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Astrology Remedies To Attract Friends and relationship

Astrological remedies to attract friends and relationship, which planet represents friends in astrology?, Role of venus in life.

A horoscope can reveal many secrets about life like personality, hurdles in life, weaknesses in personality, problems in attracting friends, reasons of loneliness, marriage timings, happiness in life etc. 

Friends and relationships are very important in our life because without them we cannot enjoy our life and so it is necessary to know the reasons through astrology if we are suffering from loneliness, no friends, no relationships. 

There are many people who try a lot to get a healthy relationship and friends but they fail because our life is regularly affected by planets as per astrology. 

As per planets in our horoscope our life moves and we face happiness and grief’s in life. 


Astrological remedies to attract friends and relationship, which planet represents friends in astrology?, Role of venus in life.
Astrology Remedies To Attract Friends and relationship

Let’s know some Astrology reasons of failure to attract friends and relationship in life:

  1. If you have weak ascendant then it affects our life badly and nothing is stable in life because of this. So it is necessary to work on this and adopt some gems stone, prayers by consulting astrologer. 
  2. 7th house in our birth chart is closely related with our network and so if it is weak or affected by malefic planets then person is unable to get true relationship and friends in life. 
  3. 4th house is closely related with happiness in life and so if it is disturbed or weak then no doubt person is unable to live a happy life in spite of having friends and relationship. 
  4. The master of lagna i.e. ascendant is very important which influence our nature. If the master of ascendant is weak or malefic then it affects our nature due to which we are not able to make successful relationship with people.
  5. Planet venus in birth chart is related with personal life, happiness, love, romance and so if this planet is not supporting in horoscope then person is unable to enjoy love life or friendship. 

Role Of Venus In life:

Venus planet keeps special position in life. Like each and every planet in the horoscope, Venus also holds a very one of a kind position. Venus in the horoscope tells tons about the impact of girl friends and boyfriends. It represents the females like wife, elder sister, girls, physical happiness, youth etc. 

So, the positioning of Venus in the horoscope can be read, and all the elements that I have talked about beforehand can be evaluated thru the role of Venus in the horoscope. If Venus is well positioned barring any poor or malefic influences, then all the above elements that I have talked about will supply the fantastic or the superior results; whereas, if the Venus in the horoscope is compressed or has received malefic influences on it and these influences are substantially high, then the positivity that one derives from the above type of matters that I have talked about, will be difficult to come to the native. For example, if we discuss about wife, and the relationship with the wife, and the positivity that a character will draw from his or her spouse, then the positioning of Venus is of utmost significance in the horoscope. Venus being a small and stunning planet is the planet of splendor and the planet of pleasure, and there are karma correction methods thru which the electricity of Venus may want to be increased, or an unwell positioned Venus may want to be modified from giving bad consequences to fantastic results.

How Venus in different houses affects our life?

Venus in 1st House:

With Venus in 1st House, natives are well-cultivated persons with erotic contact to their personality. Venus natives possess a sure attraction towards world of art like music, singing, dancing. This also pushes a person to live in beautiful surroundings. Venus in 1st House can make the natives self-conscious and not sure of their exact looks. They searching for acceptance and love from every person round them. If venus is malefic or weak in Ist house in horoscope then the native may face problems in relationship. 

Venus in 2nd House:

Venus in the House of wealth and creature comforts heightens the incomes capability of the native. It infuses a special potential to manage funds on their personal except turning to every person for advice. They acquire ample wealth as well. They splurge closely on arts, beauty, and leisure activities. With properly planetary influence, Venus in 2nd House lends a ideal percentage of peace and stability to the native's personality. Their soft-spoken demeanor, coupled with a capability to talk the proper matters at the proper time, go away human beings closely impressed. 

When Venus in 2nd House is afflicted, they can be shallow in their thinking, greedy, and tempted to accumulate cash with the aid of unlawful means.

Venus in 3rd House

Native with Venus in third House are family oriented and feel good with their siblings or loved ones. They love travelling with family for excursions. Venus in third house also develops capability of Poetry. 

But Malefic or weak Venus in third House affect the relationships badly. 

Venus in 4th House

Venus in 4th House affords a platform for sharing stable emotional bonds with mother. These persons make their home different from other and others takes ideas form them to decorate their homes. Venus in forth house make the person lucky from the point of view of family happiness. 

If the venus is malefic or weak in 4th house then the native is unable to enjoy personal and family life. 

Venus in 5th House

it is in the House of pleasure, love life, progeny and so a powerful and positive venus in fifth house in birth chart helps to live a happy romantic life, successful love life with supportive children. It also helps to earn from share market and speculative market. 

If the venus is malefic in fifth house then it is not good for love relationship and the native bear problems in getting truth relationship.

Venus in 6th House: 

Persons with Venus in sixth house in horoscope is good for artists and also enhance desires to live a very different and cozy life. These natives have different style and attitude which give them different identity in society. 

If venus is malefic or weak in 6th house then the native suffer with debt, over expenses and health issues. 

Venus in 7th House:

Natives born with Venus in seventh House are the luckiest regarding marriage partners. Venus in seventh House blesses them with a charming, well-to-do, and alluring partner with an equally well suited temperament. It also helps to attract friends in life. 

If venus in seventh house is weak or malefic then the native is deprive of true friends and supportive life partner. It also affect the business. 

Venus in 8th House:

The eighth House Venus placement shows a financially well-informed associate with ample wealth and comforts. This type of persons are interested in mystery, eroticism, and a precise quantity of wealth. These type of persons get sudden benefits in life which enhance their standard. 

A malefic or weak venus in 8th house in birth chart is responsible for health loss, financial loss. 

Venus in 9th House:

Venus in ninth house in horoscope blesses a person with knowledge of different types of arts. It also brings luxuries in life and person is lucky in terms of making relationship. Venus in ninth house also enhance luck after marrage.

If Venus becomes malefic in ninth house then it affects the love life, financial status and person face difficulty to utilize knowledge properly. It also increase struggle in life. 

Venus in 10th House

Venus in 10th house in birth chart give attractive personality and these people make different identity in job place, social gathering. These types of people enjoy life as per their own wish. There way of working are different from other which make them ideal for others. A powerful Venus in 10th house help to become leader. These types of people like to have praise for them from others. 

If venus is malefic in tenth house in horoscope then it gives over responsibilities and also make the person lazy. 

Venus in 11th House:

Venus in eleventh House in birth chart helps to fulfill desires. These types of people are very good in making relationship which help them to attract financial status in society too. Venus in 11th house gives a good financial status in society.

Malefic venus in eleventh house deprive a person to get proper return of hard work. It also leads to instable income source. 

Venus in 12th House:

Venus in twelfth House in horoscope makes a person traveler.  This help to travel abroad and to gain knowledge of different subject. This type of native likes to engage themselves in adventurous activities. This also makes a person unlucky in terms of stable relationship. 

Malefic or weak venus in twelth house is not good and leads to unwanted expenses and health loss. 

So we have seen some impacts of venus in 12 houses in birth chart. So for relationship it is not good to read only position of venus but houses of horoscope are also very important. 

If you are suffering from loneliness, lack of friendship then do show your horoscope and know the exact reasons and remedies through vedic astrology. 

Some astrology remedies to attract friendship:

  • Do chant the lord KAMDEV MANTRA to enhance your attraction aura, this will help to attract people around you.
  • Do wear the gem stone by consulting astrologer to enhance your ascendant. 
  • Grah shanti pooja is also good way to minimize impacts of malefic planets. 
  • Worship of ancestors with Kuldevi is a good way to remove unseen obstacles in life. 
  • Do donate flowers in goddess temple on Friday and pray for happy relationship. 

Astrological remedies to attract friends and relationship, which planet represents friends in astrology?

Astrological remedies to attract friends and relationship, which planet represents friends in astrology?, Role of venus in life.


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