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Mercury transit in Libra predictions by vedic astrologer

When will Mercury transit in Libra, predictions of Vedic astrologers, Mercury transit in libra 2022 predictions, what will be the effect of Mercury's transit in Libra on 12 zodiac signs, know love rashifal, बुध का तुला राशि में गोचर का राशिफल. Mercury transit in libra 2022 predictions: The planet Mercury will enter Libra on Wednesday, 26 October and will stay here till 19 November. Mercury will be in conjunction with Venus due to which Lakshmi Narayan Raj-Yoga will be formed as well as Budhaditya Raja Yoga will also form. On October 26, at 1:36 pm, the planet Mercury will leave Virgo and enter Libra. Due to this, we will get to see a lot of positive effects in the market and in the lives of the people. The planet Mercury is related to business, commerce, brain power, banking, logic etc. Therefore, big changes can be seen in the country and the world. There will be good changes in the market, big changes will also be seen in the stock market, businessmen will move ahead by makin

Kanakdhara Strotram To Attract Money And Prosperity

kanakdhara Strotram, Meaning of kanakdhara strotram,  Way to get blessings of Mahalaxmi, Kanakdhara Spell, what are the benefits of reciting Kanakdhara strot.  way to get money and over all prosperity. Adiguru Shankaracharya has invoked Goddess Lakshmi in the Kanakdhara source. Kanakdhara means stream of gold. This is the same divine source from whose text Adiguru Shankaracharya ji had made the rain of gold by pleasing Mata Lakshmi. If poverty is not giving up, debt is increasing, all sources of income have stopped, then in such a situation, the recitation of kanakdhara strot should be started thrice daily in the morning, afternoon and evening and one should pray to the mother. With its regular recitation, all kinds of wealth related problems goes away and by the grace of Mahalakshmi, a happy and prosperous life is lived. Kanakdhara Strotram To Attract Money And Prosperity Read the full lyrics and meaning of kanakdhara strot here  How to Chant Kanakdhara Strotram?

Akshay Navmi Astrology Significance

When is awla navmi 2022/Significance of Akshay navmi, what to do for success on AMLA NAVMI, know the easy pooja process to bring name, fame, money, good relationships. A very auspicious day for health, wealth, prosperity, relationships problem solutions. As per astrology Kartik month is very auspicious, in this month we are able to perform prayers, totke, rituals to make life hurdle-free. On the 9th day of shukla paksh in kartik month special prayers are done by devotees and this pooja is performed under Amla Tree. This day is called Amla navmi or Akshay navmi. In the year 2022, Akshay Navmi is on 2nd of november, Wednesday amla navmi2022  significance As per belief , lord Vishnu resides on Amla tree from 9th day of kartik shukl paksh to kartik poornima and that’s why devotees worship amla tree in these days.  हिंदी में पढ़िए आमला नवमी कब है 2022 में   Lets know some interesting facts about AKSHAY NAVMI/amla navmi: Helping needy people brings virtue on

What Is Bandhan Dosha In Tantra ?

What is bandhan dosha, what happens when bandhan kriya is done by someone, solutions from astrologer, types of bandhan dosha? Bandhan is a Vengeful/Tamsik process and it comes under category of Black Magic in which by using spell success of any person is stopped. Some person faces problem in business due to vyapaar bandh, some faces problem in marriage, some faces problem in having child, some faces problem in having money due to Bandhan Dosha. What is Bandhan Dosha? This is a special process to stagnate anyone to do anything, to achieve anything so as to get finished. This is a process done by enemy by using the tantra method. Many people even don't know that why they are suffering in life too much. The effects of this process is very dangerous and so it is good to consult experienced astrologer if anyone is facing too many problems in life. If health is going down gradually, if medicines are not working, if sudden death is going on, if accidents are happening reg

Relationship Problems And Remedies

Relationships  problems and astrology remedies,12 reasons of relationship problems, Types of problems in relationships, factors affecting relationships planets responsible for relationship problems, how to over come from relationship problems, how to make good relationships? Relationships in life is very important. In fact it is a very important part of life. No body can live a life without any relationship with any one. It comes under the basic need of human being. Daily many cases of relationships comes to me. Here in this article i am going to clear that what type of problems comes in relationships, why breakups takes place and how astrology helps to over come from this problem. Relationship Problems And Remedies This article will be very helpful for the persons, for the couples, for males and females, for every one who want to live a good life with partner. You will come to know the factors affecting relationships, you will come to know the core reasons affecting

Surya gayatri mantra Benefits in astrology

What is Surya Gayatri Mantra?,  श्री सूर्य गायत्री मंत्र क्या है ?, Lord Surya Mantra Chanting, benefits of surya gayatri mantra in astrology, When to chant this divine.  This is a powerful spell of lord sun which has great healing power and attract the blessing of lord sun.  Sun is the only god who is visible to everyone and a source of energy.  Worship of sun with surya gayatri mantra attract health, wealth and prosperity, so everyone must recite this in the morning.  Surya gayatri mantra Benefits in astrology Let’s know some benefits of reciting surya gayatri mantra: If anyone has malefic or debilitated sun in birth chart then do recite this divine surya gayatri mantra.  This is very helpful to develop leadership quality in personality.  This is a very good mantra to enhance spiritual growth.  One can attract name and fame by chanting this surya gayatri daily.  It helps to make better relationship with father.  Language: Sanskrit हिन्दी में पढ़िए सूर्य गायत्री मन्त्र क

Black Magic Remedies

what are black magic remedies, who can protect from black magic,  Black magic remedies by astrologer , how to destroy kala jadu easily, ways to protect from black magic. I am writing this very important article for the persons who are suffering from black magic and for the persons who want to know about the remedies of black magic. Also who don't believe in black-magic can get very important information which compel them to believe in this harmful magic. There is a different world of black magicians who perform their practices in graveyard, burial sites, dark areas etc. They use the dark energies to fulfil materialistic wishes. Black Magic Remedies W hat do you say if a blind men say to you that there is no morning, the same answer will be for the person who don't believe in black magic or evil eye effects etc. Some one may say that in this age of science and technology there is no existence of black magic and evil eye effects but this is no use for the persons who i

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