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Auspicious Days In Bhado month as per vedic astrology

Auspicious Days In Bhado month as per vedic astrology, teej and tyohaar in bhado month as per hindu calender, 23rd of august to 20 September 2021, remedies of problems.

A very important month which start just after shraawan month is BHADO as per hindu calendar, this is also called bhadrapd month. This is a very important month from the point of doing rituals and enjoy life because many festivals comes in this month and in whole India people engage to enjoy festivals in different ways. 

Auspicious Days In Bhado month as per vedic astrology
Auspicious Days In Bhado month as per vedic astrology

In this article we will see the coming festivals and astrology importance, what to do for success on these days for success. 

In the year 2021 Bhado month has started from 23rd of august and remain till 20th of September 2021.

हिंदी में पढ़िए भादो महीने के मुख्य त्यौहार और महुरत 

We will get the following important festivals and celebrations in this month of bhado:

  1. Ganesh chaturthi fast and Kajri teej is on 25th august, Wednesday. This is the day when we can worship lord ganesha with goddess parwati for successful life. 
  2. Birthday celebration of elder brother of shree Krishna i.e. Balram will be done on 28th of august, Saturday. This day is also known as HALSHASHTHI. 
  3. Shree Krishna janmashtmi will be celebrated on 30th of august, Monday. This is among most auspicious night as per astrology and tantra. The night of janmashtmi is called Mohratri. This night is used to perform spiritual practices, tantra practices to fulfill wishes. 
  4. Jaya ekadashi fast will be on 2nd of September, 2021, Thursday. On this day worship of lord Vishnu is done to make life successful and to over come from malefic impacts of planets.
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  6. Bachbaras will be celebrated on 3rd , Friday. A very auspicious day to worship cow with calf for good luck. 
  7. Amavasya is on 6th of September, Monday.  This is a very important day from the point of view of performing rituals for the upliftment of ancestors and to seek blessing. 
  8. Hartalika teej will be celebrated on 9th of September, Thursday.  This is the day to worship goddess parwati for the wellbeing of husband. 
  9. The 10 days celebration known as Ganesh utsav will start from 10th, Friday. From this day lord ganesha is worshipped with joy by everyone in india to remove hurdles of life.
  10. Teja dashmi will be on 16th September 2021, Thursday. This is a very important day from the point of view of villagers and they celebrate this day devotedly. It is believed that tejaji maharaj save devotee from poison and snake and take away the grief’s of life.  
  11. Dol gyaras/jaljhulni ekadashi is on 17th September, Friday. On this day, people perform fast and worship lord Vishnu to make life successful. 
  12. Anant chaturdashi is on 19th September, Sunday. The 10 days ganesh utsav will end on this day and people perform special worship to seek blessings from lord ganesha.
  13. Bhado full moon day is on 20th September Monday. A very auspicious day to gain virtue by doing rituals. The main thing about this poornima is that, from  next day Shraadh paksh when everyone start prayers to please ancestors. 

So 12 important and auspicious days will come in bhado month as per hindu calendar when we can perform different types of rituals to remove problems of life and to attract blessings of divine energies. 

Hope you have got the proper knowledge of coming days and what to do for success. In next articles we will see about details of different celebrations as per vedic astrology. 

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Auspicious Days In Bhado month as per vedic astrology, भादों महीने के तीज और त्यौहार,  teej and tyohaar in bhado month as per hindu calender, 23rd of august to 20 september 2021, remedies of problems.


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