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Snake Curse In Horoscope

How snake curse forms in horoscope, remedies of sarp shraap, special spell to come out from fear of snake.

Curse is the root cause of problems in our life. We all take birth with destiny i.e. with our virtues and sins. And as the days go on, we face happiness and grief as per our destiny. Curse is mainly related with the grief’s. It means if anyone is suffering from something in this life that means he is under impact of any curse.
Snake Curse In Horoscope
Snake Curse In Horoscope

In ancient times, the rishi-munis are able to give curse to anyone who misbehaves but in reality, every person has the power to give curse. If anyone tortures anyone then the victim think negatively for that person and this become the curse or shraap for that person.

There is a very famous doha of saint kabir:

दुर्बल को न सताइये, जा की मोटी हाय ।
बिना जीव की हाय से, लोहा भसम हो जाय ॥

अर्थात संत कबीर दास जी कहते हैं कि कमजोर व्यक्ति को कभी भी मत सताइए क्योंकि दुखी ह्रदय कि हाय बहुत ही हानिकारक होती है । जिस प्रकार लोहार कि चिमनी निर्जीव होते हुए भी लोहे को भस्म कर देती है उसी प्रकार दुःखी व्यक्ति कि बद्दुआ से समस्त कुल का नाश हो जाता है ।

This is reality that curse by a weak person also work and so it is advised to leave the path of violence and distribute love everywhere. Whatever we distribute will definitely comeback.
In this article we are going to know about Snake curse in horoscope, i.e. how it is formed and what impact the native will face due to this snake curse or sarp shraap.
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Lets know that how Snake Curse (Sarp Shraap) form in horoscope:

  1. If the Rahu is present in 5th house and Mars is seeing it or Mars is present of Scorpio in horoscope then snake curse form in kundli.
    sarp dosha image condition1 by astrologer
    sarp dosh condition1
  2. If the master of 5th house is present with Rahu and Saturn is present in 5th house and if it is viewed by moon then also the snake curse form in horoscope.
    sarp dosha condition 2 in horoscope by astrologer
    sarp dosha condition2
  3. If the Jupiter is affected by Rahu and if the master of 5th house is weak and the master of ist house is with mars then snake curse forms in horoscope.
    sarp dosha condition3
    sarp dosha contition3
  4. If the master of lagna is sitting with Rahu and master of 5th place is sitting with Mars then also snake curse is predicted.
    sarp dosha in horoscope
    sarp dosha condition4

Now let’s check the Impact of Snake Curse in life:

  • This curse is mainly related with 5th house and so native faces problem in having child and also in studying. It is also experienced that person sometime not able to use his qualification at level best to get financial return and to get name and fame in society.
  • There is also fear of snake bit in life.
The logic behind the problems is that rahu is basically related with POISON and so when it sits in 5th house then it affect the chances of having healthy baby. If females have this yoga then they may pass through miscarriage and delay in progeny.

When mars watch it then it enhances its power of destruction and so the native face more problems in related field because mars is the planet of energy. It leads to accidents, diseases and disturbances in different segment of life.

So if anyone is facing too many problems in having progeny then it is good to consult astrologer to know the exact reason so that to adopt possible remedies. Prayers are very important in life and help to solve problems easily.

Now let’s see how to dominate the impact of Snake Curse in horoscope:

  1. Since the root cause of this shraap is rahu and so shanty pooja of rahu is recommended in this case.
  2. Charged ring of snake in special combination of metals is also recommended by astrologers to attract the blessings and to remove hurdles of life.
  3. Offering gold, Black sesame, land after pooja on special mahurat is also very helpful to minimize the the impacts of sarp shraap.
  4. Worshipping Muni Raaj Astik also saves from snake curse. There is a very small mantra which work at once. If anyone is having the fear of snakes then do chant.
“Muni Raj Astik Namah”.

Those who chant this mantra will never face problems due to snakes in life.

If anyone has sarp sraap in kundli then it is good to recite this mantra daily in the morning and evening and you will be amazed to see the positive changes in life.
  • If you are facing problems in life and want to know the astrology reasons then do contact astrologer for proper analysis and remedies. Get the in-depth analysis and easy solutions of your problems.
  • Know about best gems stone for you.
  • Know about the best prayers for you.
  • Get reading about your love life, marriage life, career, doshas in kundli.

How snake curse forms in horoscope, remedies of sarp shraap, Sarp shraap in kundli in hindi jyotish, special spell to come out from fear of snake.


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