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How to get planetary Peace by Herbs ?

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Herbs and Astrology
In Ancient time sages have researched a lot and wrote the books of Ayurveda which tells us how to use Herbs to get rid of our diseases But Ayurveda is not only helps to overcome from complicated diseases but also helps to overcome from the bad effects of Planets i.e. herbs are also very useful to overcome from Astrological problems if used in a specific way. 
But the question is that how it is read carefully for the answer of this question Every planet related with a specific herb so when any one is affected by any planet in that case that herb is used in a specific way so that it may help to eradicate the planetary problem. for e.g. root of Bel is used for Sun, Root of Khirni is used for Moon etc... 

Herbs are used for the decades as an alternate of gems stones too. If these herbs are used in a particular way then it also shows the great positive impacts in life. So don't under estimate the power of herbs in any way.
It is good to use the herbs under guidance of scholars or astrologer for best results. One more thing is that herbs are purified and charged before using. 

Below Table will show you the root used for the 9 planets. 

 Planet          Gems Stone          Herb      

  Sun                Ruby                Root of Bel

  Moon             Pearl               Root of Khirni

  Mars              Coral              Root f AnantMool

  Mercury         Emerald          Root of Vidhaara

  Jupitar            Topaz             Root of Banana

  Venus            Diamond         Root of sarpokha

  Saturn           Neelam           Root of Bichoo

  Rahu             Gomed           Root of white Sandal

  Ketu             Cat's Eye        Root of Ashwagandha

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Importance of herbs, list of planets,gems stones and herbs, How to get planetary peace through herbs?, Herbs and astrology, easy remedies by astrologer, Alternate of Gems Stones, Astrology remedies through herbs, Alternative astrology ways to heal our self.


  1. I am suggested for Red coral,Pearls and Homes by an astrologer if I use the roots will I get the same results.pls guide

  2. If you know the process of using roots then definitely it will work.