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Natural Ways for Fat Loss

How to reduce obesity, astrological reasons for increasing obesity, how to overcome fat by natural methods, some home remedies to overcome fat, know some astrological remedies for fat loss.

Obesity is becoming a very common problem in this digital era and in the whole world. Not only elders but children are also becoming very easily obese and the main reason for this is the irregularity in the people, lack of exercise, stress, eating more and more fast food etc.

Natural Ways for Fat Loss
Natural Ways for Fat Loss

 High calorie diet has contributed immensely in increasing the fat because today we try to eat more and more fast food due to lack of time but people are not familiar with the serious consequences of fast foods. 

In all the worlds, serious diseases are seen, most of them are also due to obesity like sugar, BP problem, heart problem, knee pain problem, back problem, paralysis etc.

 Due to obesity, the burden of work increases on the entire organs of the body, due to this reason, organs loses its power soon and due to which some of the obese people get tired soon.

Therefore, it is very important that obesity be treated and for that the most important thing is to first know the cause of obesity correctly, when we know the cause of obesity, then we will be able to treat it correctly.  

Let's first know the astrology reasons for obesity:

  1.  Astrologers have found inside research that people whose Jupiter is very powerful, they are fond of eating delicious foods and such people also get comfortable life and due to this, such people  become obese.
  2.  Apart from this, it has also been found in some horoscopes that when the Guru is paired with Rahu, the native becomes fond of eating in a poor way and it also becomes a major cause of obesity in life.
  3.  In most of the horoscopes, I have also found that when positive Jupiter sits in seventh and eight house then person become fond of delicious foods and this leads to fat
Watch video on fat loss:

Let us now know some worldly reasons due to which both children and elders are becoming obese in today's time:

  •  In today's time, children like to play video games and study online, which has become the main reason for increasing obesity.
  •  Children have become very habitual of eating fast food, this is also a main reason for increasing obesity.
  •  People's lifestyle has changed, competitions have increased, people want to earn more and more money, people want to earn money as quickly as possible, for this people are just going to work, lack of exercise, all the people running  to earn and earn and this is the main reason for increasing obesity in today's time.

Let us know what things we should take care to prevent obesity:

  1. Avoid the following foods Meat, rice, potatoes, sweets, fried items, granulated sugar, grapes, fast food etc. 
  2. Obesity should also be avoided by sleeping more during the day.
  3. If the digestive power is weak, then related treatment should be taken.
  4.  If menstruation is not appropriate in women, then obesity also increases.
  5.  If you drink water with food, it also increases obesity.

Let us now know some natural ways to reduce obesity:

  First of all, know about some asanas, which can help in reducing fat:

  1.   Uttanapadasana
  2.   Paschimottanasan
  3.   Bhujangasana
  4.   Dhanurasan
  5.   Triconasana

  If these yogasans are done with empty stomach every morning, it helps in reducing fat.

Let us now know some natural Ways by which obesity can be reduced easily:

  1.  Go for 4 to 5 kilometers walk daily, this will be of great benefit.
  2. Mixing the juice of one lemon in bitter gourd juice and drinking it every morning on an empty stomach reduces obesity.
  3.  If you drink tea with mint, then it can also help in fat-loss.
  4.  Take a glass of warm water, squeeze one lemon in it, add rock salt and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning, after doing this for 2 months, obesity is controlled.
  5.  If you mix salt and ajwaain in buttermilk and drink it, it also brings out the alien elements from the body, fat decreases and obesity starts to stop.
  6. If 100 grams of Kulthi pulse is taken daily, it helps in fat loss.
  7.  One day a week should be on fruit only or should consume only fruit juice, this will also help in reducing obesity.
  8. By taking 2 or 4 tablets of Arogyavardhini Vati with the Punarvadi Kwatch helps in eliminating obesity.
  9. The intake of Trimurti juice of Ayurveda is also very helpful in reducing obesity.
  10. Obtaining 2 or 4 tablets of KRAVYAAD RAS with buttermilk mixed with salt in the morning ends obesity.

Before using Ayurvedic pills, also make sure to consult a good Ayurvedic consultant.

Let us know some astrology remedies to overcome obesity:

  •  First, keep in mind that if obesity is increasing rapidly due to Guru, then avoid eating sweet, and if you are wearing topaz, then remove it.
  •  If there is a lot of health problem due to Guru, then Guru Shanti Puja must be done.
  • A Rangha  ring should be worn in auspicious time to control obesity. This fat loss ring has shown great results to users.
    fat loss ring of rangha
    fat loss ring

  •  Thursday fasting should be started.
  •  The amount of salt in food should be reduced to a minimum and use only rock salt.
  •  Also show horoscope to astrologer and take appropriate solution.

So in this article we have seen what can be the causes of obesity as per astrology, what can be the physical causes, How can we treat obesity with the help of Ayurveda, how can we control obesity with the help of astrology, how can we treat obesity through yoga. Hopefully by using these methods, you will be able to make your life full of health, energy.

If you are suffering from health problems, cannot find a solution to the problems, and you want to know the reason through astrology, want to know the right solutions of problems then do consult astrologer here. 

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