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Benefits of Durga Beesa Yantra

What is Beesa Yantra, how to make Durga Beesa Yantra, what are the benefits of Durga Beesa Yantra, how to Siddha it?, Beesa Yantra image, बीसा यन्त्र के फायदे |

There are many types of yantras, but the matter of Durga Bisa Yantra is different, there is a saying that “Jiske paas ho Bisa uske kya kare Jagdisha”, that is, the one who have this siddha yantra has no fear of anything.

Durga Bisa Yantra is a powerful yantra which is used to solve all the problems faced by human beings. The main advantage of the yantra is that it helps to solve all the complex problems which a person face in this materialistic world. 

The TOTAL of numbers written in Beesa yantra is 20 from any direction and so this yantra is called BEESA YANTRA. In Hindi twenty is called BEES.

What is Beesa Yantra, how to make Durga Beesa Yantra, what are the benefits of Durga Beesa Yantra, how to Siddha it?, Beesa Yantra image, बीसा यन्त्र
Benefits of Durga Beesa Yantra

In the scriptures, this YANTRA  has been called the form of Goddess. Yantra is the abode of the deities. Installation of Durga Bisa Yantra removes all kinds of difficulties in life, brings victory over enemies, bestows wealth and prosperity and protects a person from all kinds of troubles.

हिंदी में पढ़िए दुर्गा बीसा यन्त्र के फायदे 

What is Durga Beesa Yantra?

This Yantra is in the shape of a triangle, in the center of which the word 'दुं is written and special numbers are written around it. Durga ji's mantra is written on all three sides of the yantra - Om Dun Dun Dun Durgaye Namah.

You can make this yantra yourself on BHOJPATR/भोजपत्र  or you can buy it from the market. Devotees can also use this Durga beesa yantra by making it in gold, silver, copper, bhoj patra or ashta dhatu as per capacity and need. 

Let us know where we can use Durga Beesa Yantra ?

  • It is installed as an YANTRA in places like home, shop, factory, vehicle etc.
  • Durga beesa yantra ring can also be worn if required.
  • It can also be made on Bhojpatra and filled in the talisman.
  • It can also be worn as a locket made in silver, gold or ashtadhatu.

By keeping and worshiping Siddha Bisa Yantra, the seeker gets the following benefits:

By worshiping the Durga beesa yantra and regularly chanting the mantra of Maa Durga in front of it, the seeker is blessed by the Goddess and gets victory in every work. The enemy cannot harm such a person, he is protected from accidents, he is protected from the evil eye, there is no effect of witchcraft, black magic.
  1. One who has a desire for money gets money.
  2. Those who are troubled by enemies get relief from them.
  3. If someone is troubled by the negative energies get protection.
  4. Those who worship in front of beesa yantra for jobs, their way opens.
  5. Courage and bravery are attained.
  6. People who are going through some kind of disease get health.
  7. Regular chanting of Durga Mantra in front of this yantra helps to remove depression and tension.
  8. By installing and worshiping Durga Bisa Yantra in the place of business, there is no effect of evil eye on the business and business grows.
  9. By worshiping this Yantra, the effect of inauspicious planets present in the horoscope also reduces.
  10. Family disputes also go away with the blessings of Goddess.
  11. If durga beesa yantra is installed in the vehicle, then there is protection from accidents.
  12. Even if someone is suffering from BANDHAN DOSHA, then after installing this yantra, worship should be done daily and mantra should be chanted.

Let us know in which auspicious time Durga Bisa Yantra should be prepared:

There are many proven auspicious times to make this miraculous YANTRA, such as Ravi-Pushya, Guru-Pushya, Navratri, Dhanteras, Diwali night, Holi night, Shiv Ratri, solar eclipse or lunar eclipse, Sarvartha Siddhi yoga etc.

How to make Durga beesa Yantra?

If you want, you can get it made in gold or silver by a good goldsmith in auspicious time or if you want to make it yourself, you can make it on Bhojpatra.

To make this, you will need pomegranate pen and ashtagandh ink (agar, tagar, saffron, gorochan, kasturi, kumkum, red sandalwood, white sandalwood). If this is not available then you can also make it with saffron ink.

Beesa Yantra is also made from pure cow's ghee and vermilion.

In an auspicious time, a yantra should be made and worshiped regularly. This brings the blessings of the Goddess, removes obstacles from life and brings success.

Which mantra should be chanted in front of Durga Beesa Yantra?

Chanting of the mantra "ऊं दुं दुं दुं दुर्गायै नम:" is appropriate and Havan should also be performed time to time by using SWAHA at the end of this mantra.

So by using Durga Bisa Yantra we can get health, prosperity, bravery, courage and protection.

Know according to your horoscope which worship is auspicious for you, which donation should be made, which gem should be worn, when will the marriage happen, how will be the love life etc.

What is Beesa Yantra, how to make Durga Beesa Yantra, what are the benefits of Durga Beesa Yantra, how to Siddha it?, Beesa Yantra image, बीसा यन्त्र के फायदे |


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