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Garud Gayatri Mantra To reove negative Influences

What is garud gayatri mantra, how to chant this spell, benefits of garud gayatri mantra, powerful spell for protection from negative energies and dark energies.

When there is Kaal Sarp Yog, Vish Yoga, Grahan Dosh or any type of Bandhan dosha in the horoscope, then life becomes full of struggles. To avoid any kind of defects, there are different types of worship, one of them is the worship of Pakshiraj Garuda.

Who is Garud?

Shri garud dev is actually a bird but is the king of birds because he is the carrier of lord Vishnu and so is very powerful and sacred. 

Garud has powerful eye sight and has very fast while flying. His wings are giant and create divine sounds when flying. He is a great devotee of lord Vishnu and is the enemy of negative energies. 

The GARUD GAYATRI MANTRA invokes the divine king of bird and protect the chanter from any type of negativity, fear, dark energies. 

What is garud gayatri mantra, how to chant this spell, benefits of garud gayatri mantra, powerful spell for protection from negative energies
Garud Gayatri Mantra To reove negative Influences

Let’s check the benefits of Garud Mantra point by point:

  1. If there is serpent dosha/sarp dosha/kaalsarp dosha in horoscope then this spell is very good and save the native from harmful impacts of kalsarp yoga.
  2. If anyone fear of reptiles or snakes then it is good to chant this mantra daily in the morning and before going to bed. 
  3. The recitation of this mantra is very effective in removing poisonous effects in the body and so helps in fast recovery.
  4. If anyone is suffering from black magic, evil eye effects or dark energies then it is good to recite this mantra daily and perform hawan with this mantra. It will definitely save the person. 
  5. If anyone is suffering from chronic diseases then it is good to perform garud pooja. 
  6. This mantra is very beneficial in bacterial and fungal infections. 
  7. If anyone is haunted  or suffering from BANDHAN DOSHA then it is good to listen and chant this GARUD GAYATRI MANTRA.
  8. If anyone has rahu and ketu dosha in birth chart then also it is good to chant this garud mantra daily. 
  9. The chanting of this spell bless the person with courage to face the challenges of life.

हिंदी में पढ़िए गरुड़ गायत्री मन्त्र के क्या फायदे हैं ?

What is the best time to start chanting garud mantra?

It is good to start the chanting/jap/recitation of this spell from any PANCHAMI TITHI  as per hindu calendar. 

According to the epic, the father of Garuda was Rishi Kashyapa.

As per mythology Lord Garuda has head and arms of man, giant red  wings, beak and talons of an eagle or vulture with golden body color. His face is white.

Garuda Gayatri Mantra

ॐ तत्पुरुषाय विद्महे  सुवर्णपक्षाय धीमहि तन्नो गरुडः प्रचोदयात् |

oṃ tatpuruṣāya vidmahe suvarṇapakṣāya dhīmahi tanno garuḍaḥ pracodayāt |

What to think while chanting the garud gayatri mantra?

We meditate on Garuda, the Great Soul, the manifestation of Supreme Consciousness. May He, who has golden wings, enlighten my mind with knowledge.

This garud gayatri mantra is a protection mantra and has the ability to transform life completely. This is a boon for weak people. 

If you feel that any negative energy has surrounded you and prohibiting you to perform your daily routine work then don’t worry start GARUD POOJA and feel the change in your life. 

Those who are unable to perform PAKSHIRAJ POOJA by themselves can also hire pundit or astrologer who can do on their behalf. 

A powerful pooja for protection, to develop courage, to minimize malefic impacts of kalsarp yoga, to overcome from impacts of negative or dark energies. 

Stop the unwanted happening in life by recitation of GARUD GAYATRI MANTRA.

Overcome from the unseen hurdles of life by using this divine spell of pakshiraaj. 

Get the best astrology solution of your problems of life from vedic astrologer here. 

Know about your love life, know about career, consult to remove hurdles of life, know about marriage life, best pooja and gem stone to make life successful. 

What is garud gayatri mantra, how to chant this spell, benefits of garud gayatri mantra, powerful spell for protection from negative energies and dark energies.


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