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Ways To Please Saturn

Simple ways to please Shani According to astrology, शनि को खुश करने के सरल उपाय ज्योतिष अनुसार , how to get Shani's blessing?.

Sun son Shani Dev, who is also brother of Yama(god of death), is famous for justice that is why when Saturn comes in Main transit, sub transit then the person sees major changes in life. Even during sadesati and dhaiya, people pass through major changes in life. 

Ways To Please Saturn as per vedic astrology by best astrologer
Ways To Please Saturn

If shani dev become happy then bless the person with health, wealth, property and all materialistic happiness but if Saturn become malefic then it deprive the person from all luxuries in life. that is why everyone is scared of Saturn.

Let us know some easy ways to please Shani Dev:

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  1. If due to malefic Shani, there has been a lot of trouble in life then in such a situation, take care of helpless people. By the blessings of physically challenged people, one can attract the blessings of Saturn easily. Big troubles begin to go away from life. So do help every needy one as much as possible. You can donate food to the hungry, give the necessary things to physically challenged people, donate clothes, donate oil, donate slippers and shoes as per capacity.
  2.  If disease and griefs are causing turmoil in life due to malefic Saturn, in such a situation, one should worship Lord Shani with the worship of Lord Shiva and chant "Om Namah Shivaya" and "Om Shanescharaay Namah" mantra as much as possible. This bring the blessings of Lord Shiva and Shani Dev and troubles begin to subside.
  3. If Saturn is bad in Kundali, do not insult anyone, especially those who work in your home, office, factory etc. Fulfill there needs and your life will change miraculously.
  4. Crow is the vehicle of Shani Dev, so if you want to receive the grace of Shani Dev, then make sure to feed especially on Saturday, and if you take out food for the crow from your meal every day, then you will feel miraculous changes in life. Do not forget to chant the mantra of Shani Dev while feeding the crows. With this, along with Shani Dev, you can also receive the blessings of ancestors.
  5. if Shani Dev is not in a good position in the horoscope, Sade Sati is running, Shani is running in Mahadasha or antardasha then another powerful way is to proceed for the Mahashanti puja of Shani
  6. It is believed that devotees of hanumanji don’t pass through major malefic impacts of shani and so  if you are going through a terrible crisis, due to Shani, then you can worship Hanuman ji, you can offer chola to Hanumanji on Saturday, take 108 round of lord hanumanji and pray for hurdle-free life.
  7. If you can do Havan at home, then do Havan daily with 108 mantras of Shani Dev and use black til in the ingredients or you can do it with mustard oil.

So if you are suffering in life due to malefic Saturn, debt is increasing, family life is getting worse, career is not good, then get the blessings of Shani Dev and feel the change in life. 

So hopefully in this article you will have found some easy ways to please Shani, by using it you will be able to free your life from obstacles.

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Simple ways to please Shani According to astrology, शनि को खुश करने के सरल उपाय ज्योतिष अनुसार , how to get Shani's blessing?.


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