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2021 First Lunar Eclipse on 26 may

First lunar eclipse of year 2021, know where this eclipse will be seen, what will be its effect, what to do according to astrology for success, know the predictions of 12 zodiacs?

This year in 2021, no eclipse will be seen completely in India, but partially we can see in some parts of India. 

all about 2021 First Lunar Eclipse on 26 may by best astrologer
2021 First Lunar Eclipse on 26 may

The first lunar eclipse of 2021 is going to take place on Wednesday, 26th of May. On this day, Vaishakh Purnima will be there.

Let us know where the lunar eclipse of May 26 will be seen:

This lunar eclipse will be seen in the north eastern parts of India and some places in West Bengal for some time and partially.

Apart from this, it will be seen in North and South America, Asia, Australia, Antarctica, Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean.

In the country where you will see the whole lunar eclipse, there will be full sutak and other effects will also be felt completely.

Watch Video here:

Let us know the astrological significance of the lunar eclipse of 26 May:

At the time of lunar eclipse, the moon will be in Scorpio zodiac and if we see the Transit horoscope, then we know the following things:

  • The moon will remain debilitated, which will increase its inauspiciousness.
  • Sura graham yoga and Chandra graham yoga will also present in transit horoscope, so for those who have eclipse yoga in their horoscope, it will be a very difficult time.
  • Mars will remain in its enemy sign.
  • Rahu and Ketu will remain exalted due to which time will be very favorable for Tantra siddhi .

Let us know what will be the effect of lunar eclipse on the 12 zodiac signs:

  1. Aries sign: People of Aries will have to be careful, health problems may increase, they may suffer from an accident, so if possible, do not go out in the eclipse period and chant the mantras of lord Hanumanji.
  2. Taurus zodiac: Relationship with high authority class can be bad, worry about father's health may increase, there may be chance of defame for taurus, but the time is very good for those who want to activate any spell or tantra. 
  3. Gemini : Your brain power will increase, but enemies will disturb you. There is also good chance of increase in business. Gemini people should chant the mantras of Maa Durga at the time of lunar eclipse.
  4. Cancer: Time will not be good for Cancerians, blood disorders, stomach problems, mental problem may increase. You should chant "Om Namah Shivaya", the Panchakshari Mantra of Shiva at the time of lunar eclipse.
  5. Leo zodiac: Concern may increase due to parents' health, work will increase but obstacles will also harass you, it is good to protect yourself from any kind of investment, do not get caught in any debate. Leo people must chant the Isht Mantra.
  6. Virgo sign: Concern may increase with respect to the health of siblings, there may be a change in mind, but for work, time will be good. Virgo people should worship lord ganesha. 
  7. Libra sign: You have to keep control on your speech, otherwise you can get caught up in the debate. Sudden expenses can increase, so keep yourself ready. Chanting mantras of Maa Lakshmi will be fruitful for libra people on May 28 at the time of lunar eclipse.
  8. Scorpio sign: Moon will remain in your sign and eclipse will also take place, so time is not right for you, some disease can disturb, anxiety can be incurred, unnecessary expenses may make you worry. Scorpio should not go anywhere from home, and chant your isht mantra.
  9. Sagittarius: Your expenses may increase a lot, money may be spent on an unnecessary journey, the enemy may try to harass you, do not lend to anyone, otherwise money will get stuck. Sagittarius people should worship lord vishnu. 
  10. Capricorn: Your morale will increase a lot, but worrying about increasing income will make you anxious. Concern over the health of mother and father can also increase. Capricorn people should worship goddess Kali at the time of lunar eclipse.
  11. Aquarius: You may face decrease in your name and fame, there may be increase in anxiety, you may worry due to health of the mother, you may be worried to increase happiness. Misconception may increase with life partner. Aquarius people should Chant  favorite mantra at the time of lunar eclipse, pray for happy life.
  12. Pisces: You will have to work harder than ever to get success in any work due to lack of luck. There may be debate with siblings. Conflict with your lover can increase. Pisces people should Chant mantras of Lord Shiva for auspiciousness.

Let us know what not to do at the time of lunar eclipse:

  • Women who are pregnant should not get out of the house at all.
  • Food and water should not be taken, but this rule does not apply to children and the sick. You should put  basil leaf in food and water before using it. 
  • At the time of lunar eclipse, physical relations should not be made even by mistake.
  • Do not commit any kind of violence during the eclipse period.

What should be done at the time of lunar eclipse?

  1. Eclipse period is considered to be the best time for mantra and tantra siddhi, so those who are suffering from any problem should do rituals or chant mantra to get rid of trouble.
  2. Those who want Mantri Siddhi, those people can also take full advantage of the eclipse period.
  3. Those who suffer from any black magic will also get a good chance to protect themselves from evil forces.
  4. Those who want a job should also chant their Ishta Mantra in the eclipse period, with determination.
  5. Those who want to increase business, they can also use it or they can chant the mantras of Mata Lakshmi.

Let us know what to do after the lunar eclipse?

  • After the the lunar eclipse, wipe the entire house, sprinkle cow urine and holy water, give incense.
  • Bath by putting gangajal in bathing water. 
  • You should donate food, money, clothes according to your capacity.

So we have seen that when is the lunar eclipse take place, what will be its effect on 12 people, what should we do for auspiciousness, what should not be done at the time of eclipse. Hopefully all of you will be able to take full advantage of the eclipse and  make your life healthy and prosperous.

If you want to know according to your horoscope -

  • How will your future?
  • What to do for success?
  • Which gem will be lucky for you?
  • Which puja is useful for you?
  • How will be love life? Etc. then you can contact for astrology guidance.

First lunar eclipse of year 2021, know where this eclipse will be seen, 2021 का पहला चन्द्र ग्रहण, what will be its effect, what to do according to astrology for success, know the predictions of 12 zodiacs?


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