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Widow astrology and remarriage yoga

Widow astrology and remarriage yoga, which planets are responsible for widowhood, Is it possible for widow to remarry successfully, astrology tips for widow for remarriage, how to minimize doshas in birth chart to marry again, horoscope of widow female for case study. 

Everyone dream to have a successful marriage life and to spend good time with life partner but unfortunately some people face problems in life and deprive of life partner due to death of partner, divorce with partner, separation due to some reasons etc. But the reality is that everyone need a companion to live life happily. 

In this article we will check planetary positions which enhance the widowhood and we will also see remedies to make life successful. 

Widow astrology and remarriage yoga, which planets are responsible for widowhood, astrology remedies for widow remarriage.
Widow astrology and remarriage yoga

Who are widows?

Those whose husband dies are called widows, in Hindi we call them Vidhwa/विधवा. In the earlier times, widows were seen as inferior, but with the passage of time, people's views are also changing and widows are also realizing to live life again in the right way, that is why now people marry widows which is a very good thing because everyone has the right to live life till last breathe.

Some become widows at a very young age, in such a situation it is difficult to live life, so they need someone. Some women become widows in adulthood, due to which they also need a partner.

 Life without a partner seems to be very difficult, that's why the decision of second marriage is never wrong but it is necessary to take precautions to not face problems again in married life.

Through minute horoscope reading, it is possible to predict the problems coming in life and so it is possible to take some precautions earlier. 

Read about how to remove doshas after marriage?

Let’s see Which planets are responsible for widowhood?

  1. The combination of malefic planets in specific house arise the problems in marriage. Some combinations are given below –
  2.  The seventh house and lagna in birth chart is very closely related with marriage life, if any of these house is affected badly then problems arise in marriage life. 
  3. If malefic mars and Saturn present in 7th house in horoscope then this is not a good combination and arise many problems in married life, this also enhance the widowhood. 
  4. If malefic Saturn and mars are present in lagna in kundli then also this is not good for married life and enhance the widowhood. 
  5. If malefic mars and sun present in marriage house then this combination is also not good for married life and enhance widowhood. 
  6. If malefic Saturn and mars present in marriage house then this also create problems in life and enhance widowhood. 
  7. If malefic rahu, mars, sun sits together in lagna or 7th house then this also affect the life badly. 
  8. There are many other conjunctions of planets which if form in lagna kundli and 9D chart then female become widow in early age. 

Case Study of Widow Horoscope:

Example first of my close relative:

widow 1 horoscope for astrology case study
Horoscope of widoe

One of my close relative become widow at early age and then she showed her horoscope and I have found the following reason-

  • In her lagna chart, Saturn and mars are sitting together.
  • Next is the master of her 7th house is Jupiter which is malefic.
  • In her navmansh chart, Sun and Jupiter both are malefic and sitting in seventh house. 

Due to this at early age she faced problem in her married life. 

Example Second of 1 of my client:

widow chart for astrology case study
Chart of widow

In this char we can see that –

  • In her lagna kundli, Malefic rahu and shukra are sitting together in marriage house and affecting it badly. 
  • Next is in her 9D chart Malefic ketu is sitting with moon in lagna.
  • Saturn and rahu are sitting together in 7th house in 9D chart. 

Due to this she became widow in early age. 

So above case study shows that how astrology predicts the incidents. 

Watch video here:

Can widow enter in relationship again?, is it possible to make married life successful again?

Yes! It is possible to enter in relationship again and to live life successfully because everyone has right to live life but it is necessary to take some remedies to minimize the impact of malefic planets so as not to face problems again. 

What are the Remedies to make married life successful if marriage house is badly affected by malefic planets?

  1. If you have seen that your 7th house or lagna or master of 7th house is malefic then it is good to perform GRAH SHANTI POOJAS after consulting astrologer. For example if malefic Saturn or malefic rahu or any other planet is present in marriage house then it is good to perform shanti pooja of related planet. 
  2. It is also suggested to perform Kumbh vivah before marriage to overcome from widowhood. 
  3. Worship of family of lord shiva together is good to make marriage life successful. 
  4. If there is mangalik yoga which is also known as kuja dosha then it is necessary to perform mangal shanti pooja or kuja dosha shanti puja before marriage and also it is necessary to perform shiv pooja regularly after marriage. 
  5. It is good to perform abhishek of shivling with sugarcane juice regularly on Tuesday and amavasya and pray for successful life. 
  6. If you are suffering from malefic impact of planets in marriage house then it is good to perform worship of godess durga in Gupt navratri and navratri and also worship girls below 9 years, take blessings from them. 
  7. In navratris do offer make up kit in goddess temple to overcome from badluck in marriage life. 
  8. To overcome from widowhood, it is good to perform peepal tree pooja on Saturday regularly. Do take 108 round of it devotedly and pray for happy life. 
  9. If you are a widow and want remarriage and no ways are opening then do one thing, Do the worship of SHIVLING MADE WITH RANGHA for 40 days and then donate it in any shiv temple. 
    rangha shivling for worship
    shivling for marriage dosha removal

  10. If you are a widow and are fearing to marry again then do worship of Radha Krishna together and pray for deserving partner and successful marriage life. 
  11. You can also wear gems stone by consulting astrologer to enhance the luck. 

So if your horoscope is affected by bad yogas or malefic planets then not to worry, trust on divine energies and consult an experienced astrologer, you will definitely get some good ways to make life successful again, you will definitely get a deserving partner to spend life happily. 

If you are a widow then don’t be upset, get ready to make life life wonderful again, take some good steps, increase your social contacts, adopt some astrology ways, perform worship, use gems stone and live a happy life. 

Remember where there is a will, there is a way, so never depress, be positive and have positive. 

Read tips for happy married life

Some Suggestions to keep in mind while searching for REMARRIAGE:

  • Do tell your wish of remarriage to your relatives, friends who can help you to get a good partner. 
  • There are many organization which works on widow remarriage, you can also contact them.
  • There are many social workers who can help you to get a deserving partner.
  • In bihar, there are mandir samiti which helps in remarriage, you can contact them. 
  • Some arya samaj devotees also do this auspicious work, you can contact them and leave your details for marriage. 
  • There are many websites which are made for 2nd marriage, remarriage. You can share your details there or search for deserving partner. 
  • Apart from this, you can also send your profile to where your profile will be shared for free, those who need it can contact you, for this you can send your profile to
  • Don’t make hurry in fixing your remarriage, do spend some time and then decide, whether the person is right for you or not. 
  • You can also register yourself in offline marriage beuro in your city for remarriage.
  • There are many facebook groups which are made for remarriages, you can check them and share your profile too. 
  • Do check the authentication of person before making relationship to avoid fraud. 

So in this way widow can remarry and settle again to enjoy life. 

If you want to know that when is the best time to marry, which planets are creating problem in remarriage, which gem stone is good for you, which pooja is good for you, what to donate then you can contact ASTROLOGER. 

Wishing you a happy and successful life. 

Widow astrology and remarriage yoga, which planets are responsible for widowhood, Is it possible for widow to remarry successfully, astrology tips for widow for remarriage, how to minimize doshas in birth chart to marry again, horoscope of widow female for case study. 


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