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How To Please Vastu Purushn Success?

Why is it important to worship Vastu Purusha, how to worship Vastu Purusha at home everyday, know the mantra to offer Naivedya, Vastu consultation.

We all know about Vastu Deity Vastu Deity is present in every part of the earth. As per Vastu Shashthra, it is necessary to worship vastu purush before starting any new construction like as building home, hospital, factory, office etc. 

all about How To Please Vastu Purushn Success? by astrologer and vastu consultant.
How To Please Vastu Purushn Success?

Vastu owner may have to go through various types of problems if he does not worship the Vastu Deity, it is because the Vastu Deity has the blessings of Brahma Ji. And the people who do not worship them after knowing pass through different kinds of sufferings, they get obstacles at every point.

So if seen in this way, then worship of Vastu is necessary for all of us, this helps to remove obstacles of life, sufferings of life. And it is not a difficult task, any one can easily please vastu purush.

Now the question is, when should one worship Vastu Purush?

  1. When any construction is going to begin anywhere for the first time, like any kind of house, office, building, hospital, industry. It is necessary to worship Vastu Purush before starting any kind of work.
  2. Vastu Purusha is worshiped even before the doors are installed.
  3. Before Grih pravesh i.e. before entering the house for living.

In this way, there are 3 important occasions when the worship of Vastu Purusha is necessary, before starting any construction, before putting the door and the third before starting living there. If we take care of this then there is no doubt that we will get very good Results throughout the life.

Watch video on how to please vastu purush for success:

Let us know that how can we worship Vaastu Purusha easily?

It is good to worship Vastu Purush everyday, but since it is not possible for everyone to perform the activity daily, it should be kept in mind that we must worship Vastu Purush on Amavasya and Poornima i.e on no moon day and full moon day.

Now we will know how we should worship Vastu purush: 

Vastu Purusha is known as the protector of the house, who protects the occupants of the house, also provides energy to the people living there to maintain an atmosphere of peace and happiness in the house.

Therefore, it is important that we pay respect to our protector daily and on special occasion. 

  1. For this, first make a plate of food and put some basil leaves in it. Then go to the place in your house wherever the Vastu Purusha idol has been installed in your house at the time of vastu shanty puja . 
  2. Keep the food plate there and then offer water round the plate. 
  3. Now we have to offer food 5 times and then 1 time more. Do think that you are feeding vastu purush with love and devotion. 
  4. While taking out food for vastu deity do recite the following mantra :

  • Pranaya Swaha
  • Apanay Swaha
  • Vyanaay swaha 
  • Udanay swaha
  • Samanaay swaha 

After showing the Naivedya, we have to add that Naivedya to the rest of our food and it should be accepted by all, this brings the grace of Vastu Devta and happiness will start to be seen in the house among family members. It must be done on every Amavasya and Purnima, after doing some time you will know that auspiciousness has started entering your house, you will start to feel happiness and peace, thus we can get the grace of Vastu Deity very easily. 

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Let us know who should worship Vastu deity:

So everyone should worship Vastu Deity even if you live in a rented house because his grace will also help you to build your own house. If you are in a job then you will get auspicious results there, if you are doing your business, you will get growth so worship of Vastu Devta is good for everyone in this earth. We should not leave the worship of Vastu Devta in any condition, it has health benefits, wealth benefits, prosperity comes, , so if we want to get success in life, then we must worship Vastu Devta.

Hopefully, in this article you will have found an easy method to please the Vastu Devta, you can get rid of DOSHAS of your home, office etc just by pleasing god of vastu. Make worship of Vastu Devta and make your life happy, prosperous and full of health.

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You can show your horoscope and you can know lucky gems for yourself, you can know the best prayers for yourself, what to donate, to remove problems of life. 

Why is it important to worship Vastu Purusha, how to worship Vastu Purusha at home everyday, वास्तु पुरुष का पूजन क्यों जरुरी है, know the mantra to offer Naivedya, Vastu counseling.


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