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Reasons and Solutions of Home Distress in Astrology

Reasons of home distress(Graha kalesh), remedies of problems in family, what measures can be taken to avoid home tribulation, measures for happiness and peace.

Home Distress is increasing with time and some families are completely disintegrating. This has a great effect on the children as well. In today's run-of-the-mill life, spending more than necessity and trying to showing others down, happiness and peace is going away from most of the families.

A bitter truth is that where there is trouble, Lakshmi ji leaves from there, so we should be very careful.

Money keeps coming and going, but if happiness and peace go away from home, then there is a lot of trouble, life becomes like hell. Progress become meaningless.

Reasons of home distress(Graha kalesh), remedies of problems in family, what measures can be taken to avoid home tribulation, measures for happiness
Reasons and Solutions of Home Distress in Astrology

पढ़िए गृह क्लेश के कारण और समाधान 

Let us know some common causes of Home Distress:

  1. Being OVERLY SENSITIVE to your family members is one of the most important reasons for family conflict. One of the husband or wife thinks more about their family and due to this the distance between the husband and wife starts increasing. Give respect to each other's family but don't compel anyone to do something special and trust each other.
  2. Due to some THIRD PERSON, the conflict between husband and wife is also a growing reason in today's era. So take care.
  3. Being more active in SOCIAL MEDIA. In today's digital era, people are living in the intoxication of social media, due to which they neither spend time with their family members nor take care of their needs, due to this also Grah Kalesh/Home Distress is increasing. |
  4. In some families, Grah Kalesh/Family Discord remains due to ILLNESS OR LACK OF MONEY. To deal with this problem, one has to work very calmly.
  5. Due to MISUNDERSTANDING, there are domestic conflicts, so for this, misunderstanding should be removed by talking as soon as possible.

Let us know some astrological reasons for Home Distress(गृह क्लेश) :

  • If the 7th and 8th house of the birth chart is malefic, then there is a sourness in the relationship between husband and wife.
  • If the fourth house of the birth chart is bad, then in that case also one has to go through family troubles.
  • If the conjunction of Mars and Venus is in the ascendant, second house, fourth house, seventh house, eighth house or twelfth house in the horoscope, then also the person has to go through family troubles.
  • Pitra Dosh in the horoscope also disturb the family happiness.
  • One has to go through family troubles even in the transit of a bad planet.
  • If there is a conjunction of Rahu and Mars in the house of marriage, happiness then also one has to go through Home Distress(गृह क्लेश).
  • If the effect of any enemy planet, malefic planet present in the horoscope is on the place of marriage, the place of happiness and when the dasha of such a planet starts, then a lot of trouble arises in life.
  • Sometimes due to Black Magic done by the enemy also Home distress happened.
  • Sometimes due to Vaastu defects, there is problems in family.

Now let us know what measures can be taken for happiness and peace in the house, to remove Home Distress(गृह क्लेश):

There are many types of remedies, according to the problem, proper results are seen by taking the right measures. Some measures are being given here, which you can use according to your need.
  1. If there is no harmony between husband and wife, then keep a big piece of alum in the room and keep washing it from time to time.
  2. If there is increasing disease, mourning, unrest in the house, then make kheer on the full moon and keep it in the moonlight for the whole night, cover it with a net, distribute its prasad in the whole family in the morning.
  3. If Griha Kalesh is arising due to Pitra Dosh, then in such a case, on every fourteenth and Amavasya day, starting from the south-west corner of the house, give saffron incense to the whole house in the name of ancestors.
  4. If the condition of Grah Kalesh is being created due to the wrath of Saturn, then anoint Shani Dev with mustard oil or light a lamp regularly under the Peepal tree and pray for peace.
  5. If some strange incident is happening in the house and at the same time there is increasing tension in the family, then in such a situation, burn camphor in the house daily in the evening from 7 days before the Amavasya and sprinkle desi camphor powder in the whole house.
  6. If you are going through Grah Kalesh due to lack of money, then light an incense lamp under an old Ashoka tree and pray to open the sources of income.
  7. If there is a shade of any tree above the house, then in the evening, put a lamp and incense under it.
  8. If there is a well in the house, then on full moon and Amavasya day, light a lamp and pour some milk and seek blessings from the powers present there.
  9. Worship Shiva family regularly and pray for happiness and peace.
Reasons of home distress(Graha kalesh), remedies of problems in family, what measures can be taken to avoid home tribulation, measures for happiness and peace.


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