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Sub Gems Stones and Artificial Gems Stones Truth

Sub Gems stones, Types of Gems, 84 types of sub gems stones, Artificial gems stones, how to find that a gem stone is artificial, Best online astrologer for gems consultancy, Truth of Artificial gems stones.  
alternate of original rashi ratna
alternate of original gems stones

Types of Gems Stones:

Before telling you about sub gems let me clear you about types of gems stones. Actually the gems stones are divided into 3 categories as per their origin. They are-
  1. Stone Gems comes from rocks, bank of rivers etc for e.g. diamond, ruby etc.
  2. Zoological gems comes from animals like as coral, pearl etc.
  3. Flora gems comes from plants like Kaharwa etc.
Generally people knows about some famous gems stones only but here i am going to provide you the knowledge of about 84 different types of sub gems which are also available in market but due to lack of knowledge people are unable to use it.
  1. Ruby or manik
  2. Diamond or heera
  3. Emerald or panna
  4. Blue sapphire or neelam
  5. Pearl or moti
  6. cat's eye or lehsunia
  7. coral or munga
  8. Yellow sapphire or pukhraj
  9. Onyx or Gomed
  10. Agate or Laldi pinkish in color.
  11. Sanbor gem is a green color stone having brown line on it.
  12. Jajemani gem brownish color stone with line over it.
  13. Alemani gem is a brown stone with a line.
  14. Sulemani gem is a black stone with white line.
  15. Durrenafaz is like a raw paddy.
  16. Bansi is of light green color.
  17. Pitoniya is a green color stone with red dot.
  18. Margaj is just like a emerald or panna.
  19. Beruj or aquamarine stone.
  20. Lili looks like blue sapphire but not that exactly.
  21. Sindooriya stone.
  22. Maknatees is present in smoky white color.
  23. Mariyam is with white polished stone.
  24. Firoja or Turquoise is of sky blue color.
  25. Ameni stone is of red color.
  26. Jabarjad stone.
  27. Opel available in different colors.
  28. Turmali is just like pukhraaj and available in 5 colors.
  29. Narm stone has yellowish red.
  30. Sunela smoky yellow.
  31. Dhunela- a slightly different from sunela.
  32. Katela
  33. Sitara is like a golden dot.
  34. Isphatik stone is present in white color but transparent.
  35. Godant is like a cow teeth.
  36. Naamda is like red color ink.
  37. Ludhia is red like manjeeth.
  38. Haalan is like a beige pink.
  39. Sijri is a white stone with blak tree shadow.
  40. Muwenjf stone has white color with hair lines.
  41. Kaharwaa available in different color.
  42. Jharnaa
  43. Sange Bansri
  44. Daantla is like a shankh or conch shell.
  45. Makdi
  46. Sankhiyan is just like conch shell.
  47. Gudri
  48. Kaansla is available in greeen and white color.
  49. Jifri is in greeen and sky blue color.
  50. Hadid is having brownish color with black color.
  51. Hawas stone is available in golden and green color.
  52. Singli stone is having black and red colors mix.
  53. Dedi is in black color.
  54. Hakik available in different colors.
  55. Gowri used to weigh gems.
  56. Seepa used in making statues.
  57. Seemak stone available in red, yellow, dusty, white. some has pink dots.
  58. Moosa is used to make Mortar or Kharal.
  59. Tursawa Pinkish color.
  60. Ahwa stone is of pink color and a dot.
  61. Lajawart in red color and having a golden dot.
  62. Kuduet is available in black color and having yellow dots.
  63. Awri stone is present in black color and having golden shine.
  64. Chiti
  65. Sangesam is like color of grapes, camphor white.
  66. Maarwar gem stone.
  67. Laus stone is of smoky color.
  68. Danafirang is like pistachios color.
  69. Kasauti is of black color.
  70. Darchana 
  71. Hwmikul-wahar
  72. Panghat.
  73. Aamliya
  74. Door 
  75. Tilewar stone is of black color with yellow dots.
  76. Khara 
  77. Seerkhedi
  78. jahrimora 
  79. Raaw
  80. Sohan Makkhi is of blue color
  81. Hajrate Ud
  82. Surma is of black color.
  83. Paijahar stone is of bamboo color.
  84. Paras stone is used to make gold.
The sub gems stones are also original and are available from stones, different types of animals or plants and minerals. For e.g. Laajward, Firoja or turquoise etc are available from minerals and shankh available from conch shell and Kaharwaa comes from plant.

Fake Gems Truth:

Actually fake gems are made with the thick glass. These are used to make costume jewelries. The fake gems looks greater than true gems but not works as per them.
Fabricated gems are also used in these days in which more than one gems are combined together to increase beauty.

Artificial Gems Stones:

Artificial gems stones are not comes naturally, they are made in factory and laboratory. In this digital age artificial gems stones are present in abundance. It is not easy to differentiate between artificial and original because they looks just like same. Only experienced jeweler is able to tell you about this.

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