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6 Reasons of Gems Stones Failure

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Why Gems Stones Fails
6 Reasons of Gems Stones Failure, Problems through gems stones what to do, why gems stones not give the proper results, how to over come from inadequate gems stones problems.

Gems therapy is mostly used by every astrologer to increase the power of a particular planets. Some times is also used to save from the malefic impacts of any planets. But many times i have heard from my honorable visitors that gems stone has not changed a bit in their life, some says that problem increases after wearing gem stone, some says that a particular type of disease arises after having a gem. So many types of queries comes to me time to time related to gems stones. 

Here in this article i am going to clear some important points which will clear you about-
Why gems stones not work?
When gems stones shows negative impacts in life?
How to get desired result through gems stones?
Which gems stones to be avoided?

Types of Healing:
There are several types of healing which is used by experts-
Tantra Healing.
Mantra Healing.
Yantra Healing.
Yagya Healing.
Ratna Healing.
Medicines Healing.

Healing through gems or ratna chikitsa is one of the best technique being used world wide. Astrologers by studying the birth chart or kundli or horoscope or palm suggest stones to a person for smooth life. But due to lack of knowledge and some times due to misunderstanding of person the gems stones not give the desired result. So it is very necessary that the person will follow the every instruction so as to get the best result of gems stones. 

Let Me Clear Some Reasons Of Failure Of Gems Therapy:
1. Mistake In Choosing Right Gems Stone-
Some time due to lack of knowledge person choose wrong gems stone which will create problems in life. So it is very necessary that Minute study of birth chart must be done before finalizing the gems stone.
Some wear gems stone as per zodiac, some wear as per nakshatra, some wear gems as per suggested by some beloved one. But i strongly recommend by readers to not follow the above procedure. Just keep patience consult an experienced astrologer and then only go for a gems stone.

2. Using Incorrect Metal With The Gems Stone:
This is one of the blunder mistake which comes in my case studies that people don't take care of using metals. They use which is cheap but please DON'T. Every gems stones doesn't accept any metal for example. If you wear pearl in ast dhatu it will not give the desired result. If you wear gomed in silver, it may disturb the life. 
So only compatible metals are used to make the rings and pendents. 

3. Lack of Physical Touch Of Gems With The Skin:
Many person don't know that the physical touch of gems is necessary with the skin to transmit the energy in the body. So it is good to make ring in such a way that the gem must touch the skin properly. 

4. Use Broken or dull Gems:
Unknowingly some person wear broken rings which is not usable. So it is better to check the gems time to time and if found dull, broken then it is better to change it.

5. Using Wrong Combinations of Gems Stones:
One of the biggest problem in wearing astrology ring is using bad combinations of gems stones. For e.g. if a person is wearing blue sapphire with pearl then definitely it will create some mental or physical problem. Also suppose if any person is wearing Coral And Yellow sapphire which is good but if in horoscope any one of the planet is malefic then this combination will take the person downward. 
So intense care must be taken while using gems stone.

6. Not Keep In Mind The Auspicious Time To Wear Any Gems Stone Ring or Pendent:
Auspicious time is very important in vedic astrology. If proper methods of charging is done and after that if the ring is worn in auspicious time then no doubt it will give good results.

So there are many things which must be keep in mind while wearing any gems stones. S it is better to consult experienced astrologer before taking decision to wear any gems stone.

Consult ASTROSHREE for any type of gems stone consultancy. Solve your problems through gems stones, get perfect remedies through gems stones. 

6 Reasons of Gems Stones Failure, Problems through gems stones what to do, why gems stones not give the proper results, how to over come from inadequate gems stones problems.

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