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when is ashadh amavasya

Ashadh amavasya date as per hindu panchang, what is the significance of Ashadha Amavasya?, आषाढ़ माह की अमावस्या की तिथि ,What should we do ?, Astrological remedies to remove obstacles in life.

Ashadha Amavasya 2022:

The month of Ashadha is very important according to astrology and the no moon night of this month is very important. According to the Hindu calendar, this is the fourth month and after that the month of Shravan will start.

Ashadh amaavasya is also known as Halaharini Amavasya or Ashadhi Amavasya.

In 2022 we will get 2 days of Ashadhi Amavasya, on 28th June and 29th June.

Ashadh amavasya date asper hindu panchang, what is the significance of Ashadha Amavasya?, आषाढ़ माह की अमावस्या की तिथि ,What should we do ?
when is ashadh amavasya

Let us know the importance of Amavasya of the month of Ashadha:

Halaharini Amavas is one of the best day to perform rituals  for ancestral peace. If there is Kaal Sarp Yog or Pitra Dosh in someone's horoscope, then in such a situation, benefits can be taken by worshiping on this day. Apart from this, if some witchcraft has happened on someone, then they can also protect themselves from evil powers by worshiping on this day.

हिंदी में पदिये अषाढ़ महीने की अमावस्या कब है ?

Let us know some remedies for Ashadh Amavasya:

  1. Get up early in the morning and get rid of regular activities.
  2. After that do tarpan to get the blessings of ancestors.
  3. Offering food to Brahmins on this day is also very beneficial.
  4. According to one's capacity, one should donate food, clothes and money.
  5. Apart from this, food must be taken out for cows, dogs, crows, ants and divine powers. Ancestors are pleased with this.
  6. In the south-west corner of the house, a lamp must be lit in the name of the ancestors.
  7. Those who do farming should worship the agricultural tools on Ashadha Amavasya.
  8. If there is an old Peepal tree near your house, then worship it on Ashadi Amavas, it removes many problems. Offer water there, light a lamp, offer Nevaidya, burn incense and seek blessings. You can also do 108 rounds of Peepal tree for fulfillment of special wishes.
  9. Offering lamps on the night of Amavasya also has special importance, so if you live near a river, then you must offer  lamps in river. 

Let us know the dates of ashadh amavasya in 2022?

Amavasya of the month of Ashadh will start from 28th June and will remain till 8:22 am on 29th June.

Let us know how the position of the planets will be on the ashaadhi amavasya?

On this day, 7 planets will remain auspicious in the transit horoscope, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Guru, Venus, Saturn and Ketu, so that those who want to do any sadhna from this day will definitely get success.

The combination of Rahu and Mars will also remain in the transit horoscope, due to which accidents can increase on this day and night, so be careful.

Read what can be the effect of Rahu and Mars conjunction on 12 zodiac signs?

Ashadh amavasya date asper hindu panchang, what is the significance of Ashadha Amavasya?, आषाढ़ माह की अमावस्या की तिथि ,What should we do ?, Astrological remedies to remove obstacles in life.


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