displacement takes place and this is called "gola khisakna, dharan, nabhi khisakna" in local language. S

Gajkesari Yoga In Astrology

what is gajkesari yoga in astrology, benefits of this yoga, power of Gajkesari yoga, Impacts of this yoga in life, When this yoga don't show effects?. In astrology when we talk about raj yoga then Gajesari yoga is one of the important yoga which comes in mind. This yoga is definitely if forms properly in kundli/horoscope/birth chart then the person gets success in life. Health, wealth, prosperity will come in life and person lives life happily. But there are many people who have this yoga and are not able to earn satisfactorily and live life comfortably. Here in this article I am going to put focus on many aspects of this gajkesari yoga, how it forms and when it is powerful, when it is weak and what to do to live a successful life?. Power of gajkesari yoga in birth chart What Is Gajkesari Yoga In Astrology? In this yoga Moon and Moon lagna gets power from powerful planets. Because of this person become intelligent, healthy, wealthy, prosperous. Jupiter present in

Best Astro Services -Get Now

Get the best reading and minute analysis of your birth chart and know about hurdles, powers points, career, lucky gems stones, yantra, kawach, golden time, marriage period, Santan Yoga, Raj-Yoga and solutions of your problems through astrology. Best Astro Services Client Outside India can Use PAYPAL Button which is at bottom of page>> Paytm No. Is also Given At the bottom of page. Email is – Buy Horoscope Reading Do Send Correct Date of birth, place of birth, time of birth and Questions for correct analysis. Know about best powerful planets. Know about malefic stars. Loop holes of kundli. Best gems stones. Poojas as per planetary positions. Answers of your questions. Pay Only 601/- INR or $11 Buy Match-Making Send Correct Birth Details Of Both Male and Female For Match Making Analysis. Know about match points. Know about mangalik yoga. Reasons of unmatched horscope. Remedie

How To Find True Love To Make Life Happier?

How To Find True Love To Make Life Happier, Reasons of not getting success in finding a good partner for whole life, astrologer secrets of weak love life, 12 Ways to bring success in love life by astrologer. Are you worrying about not getting good partner in life, are you in search of ways which will help you to attract a supportive partner in your life, do you want to know the logics which makes our life happier and smooth then here in this article you will get many things related to this. We are going to study about when a person get success as per astrology rule and if the planets are not very supportive then what to do. How To Find True Love To Make Life Happier? Reasons of not getting desired partner/Love In Life: If you want to know the reasons of dis satisfactory love life then here are some astrology reasons of that- It is possible that due to weak lagna you are not having the confidence level to make other confident about you and due to this you are depriving

12 Zodics Details As Per Vedic Astrology

We have already read about significance of vedic jyotish/astrology, vedic months, elements related to planets in previous lessons, know in this 3rd free lesson of astrology I am going to explain about 12 zodiacs and there qualities. 12 Zodics Details As Per Vedic Astrology we all know that in kundli numbers are written and every number is related with specific zodiac/rashi. Astrologers just by seeing the number know that which rashi is in which house. So by knowing related numbers any one can know about related zodiac in different houses. For example 1 is related with Aries/mesh, 4 is related with Cancer or kark, 9 is related with Sagittarius, 12 is related with pisces and so on. In this lesson you can get details about number relations with zodiacs. In zodiac belt every rashi is present in specific place and we can know them by knowing the degree of every zodiac. In this lesson we will know about degrees of rashis too. Every zodiac is controlled by one master, in t

Gupt Navratri Of Ashaadh Month Importance

What is the importance of Ashadh month gupt navratri, what to do for successful life, how to worship goddess durga in ashadh month gupt navratri?. Gupt Navratri Of Ashaadh Month Importance In the year 2020, GUPT NAVRATRI of Ashadh Month will start from 22nd June, 2020 Monday, and remain till 29th June 2020, Monday . Devotees, tantrik practitioners, spiritual practitioners will perform special processes in these days to gain power, success in life. What To Do in Ashadh Month Gupt Navratri To Remove Obstacles of Life? Worship goddess katyaayni if you are suffering from delay in marriage. Goddess katyaayni bless devotees and make way to live happy life with deserving partner. If anyone is suffering from black magic or kala jadu or evil eye effect then it is good to recite “Devi Kawacham” regularly also do offer lemon in goddess temple.  Do offer garland of 108 Jaswandi flowers to goddess kali if enemy is creating problems in life.  Business men can make swastika with

Surya Grahan What To Do For Success As per Astrology?

Surya grahan importance as per astrology, what to do for success, impact on different zodiacs, planetary positions at surya grahan time. The first solar eclipse of the year 2020 will be on 21st June, Sunday . In general people fear of eclipse and it is right that if we go outside during surya grahan time then we may face different types of health issues. Solar eclipse is an astronomical event in which moon comes in between earth and sun and so the rays of sun is unable to reach earth. What is the date and time of Surya Grahan in 2020? In this year, on 21 June, sun eclipse will start at 10:06 AMand remain till 1:47 PM. Total solar eclipse time is 3 hours an 41 Minutes. Sutak will start from 10:00 PM of 20th june, saturday. Come, let us know what are the yogas forming on June 21 on surya grahan time how it will affect our life: As you know that on June 21, Sunday, the solar eclipse is going to happen, but along with it the position of the planets will also change

Sun Is Changing Rashi On 15th june2020

Sun transit on 15th june2020 in Gemini, what will be the Impact on 12 zodiacs. The king of all the planet is sun and on 15th june 2020, it is changing the rashi and entering in Gemini. This transit of sun is definitely a good sign because before this surya was in Taurus and showing the malefic effects. Sun Is Changing Rashi On 15th june2020 Now when it is entering in Mithun rashi, it will definitely help the decision making ability of people who are sitting at higher level. Sun is responsible for name, fame, success in journey, knowledge, relationship with father and higher authorities, decision making ability etc. So it was negatively affecting all the segment when it was in Taurus. But now when it is in Gemini, Things will get change gradually. We can hope positively in every segment. The important thing is that on 21st june surya graham event will also take place which will also affect the 12 zodiacs. I have cleared about it in my previous article What to do f

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Which planets will change their zodiac in July 2021, 4 planets will change zodiac in july 2021- know predictions, जुलाई मे कौन से ग्रह बदलेंगे अपनी राशि , July horoscope, business, marriage, love life, illness, weather according to vedic astrology. In July 2021, 4 planets will change their zodiac, whose effects will be seen everywhere. In this article, we are going to know the effect of planetary transits. 3 Planets will change zodiac in July 2021 predictions According to astrology, July 2021 is going to be very important because 4 planets are going to change their zodiac which can bring big changes in the life of people. Let us know which are the planets which will change the zodiac in july 2021: The first planet is Mercury, which will change its zodiac on Wednesday, July 7 and will enter Gemini from Taurus. The second planet is the Sun, which will leave Gemini and enter Cancer on Friday, July 16 . The third planet is Venus, which will leave Cancer on Saturday, July 17, 2021