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Curses In Horoscope, Impacts In Life and Powerful Remedies

Curse in horoscope, Curses In Horoscope, Impacts In Life and Powerful Remedies, kundli or birth chart and their remedies, how curse is responsible for debt problem, impacts of curse in life, What planetary combination generate curse in horoscope?

about Curses In Horoscope and astrology remedies
Curses In Horoscope, Impacts In Life and Powerful Remedies

What is curse in horoscope?

In astrology curse means the formation of planets in horoscope in such a way that the person suffers in life from various problems. Curse can be easily predicted through astrology. The curse is due to our past life deeds. It's a fact that nothing happens without any reason. it is not a matter of fear because if you are the lucky one who is going to know about your problems then you will be able to solve it easily. So It is not a matter to go away but it is a matter to analyze deeply and to find what is the exact reasons of problems in life and after that move in right direction to make our life smooth, better and workable.

The over all success in life means to get Dharm, Arth, Kama and Moksha. But it is not as easy as it sounds because only lucky persons are able to get these 4 things in life. Human birth is very important and it is our duty to live this life 200%. As per the 'Kashmir Shavism' the whole world is the garden of Lord shiva(the supreme power) and we are here to enjoy the creations of shiva. But we looses the time in jealousy, in talking useless, in gossiping etc.

But there is a truth that a person behaviour is very much due to the impacts of planets, it doesn't means that it is not possible to change the life. Every thing is possible in this life but the main thing is that will power and passion is necessary.

Two types of sufferings we faces in this life - 1 is due to the destiny and 2nd is due to the present work or deeds. For e.g. if we are walking on the road securely but if any vehicle collide then it is due to the destiny and if suppose there is a fire and we insert our hand knowingly and it burns because of present work.

Curse in Kundli or Horoscope:

As i told you earlier that curse is due to our past life deeds. Due to that the planets sits in specific house of birth chart and generate the malefic impacts in our life. Curses deprived us from something in life. We suffers from a particular thing because of curse in horoscope. It may affect the monetary powers, progeny, married life, health, social status, career and insist the person to engage in debt and different types of problems.

Types of Curses:

There are many types of curses found in horoscope but here i am providing you some common curses which generally found in horoscopes of victims.

1. Snake Curse (Sarp Shraap):

  • If the Rahu is present in 5th house and Mars is seeing it or Mars is present of Scorpio in horoscope then snake curse form in kundli. 
  • If the master of 5th house is present with Rahu and Saturn is present in 5th house and if it is viewd by moon then also the snake curse form in horoscope.
  • If the Jupiter is affected by Rahu and if the master of 5th house is weak and the master of ist house is with mars then snake curse forms in horoscope.
  • If the master of lagna is sitting with Rahu and master of 5th place is sitting with Mars then also snake curse is predicted.
Impact of Snake Curse:
It mainly affects the progeny and also increases struggle in life.

Remedies of Snake Curse:
  1. Rahu shanti is done for this.
  2. Sometimes special shanti process is done if the impacts are serious.
  3. Offering gold, Black sesame, land also minimizes the impacts of snake curse.
  4. Worshipping Muni Raaj Astik also saves from snake curse.

2. Ancestors Curse (Pitr Shraap):

Ancestors curse forms in many ways.
  • If sun is malefic in horoscope then ancestors curse or pitra shraap is predicted.
  • If Sun, Mars, Saturn is present in lagna or 5th house and Rahu with Jupiter is present in 8th or 12th place then also Ancestors Curse(Pitr Shraap) forms.
  • If the master of 6th house in kundli is present in 5th house and Rahu is present with Jupiter then also Ancestors Curse(Pitr Shraap) happens.
Impacts of Ancestors Curse In Life:
Due to pitra shraap person has to struggle too much in personal and professional life. Return on investment is too less in comparison of work done.

Remedies of Pitra Shraap:
  1. Installation of Siddha Pitra shanti yantra is good.
  2. Reciting the 8th Lesson of Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta and leave the virtue for the upliftment of ancestors is also a good way.
  3. Pitra shanti yagya is also a good way. 
  4. Naag and Narayan Bali if done timely for this also provide good result.

3. Mother Curse (Maatr Shraap):

A) The malefic moon is the main reason of Mother curse.
B) If the Moon is making combination with Saturn, Rahu, Mars and if the Jupiter is present in 5th place then Maatra Shraap generates in horoscope.
C) If the master of happiness place is present with mars, Saturn, Rahu and the 5th place is affected by Sun or Moon then also this Dosha happens.
D) If the Ist house is affected by sin planets and weak Moon is present in 7th house, 4th and 5th house is affected by Saturn or Rahu then also the matra dosha generates in horoscope.
E) If Cancer is present in Ist house in horoscope and Rahu and Mars is present their and Saturn is present in 5th place then also the Mother curse arises.
F) If the Rahu, Jupiter and Mars is present in 8th house and and in 5th house Saturn and Moon is present then also the Mother curse arises in kundli.

Solutions of Mother Curse (Maatra Shraap):
  1. Feeding Peepal Tree is good to minimize this dosha of kundli.
  2. Offering Milk in silver bowl to a needy person or in temple is also a good way to minimize maatra dosha.
  3.  Grah shanti process of malefic planets is also recommended.
  4. Taking blessings of females daily is also a good way.

4. Brother Curse (Bhaatra Shraap):

A) If the master of 3rd house in horoscope is present with Rahu and Mars and present in 5th house and if this if the master of 5th house and lagna is present in 8th house then bhatra shraap arises in Birth chart.
B) If the zodiac sign Gemini or Virgo present in 5th house and Rahu and Saturn is present in 5th house and with this if Mercury and mars is present in 12th house of horoscope then also this bhaatra shraap arises in horoscope. 
C) If the master of 3rd house of horoscope is present in 5th house and if in 5th house malefic rahu is present then also this brother curse arises.
Remedies of Brother Curse (Bhaatra Shraap):
  1. Feeding cow is good.
  2. Feeding to the workers is also good. 
  3. Worshipping Vasudeva will also help in minimizing this dosha. 
  4. Special shanti process will also help.
  5. Special upliftment kawach will open the way of success.

5. Brahmin Curse (Brahman Shraap):

A) If Rahu is present of Sagittarius or Aquarius zodiac in kundli and with this if Jupiter Mars or Saturn is present in 5th house of horoscope and if the master of destiny place is present in 8th house then brahmin curse arises in birth chart. 
B) If the master of 9th house is very malefic and is viewed by Rahu then also the brahmin shraap arises. 
C) If the Jupiter and Saturn is present in lagna, Rahu is present in destiny place, Jupiter is present in expenses place then also this shraap arises.
D) Neech Jupiter in horoscope and presence of rahu in 5th house or in lagna and if the master of 5th house is present in 6th house, 8th house and 12th house then also brahmin shraap or brahmin shraap arises in kundli. 
Impacts of Brahmin Curse In life:
This shraap creates obstacles in getting the knowledge, studies, and to move in life smoothly.

Remedies of Brahmin Shraap:
  1. Feeding Brahmin and taking blessings from them is a good and easy way to over come from this shraap. 
  2. Feeding cow and donating healthy cow to brahmin is also a good way. 
  3. Donating gold is also a a good way.
  4. Powerful shanti process of planets is also a way to minimize the brahmin shraap.

6. Wife Curse (Patni Shraap):

  • If the 7th place is generating negative effects in life then this shraap arises in horoscope.
  • If Saturn and Venus is present in 7th house together and if the master of 8th house is in 5th house, Rahu and Sun is present in ist House then Wife curse arises in kundli. 
Impact of Wife Curse:
This shraap affect the marriage life, partnership, business etc.

Remedies of Wife Curse:
  1. The malefic planetary peace process is good.
  2. Feeding female child and taking blessings from them is good.
  3. Donating ornaments to females child will also minimize the negative impacts of patni shraap.
  4. Donating Healthy  Cow is also a good way.
So i have cleared some of the curses here for knowledge but there are more curses which are responsible for the problems in personal and professional life. It is good to consult to know about the real problems in our horoscope and then to adopt the right remedies to make our life smooth and successful. 
Don't worry if you are facing problems in life, don't worry if you are not getting the right way to over come from your problems consult know for a better life, a successful life, a smooth life.
I welcome all of my blog reader in my world of Online Astrology for all.

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