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Magical Vine Tree To Attract Health Wealth And Prosperity

A magical tree which is beneficial from all aspect, a magical tree which is the favorite of lord shiva, a tree which have healing power, bael tree benefits as per astrology, vine tree uses.

YES! This is one of the famous tree known as Indian bael Tree which is also known as Aegle marmelos, Bengal quince, golden apple etc. It is mostly found in India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, mayamar etc.

about magical bael tree of India, vine tree benefits as per astrology.
magical bael tree of India, vine tree benefits as per astrology.

This has the power to remove the impurities in environment, to fight with diseases. It is also a source of energy.

Indian bael tree has both religious and medicinal importance and so has special place in minds of people. Some of bel tree has 3 leaf together and some bael tree has 5 leaf together. Both are auspicious from the point of view of worshiping. The bel fruit is very good for stomach and in summer days people use to drink the juice of bael fruit to maintain the body temperature. Devotees of lord shiva offer water on the root of bel tree to please lord shiva. Not a single part of bael tree is unworthy. It is believed that offering bel leaves on shivling remove the sins and bad luck.

Let’s Know Some Unbelievable and magical Characteristics Of Bael Tree/ Aegle marmelos:

  1. Bael tree is a protection shield from snakes. So if you have fear of snakes then do install bael plant on the boundary of your home.
  2. If you are living in a polluted environment then don’t forget to plant Bael Tree/ Aegle marmelos. People also plant it in pot or gumlah in terrace garden. This is a very good air purifier.
  3. If anyone planet bael tree in any shiva temple then it leads to growth of offspring and if anyone cut it then it brings bad luck. So always take care of vine tree.
  4. If anyone offer water in the root of vine tree daily then it eradicate the sins from life.
  5. Offering water on bel tree helps in minimizing pitru dosha in horoscope. So this is a good remedy of pitru curse in kundli.
  6. The caring of this plant also attracts prosperity in life as per belief.
  7. It is also believed that if any funeral procession pass from under that vine tree then the soul get salvation.

Let’s Know Some Special Remedies To Make Life Successful:

  • If there is pitru shraap or pitru dosha in kundli then don’t forget to offer gangajal on chaudas and amavasya in the root of bael tree and pray for blessings. You will be amazed to see the result after that.
  • If the 5th house of your horoscope is malefic and because of that you are facing problem in having child then don’t worry. Do offer 5 bael leaf on shivling daily for 40 days and pray for healthy baby.
  • If you are facing chronic health issue then do the abhishek of shiv ling with bael leaves while chanting Mahamrityunjay mantra.
  • If you have kalsarp dosha in horoscope and due to which your life is getting full of struggle then don’t worry do offer 7 plant of bael in any shiv temple or plant it there and also do take care of it and you will find a very good change in life.
  • If you are having bad dreams or frightening dreams then do abhishek of swapneshwar mahadev with bael leaves and also keep some bael leaves under your pillow and you will find a very good change.
  • If you have a bael tree in your premises then do install a shivling under it and do regular worship there. This will be beneficial for your dynasty.
So worshiping vine tree is the solutions of health loss, financial loss, bad luck, kalsarp dosha, santan dosha, and many more.

So do give respect to bael tree wherever you find and also take care of it to make life hurdle-free, disease-free. Live a prosperous life by taking care of bael tree. Attract the blessing of lord shiva by nurturing the vine tree.

If you are facing career problem, relationship problem, love problem in life then do consult astrologer for horoscope analysis and remedies.

If you are facing chronic health issues, santan problems then also do consult astrologer for best remedies as per your kundli.

A magical tree which is beneficial from all aspect, a magical tree which is the favorite of lord shiva, a tree which have healing power, bael tree benefits as per astrology, vine tree uses.


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