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Devi Kavacham Lyrics and Benefits

 Benefits of Durga Kavach, lyrics of devi kavach with meaning, Durga Kavach in English. Goddess Kavach was told by Brahma to sage Markandeya and it has 56 verses.  Chanting it especially during Navratri is extremely beneficial. Under this, different forms of the Goddess have been praised.  For the protection of any devotee who is suffering from any kind of upper obstacle, suffering from negative powers, a very powerful practice has been given in Durgashaptashati which is known as DEVI KAVACH. This is a boon for all of us. Those who recite this Kavach daily, they easily get out of the most difficult situations of their life. Devi Kavacham Lyrics and Benefits Let us know what are the benefits of RECITING Durga Kavach? Its recitation helps to receive the grace of various forms of the Goddess. Those who are troubled by enemies in life, they are protected by the recitation of this DURGA KAVACH. Whatever fear may be there in life, it can be avoided. This armor has the ability to get

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8th House in Horoscope Reading importance

The eighth house of the horoscope, कुंडली का अष्टम भाव, 8th House in Birth Chart | According to Vedic astrology, what is the effect of different planets on the eighth house of the horoscope?. The eighth house of the birth chart is a very mysterious because due to this there are tremendous changes in life, that is why the study of this house is considered very important in astrology. The planet sitting in this house and the lord of this house whenever they come in the transits, then there are big changes in life. In Vedic astrology, the eighth house is also called health house and death house. How deep our relations with life partner can be known from the study of this 8th house. The eighth house is not only related to health, but also with travel, change in career, sex, wealth, accident etc. The deep secrets of life can be known by the study of this house. What things we should be careful in life also known from the study of this house. 8th House in Horoscope Reading importance हिं

Tantrokt Devi Suktam

Tantrokt devi suktam, meaning of devi suktam, Lyrics of tantrokt devi suktam, Benefits, On line free tantrokt devi suktam, तंत्रोक्त देवी सूक्तं.  If you want to please Maa durga, if you want to get the blessings of goddess shakti, if you are in search of anything which can help you to get the blessings of goddess then here is the end of your search. Here you will get the sanskrit tantrokt devisuktam with its meaning.  By reciting Devi Sukta daily, you get the blessings of Goddess. Maa Durga who is the Adi Shakti and is capable of fulfilling all kinds of wishes. Mother can be pleased by reciting Devi Suktam. In this, we pray that you are Jagdamba in every thing in this universe, that is why I salute you again and again. It must be recited especially during Navratri . Tantrokt Devi Suktam Let us know what are the benefits of reciting Durga Saptashati Tantrokta Devi Suktam: Fear is destroyed by its recitation. Health and prosperity comes in life. Mother protects from evi

When is Chaitra Navratri

When is Chaitra Navratri in 2023, Importance, what to do in navratri for success, चैत्र नवरात्री २०२३,  How will be the planetary positions in transit horoscope in this chaitra navratri. As we all know that the 9 days of navratris are very important to perform prayers, spiritual practices, tantra practices etc. to fulfill wishes. Every navratris are powerful as per vedic astrology and anyone can perform special prayers to make life powerful and successful.  In the year 2023 Chaitra navratri is starting from 22nd of March, Wednesday, and remain till 30th of March thursday. There will be 4 sarwarth siddhi yoga in this navratri. Chaitra Navratri date in 2023 Many good yogas are increasing its power, so if any one want to fulfill wishes then it is good to perform sadhna in these days of chaitra navratri. Chaitra month is the first month as per hindu calender and so is also very important for every one. The ekam/pratipada of chaitra shukla paksh is the first day of navratri and t

Seventh House in Horoscope reading in astrology

Details of 7th house in horoscope, कुंडली का सप्तम भाव, what is the effect of various planets on the seventh house of the horoscope? as per vedic astrology? As we have come to know in the earlier astrology articles that every house of the horoscope has its own importance and the zodiac sign and the planet present in it have an impact on our life. In today's article, we will learn about the importance of the seventh house in the horoscope. The seventh house of the horoscope is the house of marriage, house of partnership, house of business etc. This house is very important because the study of this house shows that what kind of contacts we will have in life, will we get the support of others or not, how will be our life partner etc. Seventh House in Horoscope reading in astrology हिंदी में पढ़िए कुंडली के सप्तम भाव का महत्त्व  Let us know more about the seventh house of the horoscope: The natural ruling planets and signs of this house are Venus and Libra. The seventh house o

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When is mahashivratri in 2023, how to do worship of lord shiva, where to perform pooja?, Astrology and Shivratri?, What Not To Do on the night of lord shankara?, What type of Poojas are possible on shivratri?, Remedies of Different Problems on Shivratri . Shivratri is very important from the point of view of Hindus. This is very auspicious night from the point of view of spiritual practices. Also if a common person want to full fill materialistic wishes then also this night is very important. If proper worship is done under perfect guidance then no doubt success will come definitely. It is believed that prayers done on the divine night of mahashivratri is equal to thousands of years worship.  This divine night is useful for everyone man, women, lovers, patients because we can do rituals for our any wish on this night of shivratri.  Removal of sins possible by doing worship and meditation on the night of shivratri.  Fulfillment of wishes is possible by invoking lord shiva and  go