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Pitru Stotram benefits way to please ancestors

Benefits of Pitru Stotram, when to recite this, Easy way to recite Pitru strotam, Meaning of पितृ स्त्रोत in english.

When there is Pitra Dosh in the horoscope, then there are obstacles in every field in life such as delay in marriage, progress in job, failure in love life, frequent diseases, trouble in accumulating wealth. In this caseit is necessary to take some measures for the happiness of the ancestors.

Benefits of Pitru Stotram, when to recite this, Easy way to recite Pitru strotam, Meaning of पितृ स्त्रोत in english.
Pitru Stotram benefits way to please ancestors

Let us know some remedies for Pitru Dosh Nivaran:

  1. If there is Pitra Dosh in the horoscope, then we can make our life happy by taking some easy home remedies by getting the blessings of the ancestors.
  2. Ardhya should be given to the sun daily, it reduces the effects of pitru dosh.
  3. Blessings of elders should be taken daily.
  4. Senior citizens should be served.
  5. Lord Vishnu's mantra Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya should be chanted daily.
  6. Chanting Pitru Gayatri Mantra daily also gives great benefits.
  7. Salute the ancestors daily with the mantra- Om Pitru Devatabhyo Namah.
  8. Apart from this, Pitra strotram is also a powerful remedy for the prevention of Pitra Dosh.

When should one recite Pitru Stotram:

  • If there is Pitru Dosh in the horoscope then reciting pitru strot is beneficial.
  • If the ancestors are seen repeatedly in the dream, then the recitation of pitru strot gives benefit.
  • When any important work is to be done, then one should recite Pitra Stotra, it gives blessings of ancestors and the work becomes successful.
  • Everyone should definitely recite this on Chaudas and Amavasya.
  • If there is no prosperity in the house, disease persists, quarrels keep happening, then in such a situation, the recitation of pitru strot must be done.

Let us know the easy method of reciting Pitru Stotra:

  • Take a bath and wear white clothes.
  • Use white Asan of woolen to sit for prayers, face towards south direction.
  • Put incense, lamp and bhog in the name of ancestors.
  • Now recite Pitru Strot with full devotion.
  • Feed Brahmin on amavasya and chaudas.

PITRU STROT  is being given below:

There are a total of 10 strotr in this which we have to recite and it has been told about the power of ancestors and we salute them again and again.

।। अथ पितृस्तोत्र ।।

1- अर्चितानाममूर्तानां पितृणां दीप्ततेजसाम् ।

नमस्यामि सदा तेषां ध्यानिनां दिव्यचक्षुषाम् ।।

Meaning:  I always salute those ancestors who are worshiped by all, intangible, very splendid, meditative and full of divine vision.

2- इन्द्रादीनां च नेतारो दक्षमारीचयोस्तथा ।

सप्तर्षीणां तथान्येषां तान् नमस्यामि कामदान् । ।

Meaning - I salute those ancestors who are the leaders of the deities like Indra, Daksha, Maricha, Saptarishis and others, who fulfill their desires.

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3- मन्वादीनां च नेतार: सूर्याचन्दमसोस्तथा ।

तान् नमस्यामहं सर्वान् पितृनप्युदधावपि ।।

Meaning- I salute all the ancestors, who are the heroes of kings like Manu, the sages and the sun and the moon. I salute them in sea and water.

4- नक्षत्राणां ग्रहाणां च वाय्वग्न्योर्नभसस्तथा ।

द्यावापृथिवोव्योश्च तथा नमस्यामि कृताञ्जलि: ।।

Meaning- I salute with folded hands to the ancestors who are the leaders of the stars, planets, air, fire, sky and earth and also the earth.

5- देवर्षीणां जनितृंश्च सर्वलोकनमस्कृतान् ।

अक्षय्यस्य सदा दातृन् नमस्येहं कृताञ्जलि: ।।

Meaning– I salute those ancestors with folded hands, who are the creators of the Dev rishis, who are worshiped by all the worlds and who are always the giver of inexhaustible fruits.

6- प्रजापते: कश्पाय सोमाय वरुणाय च ।

योगेश्वरेभ्यश्च सदा नमस्यामि कृताञ्जलि: ।।

Meaning – I always salute with folded handsthe ancestors who are in the form of Prajapati, Kashyap, Soma, Varuna and Yogeshwar.

7- नमो गणेभ्य: सप्तभ्यस्तथा लोकेषु सप्तसु ।

स्वयम्भुवे नमस्यामि ब्रह्मणे योगचक्षुषे ।।

Meaning: Salutations to the seven ancestors located in the seven worlds. I bow to the swayambhu Brahmaji, who has yogic vision.

8- सोमाधारान् पितृगणान् योगमूर्तिधरांस्तथा ।

नमस्यामि तथा सोमं पितरं जगतामहम् ।।

Meaning- On the basis of the moon, I salute the eminent and form of yoga  Also, I salute Soma, the father of the whole world.

9- अग्रिरूपांस्तथैवान्यान् नमस्यामि पितृनहम् ।

अग्नीषोममयं विश्वं यत एतदशेषतः।।

Meaning- I bow to other ancestors in the form of fire, because this whole world is in the form of fire and som.

10- ये तु तेजसि ये चैते सोमसूर्याग्रिमूर्तय: ।

जगत्स्वरूपिणश्चैव तथा ब्रह्मस्वरूपिण: ।।

तेभ्योखिलेभ्यो योगिभ्य: पितृभ्यो यतामनस: ।

नमो नमो नमस्तेस्तु प्रसीदन्तु स्वधाभुज ।।

Meaning- Those who are situated in the radiance,  who are visible in the form of the Moon, the Sun and the fire, and those who are the form of the universe and the Brahman, I bow to all those yogis with a concentrated mind. I greet them again and again. May those ancestors be pleased with me.

।। इति पितृ स्त्रोत समाप्त ।।

When there is Pitra Dosh in the horoscope, then there are obstacles in every field in life such as delay in marriage, progress in job, failure in love life, frequent diseases, trouble in accumulating wealth. In this caseit is necessary to take some measures for the happiness of the ancestors.

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Benefits of Pitru Stotram, when to recite this, Remedies of pitru dosha, Easy way to recite Pitru strotam, Meaning of पितृ स्त्रोत in english.


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