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Significance of Feeding Animal In Astrology

Significance of feeding animal as per astrology, what are the benefits of feeding animals,  how to overcome from problems by taking blessings of animals.  

As per astrology, animals are also connected with planets and so to overcome from malefic impacts of planets, it is advised to care and feed animals. 

This is not a superstition, people are getting benefits by feeding animals for decades and so there is not doubt. In this article we will know about different benefits of feeding different types of animals as per astrology. 

Significance of Feeding Animal In Astrology
Significance of Feeding Animal In Astrology

Animals have power to take away our grief’s, s sorrow,  they have highly sensitive organs due to which animals are able to predict many incidents which are going to happen, there are many people who give predictions just by studying the behavior of animals.  There are many omens too related with animals which also reveal many secrets related to life.

It is also believed that dogs are able to see the deity of death, they can smell danger. Crows  represent ancestors,  snake are connected with rahu and so on. 

Not only the animals but the colors of animals also keep importance as per remedial astrology. 

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Let’s know significance of feeding different animals as per astrology:

Dog feeding astrology importance:

The world is full of dog lovers and no doubt dogs have extra ordinary intelligence and qualities which makes them beloved of everyone. 

As per astrology dogs are connected with planet ketu and so those who are facing too many problems in life are suggested to feed and care dogs. If anyone feed and care dogs heartily then no doubt person will not face problems in life due to ketu planet.

Dogs are very sensible and so also detect negative energies in home, the presence of dog is helpful in protection from black magic too.

Dogs are not only protect us from strangers but also from negative energies. 

Fish feeding astrology importance:

Lord Vishnu once took incarnation of fish to save this earth and so fishes are connected with planet Jupiter. It is believed that if anyone face too many problems due to black magic, evil eye, malefic planets in horoscope then it is good to feed fishes and take care of them as much as possible.  

Fengshui also tells the importance of fishes for positive energies. 

It is good to chant the spell of lord Vishnu(om namo bhagwate vasudevay) while feeding fishes, this will surely helps in making life free of obstacles. 

Cat feeding astrology importance:

Cats are connected with Ketu and rahu and some believe that cats are inauspicious but want to clear that no animal is inauspicious because god resided in every being in this universe. 

Since their eyes sparks in night and so some people thinks that they are dangerous and sign of evils but want to say that cats protect a person from black magic effects. 

If anyone is facing problems in life due to malefic rahu then it is good to feed cats, make them happy. This remedy will definitely help you to come out from your malefic rahu problems. 

Feeding cats also open the sources of income and so there is a popular totka to feed milk to cat on diwali night to please mahalaxmi. 

Goat feeding astrology importance:

As per astrology goat is connected with planet Saturn and so if anyone is suffering from shani problem then it is good to feed goat and please them. 

Goat milk has tremendous healing power and so used in ayurvedic treatment. In many cases massage of goat milk is recommended, this is a panacea for weak people. 

Ant feeding astrology importance:

It is believed that feeding ants save a person from malefic impacts of rahu.  If poverty and badluck is not leaving then start feeding ants, this will definitely help you to overcome from many hidden problems of life. 

Elephant feeding astrology importance:

Elephant feeding is also very important and this divine animal is connected with planet Jupiter. If anyone face problems in life due to malefic Jupiter in horoscope then it is good to feed and care elephant, this will definitely help to overcome from problems of life. 

Monkey feeding astrology importance:

Monkeys are very powerful and fickle in nature. Monkeys are connected with planet mars and so if anyone is suffering in life due to malefic mars in horoscope then don’t worry, just feed monkeys and you will find good results.

Crow feeding astrology importance:

Crow is connected with ancestors as well as planet Saturn and so in Shraad paksh it is advised to feed crows to please ancestors. 

If anyone is facing problems in life due to pitru dosha or malefic Saturn in horoscope then it is good to feed crows daily must on amavasya and Saturday. 

Turtle feeding astrology importance:

Lord Vishnu once took the incarnation of turtle to help gods  and so turtle is connected with lord Vishnu and there is no doubt that if anyone feed turtle then health, wealth and prosperity starts entering in life. 

In fengshui also turtle is used to attract prosperity. 

So we have seen that why people feed different animals and what are the benefits of caring animals. Do please animals and attract success in life. 


Significance of feeding animal as per astrology, what are the benefits of feeding animals,  how to overcome from problems by taking blessings of animals.  


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