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Khaat Mahurth in Vastu

What is the Khat Muhurta in Vastu ?, know its benefits, how can we start construction for tremendous profit? , What if it is not taken care of?

all about Khat Muhurta in Vastu ?
bout Khat Muhurta in Vastu ?

What is the Khat Muhurta in Vastu ?

As per vastu shashtra and astrology, before starting any construction work it is good to dig a pit of 2 feet in a particular direction and then put some auspicious things after worshipping. Then do put 5 bricks over it and. This process in known as khaat muhurth. This is a very important process and is necessary for good and auspicious construction. 

The Khata Muhurta is actually associated with the Shesh Nag. In Shastras it is said that Sheshnag ji changes his position every 3 months and we should never do the Khata Muhurta on the side where he has a mouth or tail, otherwise builder has to suffer terrible losses. 

That is why it is important to consult astrologers and Vastu consultant properly and get the construction work done only during the best Muhurta.

Generally, in the Khata Muhurta, Panch Ratna and copper vessel filled with gangajal is put after worshipping and then bricks are made over it.

Let us know which five gems should be kept?

  1. Topaz
  2. Pearl
  3. The page
  4. Diamond
  5. Ruby

What do astrologers and vastu consultant see at the time of taking out the Khaat Muhurta?

Whenever a Muhurta is to be taken out to start construction, in such a situation, astrologers make Khata Muhurta and then also make the horoscope and then know whether the construction will be fruitful or not, what problems may arise and what should be done. Therefore, before starting the construction work, a good and experienced astrologer and vastu advisor must be consulted. It takes lakhs and crores of rupees to do a big construction work, and one mistake can give a lot of damage and a proper consultation can give you the benefit of life.

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Let us now know in which direction the mouth of Sheshnag stays:

  • In the months of Phalgun, Chaitra and Vaishakh, the mouth of the snake is in the west direction, so the Khata Muhurta will not happen in this direction.
  • In the month of Jyeshtha, Ashadh and Shravan, the face of Sheshnag is in the north direction, so if the construction work is to be started at this time, it should not be cut in the north.
  • In Bhadrapad, Ashadh and Kartik month, the mouth of the snake is in the east direction, so digging should not be started from this direction.
  • In the months of Margashirsha, Paush and Maag, the mouth of Sheshnag stays in the south direction, so if construction work is to be started at this time, it should not be excavated from this direction.

Let us now know if there is a loss in the wrong direction, what harm can happen to the construction?

  1. In such a situation, there can be serious disease to the constructor.
  2. There can be many obstacles in the construction work.
  3. Accidents can occur during construction which will cause obstacles.
  4. Parents may suffer.
  5. Many times construction work can be halted while running.
  6. Many times, there may be death occurs in family of builder.
  7. Diseases and grief of different types cause obstacles.

Let us now know what things should be kept in mind while performing Khata Muhurat?

Construction work is done either for living or for doing business, then if the things mentioned in our scriptures are taken care of, then there is no doubt that we can live a happy and prosperous life. At the time of Khata Muhurta, we should take care of many things like -

  • If there is a bad omen while going to start the construction work, then that day should be postponed.
  • The material should be put by the same member whose Moon force is good at that time.
  • The horoscope of the time when the Muhurta has come out should be made, and then the final decision should be taken whether the construction work should be started at that time.
  • Before starting the construction work, do not forget to take the blessings of the Brahmin and the elders of the house.
  • Everyone should be satisfied at the time of worship, take special care of this.

Apart from this, there are many other things, which can be kept in mind by looking at the location, position and time, so good astrologer and Vastu consultant must be consulted before doing big things.

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Let us know the benefits which are there if the construction work is started in the right time?

  1. The builder gets help to complete the construction without any hassle.
  2. During construction, chances of accidents are eliminated.
  3. Construction materials are supplied without any problem.
  4. The construction work is on time or is done before time.
  5. If there is a commercial project, the chances of getting profits quickly and realistically increase.
  6. Avenues of money flow open.
  7. Health and prosperity start coming.

If you are also going to build houses, shops, complexes etc. then please consult Vastu consultant and take full advantage.

Know from astrologer and vastu advisor:

  • When should construction work begin?
  • How will be the construction work?
  • Which yantra should be installed in Vastu.
  • How to enhance vastu energy?
  • Which gems will awaken fate?
  • How to save Vastu from evil powers? 

What is the Khat Muhurta in Vastu ?, know its benefits, वास्तु में खात महूरत क्या होता है ?, how can we start construction for tremendous profit? , What if it is not taken care of?


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